“Live as If” 5 steps to make it work | Law of Attraction Technique with Real Example

As a sceptical person, I always challenge myself and test things like this. Here are 5 steps to make work

5 steps to make "live as if"work

Hello again.

I’ve done a video speaking about a manifestation I experienced when I was about 16 and I use this Law of Attraction technique, by the time I didn’t know with this name, but you know “potayto, potahto”. 

Before we go into it I want to talk once more about practices and techniques to manifest, of the law of attraction or the secret or any name we like to call. As I already said, those practices are ways you can trick your mind to be able to clean the path to attracting that thing you want. In the world, you learned to live it that would be a bit of fantasy because we didn’t learn that our mind in this powerful. So, we create techniques, practices, promises, sympathies. Anything that helps your mind accept this power will help you achieve what you want. As you walk your spiritual path we become more powerful in this process. Nowadays I use to think about before sleep and I am able to manifest, sometimes I can put the intention in a second and it happens. For me, the harder part is to know what I really want or be able to choose. But, let go to the practice of today. Because you may be a powerful more manifest, but some practices are too much fun. 

Let’s go to the steps for this Law of Attraction Practice:

  1. This will be obvious. Know what you want. Be clear of it. I take this seriously because I already had the problem to think I wanted a thing… Let me give you an example. I wanted a house in a specific town. But then I was thinking but and if this happens, but I will need this, I will need that. All the ‘buts’ made me see I wasn’t so sure and this doubt would affect my subconscious mind. So be sure of it or…
  2. If you don’t know, ask what you know. Abraham Hicks normally talks about it. Sometimes, when we don’t know or we can’t feel good about an affirmation wee need to find the one that works for us. Let what you asking more open. “I am wealth” instead of “I am a millionaire” can be more powerful if you believe it. If it makes you feel good. 
  3. Ask for it. Make other practices to ask I you want. The Glass of water technique, the 55×5 practice, any other asking technique. 
  4. Receive it. I wanted a house in a specific town. I went to a website and I started to search for it, I didn’t look for the price. I used to put from higher to a lower price so I could see the best houses in the area. 
  5. Be sure that you already have it. You can visit the place, walk around, shop in the area as you lived there if possible. Live it. Don’t pretend though, live it. At this point you already asked, you HAVE IT! I like this practice better than visualizing it because for me it is more fun, but you can mix them. 

I wanted to do this post simple and very direct in each point because I feel like sometimes we can mix each part in our heads. Visualize for example it is not asking. Maybe it won’t be a problem or you jump to it, maybe it will. I want to share each step so you can have the option of how to manifest better. 

I used to ask myself how much of this was in my head, I would like to share here that this is normal. Even talk about it and make this blog was a concern because there are blogs talking about it, but I feel like not many talks about real experiences and make this spiritual connection. And if I am sharing here, I am sure. As I said, I am a skeptical person, if I share it I lived it. 

I hope this helps you, 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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