Do Not watch Motivational Videos Do this to Achieve your goals

Do you ever feel bad or that you didn’t do enough when listen to those videos? That’s why and what you can do instead

Hello again.
Ok, it is not that bad for everyone, but I was thinking that it was just me that feel bad watching them.
I will let some point about me that may be the reason I don’t feel good listening to them.
I tend to be a controller.
Well, that it is.

The videos that I am talking about are those that use of someone talking loud, almost screaming. Normally saying words of order, many times using negative words. “YOU’RE FEELING DEPRESSED, YOU FEEL ALONE, YOU CAN’T FIND A JOB, YOU MUST WORK HARDER, THE POWERFUL PEOPLE DON’T SLEEP, THEY DON’T STOP” Rocky Balboa’s scene is very clear at this point.

And, I think it is clear that quality is better than quantity, but you won’t feel like this in many of those videos. It is important when you want to achieve a goal you should find balance. I know people want to talk about the “hard work” the time training, but the reality is not like that. Even if you want to be a gold medal athlete you will need to find a balance between train, relax, eat, have fun or stress can break you in the most important moment. You can remember the famous 7×1 in a football game between Brazil and Germany. If you watch it again, not to make fun of me, but to observe the psychological situation of the Brazilian boys you will realize they lost not because they couldn’t play well, but because the mind of them was in pure stress. The football coach was known as a nervous person not nice to be a coach in a situation where you need to make your team believe in themselves. Find apretiation on what you doing, play a bit, be calm so the rational can work, you can listen to your intuition is important to not be stuck.I recommend this book and movie Way of the Peaceful Warrior so you can understand more about intelligent training It is a moment of high adrenaline if you are not able to keep cool and you don’t have someone to help this happen, forget it. You must train enough to feel prepared, and physically be, but if your mind doesn’t believe in yourself, you can work 24h a day and don’t feel ready. Here is where psychologists are important. Sometimes, it is not about motivation when you losing the game, but you know what you capable to do. I don’t know what they talk about in the half time, but I trust that a cheering crowd saying “we are the best, we already win, we are the biggest” can be better than someone saying, “we need to give more, we need to run the double they are running, we need to be stronger, you train for that, give your blood if needed…” Whatever they say, and I am not talking about the technical stuff here, just the “motivational part”.
Here in Brazil, there is a football time that when they are losing people cheer something like “we are the team of the turn scores”. It feels like they enjoy start losing, so they can turn the score. It is very normal to see in the game additions time they make one or two goals and win the game. And in football, differently from American football, this is very hard. (It is equally exciting, but I see this happening more in the American football).

When I was in college, I used to have a class of ergonomics. We studied about the best position to do work and don’t affect the body. The right way to sit, put your arms, how long a person can stand up, all those physical variables that can make your body ache. It was a common-sense between students that after the class all of us feel tired and with body aches because you become conscious of how we are sitting down, that the chair was not ergonomic, that you should keep your head down for a long time writing. Whatever it was, we all felt some pain after the class. It was a stressful class, not because the teacher or because it was hard to understand, but because you listen about pain all the time and since we were the time playing the game there, the words were not motivational if you understand me.

And that’s why I don’t like those videos. Words have power, as we already talked about when you listen to powerful words in so strong intonation, and you are open to receive them, it is an autosuggestion situation where you are receiving ideas of: You are not doing enough, you must work more, more them others, you must keep going even when life and your intuition says you shouldn’t, and I am not here talking about the “No”s you will receive and you should keep going.

I would recommend you change those videos for good music with nice lyrics and affirmations you create for yourself. Record yourself saying how amazing you are, remembering your value. Sadguru says that we always take as granted the amazing work our body does. It took food and air, work all day long to you be able to live an amazing life. But we don’t appreciate this aspect of us, we think this is not so important, or that it isn’t something to be proud of until it doesn’t work so perfect anymore. So, do yourself a favor. Stop listen guided meditations that use negative words and motivation videos that make you feel you are not doing enough and you work to understand it, and how to intelligently do more for yourself and for your dream. If you see that you are not doing enough, you have ideas but you don’t do something, ask yourself why. Maybe it will be fear, so work on your ego-mind, maybe will be lack of money, work in your relationship with money then see how you can save more, (if you just start to save without improving this relationship you can lose in some way, so change your mind first).

I really hope this helps you because many times I feel less listen and reading things that should motivate me, and I wondered why too.
Share this post if you know someone that needs too.

Other book I recommend you to stop to compare yourself is The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Jin the New Rich. Indicate it mainly for controller people.

See you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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