3 Things You must Know to Law of Attractio “Release to Receive it” Work

Sometimes it is hard to know how to release our dreams. I share 3 thoughts I feel it is important to help you with it.

3 steps to release and manifest Law of Attraction

Hello again.

Today we will talk about the last day of the 21-day Challenge of Law of Attraction. The moment to release your desire, the moment to let go, the moment to sit and relax with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. That is the feeling to release. 

I used to think that it was the moment to feel excited, grateful, celebrating. (I will talk for me here) Oh No! Here is the time you already receive, you are comfortable in your house eating popcorn and thing, “Wow, One more dream is manifested”. 

That is it. See you tomorrow! 

Ok, I a kidding. 

It will be different for many people, that is the reason or the main reason that some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction or power of the mind or creation power or… When we are not able to let the thing happen it is quite hard for this to happen. 

We need to remember some stuff to do this. (Well, I hope this list start to help you and if you think about something more, please share with us).

  1. It is all about energy. ALL A BOUT E NER GY!! Sometimes you will think “But just for a second, I need to think about this… EmMa wait for me, it is just that I don’t get it, I won’t think too much wait waiiit” You can think about it your whole life, is it making you feel good? Great. Energy! Is it making you feel a step back? Forget it. For me a thought oriented mind and an ex controller frick it was the hardest part. I learned by applying this to small things. Once, after I move the energy company turn off my energy because of old debt from previous tenants. I paid the next day and they gave me 48 hours to turn it on. I arrived at home, I put intention seeing myself with energy at home and I let go. I just was there, listen to music, eat with candles. It was past work hour time, I didn’t think about it. Suddenly a car from the company appeared there, they were late for a job in a house next to mine. I told them what happened and I showed them the payment. They fixed that for me and that night I was with energy already. It was a small thing with great and fast results. I try to not think at all that night so the result could come as I wished and the Universe worked the “coincidences” for me.
  2. Size is not important. If you did the 21-day challenge of Law of Attraction you are good to go. You could do it in a day, but this process helps you believe, helps you open the road of energy because you worked for 21 days to deliver the desire to the Universe. So, if you don’t believe yet the step back you need to do is: “Why I don’t believe it is possible?” Do ego work, listen to other people’s history full of “coincidences”, go back to your Faith. Meditate, work your power, make some small things happen. 
  3. Never think it is or was a waste of time. If you are a skeptical person like me, do this thinking “Ok, I will challenge myself with this, let’s do it”. But if you go there thinking “I will do it just to prove it won’t work” Probably this will work, your fake dream to test your own mind power won’t be materialized. (The good news is that you can always change your mind and work on your ego-mind). 

I recommend you this channel and this video. (And my channel and my videos, cof cof). If you have a video like that share with me because I will share it with other people. Or tell me your story and let me know if I can share it. 

Ohh My Annie Friend’ story

Our channel anoteforabetterlife

This weekend is No Social Media Weekend, I let you know what happened if you want. (High bets to die of boredom, I’m kidding.)

See you soon, have a nice weeked.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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