Why and when Law o Attraction Practices and Techniques works? | Is it necessary?

Do you ever questioned why we need to do those techniques and practices to manifest something?

Hello again.

Have you ever stop to think about those techniques, why they are how they are? How they help you? Why I should do them? There is anything you were used to listening about when you were younger that was similar? 

I had a great-grandmother that was very suspicious, she used to say and give thing to the family for protection, for wealth, for health. There was the food we shouldn’t eat with some other food, things not to do when was raining. Not scientific things, but things she believed. 

I also listened about sympathies, religious promises, rituals, and many other actions you could do to have something in your life. 

I compared all those things because for me was impossible not to. 

  1. We all have our beliefs when we are growing up. If you are a more practical person, maybe you will just accept more things that come for out of you them someone that questioned everything, as my family calls, the tedious people aka me. But, since I didn’t receive those superstitions I create some myself, every time something happened well, I would repeat anything I noticed I did, and for the opposite, I would stop to do whatever it was. At some point, I meditated about it and I saw it was silly for me then I worked to stop the patter. It is an easy click to make you feel better about something, your mind with what it knows can’t do it by itself most of the time. 
  2. It can help you to go against common energy. I understand that the influence of outside energy can affect us. When there is a subject in society that it is hard to scape you probably will be affected, can be positive as Olimpic times where people are excited most of the time or in a natural disaster where everyone is kind of mentally lost. So those small actions can make you break the pendulum, make your mind after be conscious be able to believe you are out of that, so it will no longer affect you. 
  3. To open the road. Most of the time, if you want to manifest something, your mind can’t trust that without material action you can do it. When you create a distraction to your mind mainly a physically costly one, you make your mind believe that some works have been done. So you open the road physically moving the obstacles in front of you. Those practices are very important while you are growing in your spiritual path because you can’t affirm yet that you are a powerful ‘manifester’, that just seeing in your imaginations for seconds something this something already is your reality. Your mind probably won’t believe it, so you use tools as showing “hay, here I am, I am doing some work, see I cut all those pictures out and them I meditated over them. I am working on it”. I manifested something once just thinking I am studying in college every day, it is too much already. And the thing had nothing about the college, not directly. But I acknowledge the work and my mind opened the road for me manifest.  

Those techniques can be done later in your spiritual path if you want, but won’t be needed and you will feel it. It will be possible to notice too that maybe you will need some for those “Big Dreams”, while you see the difference in the dreams by the size you will need some Law of Attraction technique, but when you learned your power in your soul it will be just for fun.

I hope you enjoy this post as I did, share your experiences. What did you manifest most fast, what took a while or some practice? 

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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