1 Thing and 6 Practices that will Rocket your Manifestation Skills

It won’t be easy but it is simple to learn to manifest more easily. 6 Practices to do for a week

Change your life 6 steps

Hello again. 

Love Love Love. Give love to feel love so receive love. Just love? No! EVERYTHING!

One of my favorites things to do in life is to challenge myself. My prime challenge is to travel, but during life, you can prove yourself your strength in many ways. And take note of them can be very helpful in moments you feel lost, but what about love? Why are you talking about a challenge? Because I want to propose that you challenge yourself for a week.

I already told you some posts ago that it is pretty normal we accept bad feelings as normal, but not the good ones. 

Do you want to manifest easily, in seconds? Simple, love! Practice love, live in love, be love 100% of the time! Not easy, right? 

Here is the reason for this post. Let’s practice love like we learned to practice gratitude. 

Emotions are to feel, but if your ego is in the way, you will need more than let happen to remember what love is. 

A while ago I spend a week practicing love, I love my bus driver, I love my job, I love people I see, I love birds, trees, food… My job for a week was to give love, letting the emotion move me. And I will share some points that will help you do it. 

  1. Start simple. Let’s practice self-love saying “I love you” to yourself. We have a post about confidence and I will share so you can go deeper here. I know can be difficult, but I am asking you to make a pact with yourself for a week to practice self-love. Say to your mind you will take a break for negative thoughts just for a week. Try to live each moment with love, and change negative thoughts knowing that it is normal to go back to negativism since you started this new life os love. (Grow confidence post, 3 exercises that will change the game)
  2. Love a stranger. Smile, say “Good morning”, see what happens. You may feel weird the first time, later you will feel quite good, as the world is your friend. I like to start with people that are working, I feel they are more open to it than a person going to work. Make it a normal thing.
  3. Practice being present and notice the needs of others, help them. It is similar to the topic before. You can help an elder person, your community, a homeless. You can just compliment the garment of someone. Kindness for more than politeness can be a very heart-opening practice. 
  4. Working place love practice. I am a natural for that and I highly recommend it, mainly if you are a boss. Sometime buy some cookies or chocolate or bake them a cake, and I am not talking about a prize for a nice work here, I am talking about a kindness action without asking something back. You can take a friend a cup of coffee, you can work with someone if you finished your work earlier. Be helpful without asking something back. Do this mainly for those that don’t expect it, don’t do it just for your close friend at work, make it for the environment.
  5. Not so good at, I needed to learn over the years to show my love for my family. I should be the example and I was the shy one in the family. So, show love wasn’t an option. I grow as “the best kid” the rational and intelligent one, not the loving one and I stay there until I’ve learned that it was not my reality. Nowadays, I love to bake my niece and nephew something. Send a message here and there for those that aren’t so close, maybe you see them at Christmas only. Remember them a bit more, ask how they are. Listen. I babysit my mother’s dogs all the time, and she loves to be able to travel with a free mind. A small action can make all difference in their lives. I am not talking about doing something you hate just to have a favor granted back, I am talking about doing things you are ok with many times, some you don’t like sometimes. But do them for love and love only. 
  6. I am great at this one too! Give love to your loved one! I started my relationship with poetry, I used to hate romance, I still don’t like flowers. But life happened this way and I loved it. After the beginning, it is normal this romance faded a bit, but you can find the representation of romance you share. And we do this. We have time without technology to stay together, we always have breakfast without technology. At least 3 nights of the week we spend having fun together, listen to old music, telling funny stories, talking about fears and dreams. We acknowledge our love while and before a critic. We agreed on two things. We love each other and we want each of us to live our best life, so if I notice something that goes against a goal of him I let him know, he receives it knowing I may be wrong but I am trying to help them and vice versa. And we agreed that nobody can advise our relationship because just both of us are in it. (I am not talking about professionals, but family and friends). If we have a problem we talk about it. (. And be open to talk is not something we can use to have attention. If you need help in the first step, self-love, don’t try to use this advice to have love from others if you can have yours yet. I love to have time alone because I love me more than I love him and this is a point you want to arrive before being in a relationship if possible. (I need to make a post about finding a partner and live in love, I will). Well, do the romance you both like and love without asking something back. Ask what you can do to make the person feel loved, maybe the person has a different idea or some dream about romance, surprise the person at some point. The goal here is to does not need to celebrate Valentine’s day because you live each weekly. (I can’t do daily, sorry but I am being honest here.) 

Make this a love week. If there is a moment you don’t feel in this energy, try to postpone the angriness to the next week. (Of course, you will forget and that is the idea, see how most of those moments are irrelevant). I am not saying for you repress your feelings, but to take a week to train love, and maybe block a bit of the feeling that you will ponder if really are necessary later, but now you can’t. 

I hope this makes you have a better life,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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