How to Feel at Ease? What is this feeling?

Be at ease is the easier way to manifest. But what is it? How to feel it?


I was wondering these few last days how to put in words what is and how to feel at ease. 

I found all types of posts online talking about it. Feel good, feel tranquil, feel at peace, feel at ease is the most powerful energy you can work with to manifest your desires. The famous “Let Go” moment perfect happens when you feel at ease. 

I know how it feels, but I would like to share it in the easiest way to help you get what you want, and more importantly, to feel in this perfect energy. 

Let’s start to talk about What is to feel at ease? You probably know this feeling when you satisfied with something. As we already covered, as we grow we learn that a feeling is a reaction, but now in the spiritual path you know emotions can be the expression of the energy you are living in, intentionally or not, and we will work to be always intentionally. Let’s work with an example (since we adore it and make easier to visualize it):

You booked all the travel to the weekend, and with all in order, you have just to be there and enjoy it. You can laugh, have fun, pleasure, many feelings. But that feeling of ease will be there unless an unpleasant situation appears. I like this example because it shows that you are open to the new. New places, new people, new culture. But you won’t feel at ease with a situation you would name as “a surprising problem”. If you expect a situation that could be unpleasant, but you know can happen you still would be at ease. For example, if you book a house, you maybe wait a bit for the landlord. But it is your vacation, that is ok, you have all the time, you may walk around, look at what your neighborhood can offer. That feeling will be easier there. 

We got the idea of what is it. Now is time to understand that you can be, and must be, at ease all the time. Think about live on vacation, not bad at all hum? It is just like to win the lotto. You can do many things, have many goals, many “surprising problems”, none will affect your ‘at ease’ state. 

There are many different ways to achieve it, but any of the actions must lead you to the reason you feel it is because you changed your way to think. 

You may read something like: Create a schedule and make time to sit calmly. Well, you maybe will sit calmly and feel at ease, but it doesn’t help you feel at ease all the time because this moment is outside of you. It is there, at some moment you make an agenda to feel calm. 

Or you can read that you can declutter to help you feel at ease, but if it isn’t an inner declutter, it won’t help you deeply. (I am all about clean up, don’t get me wrong, but any ‘do this, do that’ list won’t help you).

So instead of adding more things to do on your agenda, (because now you must have time to feel at ease) do this:

Change the way you think. How?

  • Clean yourself of old beliefs.

Write all the areas of your life and what you believe about them. 

Ex.: Body – I have many skin marks. I am too tall. I have to lose just two pounds. 

Health – My mother had a hormones problem, I may have it too. My skin is reacting to stress. 

  • Break old patterns

Write all the habits you have. Go deep on those you may be ashamed to say it. And write why you do it.

Ex.: I feel kind of jealous every time I watch beauty Youtube channels. – I feel like I had the opportunity but I am too old to do those videos. I eat ‘bad food’ like chips and chocolate when people are not around. – I don’t have a good relationship with food and I always separate them on good or bad food. I find all distractions possible before starting to write. – I fear success and failure. 

  • Affirmations

Work with your beliefs and old patterns to create health affirmations to break the old beliefs. 

Ex.: I surprise myself and my family for always being healthy and not having any of the inherited diseases.

My body knows to deal with stress, I just need a bit of moisturizer. My skin is in the process of cure and each day is better. I feel great watching women having so much success nowadays. This motivates me to be successful too. Every food makes well, there is no such thing as bad food. 

  • Improve your confidence

You can watch videos about it, guided meditations, and connected with this post-process you can choose a quote to repeat during the day. And when some of those contradictories thoughts come to your mind you can remember those affirmations and remember that you are not your thoughts. You are greater and better than it and are walking to be more and more perfect. 

  • Break out of the I am this I am that and BE! 

A great way to clean your thoughts is being present, conscious of your actions, and your surroundings. Don’t think about life, live it!

  • Lose your past and don’t expect, wait, hope for the future. 

As we worked on past beliefs now it is important to don’t create new ones. The easier way to do it is to understand that you are designed to desire things, and you should put it out there. Have goals, be present in the make them happen, not wait to be present when they happen. (It may be growing your faith to the miracle happen. To the miracle happen: Read all the points I just write again). But after you plan on how to get there. Be present, conscious, about your step now. To do this you add the last point to the next one:

  • Observe more, think less. 

You know that be present in each action will help, but sometimes our mind can’t stop making all statements of why we should go back to the old us. Instead of fighting them, observe them. Take about 10 minutes or more and observe and take note of them. You will see why you felt anxious about something, or fear that other thing, or procrastinated to work on that other dream. I want to share a personal example here:

I had a big dream, travel through Europe. No money and no family support for it. My only block was money! So I thought I would plan how to ask for it, so God would listen and help me. I planned how I would meditate, pray, visualize as I was in this big project. I procrastinated to ask for it, I just said, tomorrow I will do it, tomorrow I visualize it, tomorrow I will meditate over it. You may understand, my faith was on the game here, I fear don’t have an answer and lose faith. When I finally did it, this plan worked, and the project was successfully delivered. 

I am sharing it to show that, sometimes you don’t have a tangible action or project to do, but any effort in direction of what you truly want will move mountains. 

When people say, do something about it, it can work and I know that I am here to say that it is not just the physical work that matters, but you spiritual, mind, and faith work too. 

  • Have more Oh! Wow! That’s nice! moments intentionally. 

Observe your body, this miracle machine that transforms food in energy, this bomb that makes the blood run all over you. Observe the sounds of life. The wind in the leaves of the tree or the engine of the car that other person developed, how amazing is that? Look everything as it was the first time. Be present in your life. 

No matter what you do or how you do it, since those activities bring you inside yourself so you can walk on your improvement, so you can walk on yourself. Meet yourself, date yourself, love yourself, laugh with yourself, kill your self enough to feel less critical. 

I am all about to be more perfect, and you?

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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