5 Simple Steps of Gratitude Practice that will Change Your Life

Gratitude is a widely talked about topic, but you probably never thought about it. 5 practice ideas and what they do

5 gratitude practices you must know

Hello again.
Gratitude, that is a topic, ham? You probably are tired, but grateful, of blog posts and books and videos talking about it. Stay with me!

I would like to share something more I’ve learned about practice gratitude. Since I was a kid I use to speak with Universe, gratitude was quite normal for me, but do it consciously is another story. Let’s go, things to know and do to practice gratitude. 

  1. Start a journal. Obviously, but I have some recommendations, of course. Put in your calendar and alarm to remember to write at night something to be grateful that day. Do this for a month. After that, try to remember how do you felt, how that happened, give some information. That way you will be able to track how gratitude impacts your life because if you just do it, after a while it can fall in the “forget it” box of your mind. Gratitude usually brings you to the present moment, this is the powerful thing that helps your manifestations. Just present in your reality you can act and receive a reaction of the Universe, give this a try!
  2. Be grateful. I am kidding!!! I know this is obvious again, but take a month to work on gratitude. I recommend you follow the steps of the book The Magic

    You will learn more about what be grateful, when, how to add moments of gratitude, and how each thing will help you. You can start putting gratitude each part of your day, during your morning try to feel grateful about what you will eat and eat in this state of mind. Do this in the afternoon and night. I remember that I start to receive food while I did it. Cake, chocolate, cookies. 
  3. Take a month, start a Gratitude Challenge, if you have Instagram or TikTok you can save a small video of the challenge every day to make it more fun. And, have fun. 
  4. Gratitude is a feeling that makes you very close to pure love and contemplation. You don’t want anything, you are there for being there and that is enough. Practice being good at it. Observe what this change in your life. Sometimes gratitude changes things in a subtle way, being conscious and writing about it can help you be a scientist of your life and see how and what works for you.
  5. Do the opposite. This about in the first week, a period of the day you were a bit unconscious, you forgot to practice gratitude, maybe you complained about the government, or your boss, or your family. Write about why you didn’t felt gratitude and how it would be a moment of gratitude, what should change about that moment? Maybe you need to change your beliefs, maybe you need to ask yourself if you read about that news is really important for your life at this moment, does impact you directly or you can live healthily without knowing it? Were you expecting more of this person? Why? What should it do for you to feel gratitude? Why it probably act like that? Can you do something to help this person feel and be better? Even a pray to take you out of some situation or make the life of that person better can help. Small actions are still an action, they will have a reaction. 

Share your results or anything more you know or learned with gratitude. 

I hope this helps you,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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