“Watch!” This is the easier way to learn meditate more! | 3 practices to help you meditate more hours

I read this and helped me understand what it to be present here and now. I hope this helps you!

Hello again. 

As I already said, I am used to reading and learning about all religions. Since I grow up as a catholic the big book I read is the Bible. When I say this, it is because you have many many books of those many religions that will teach you great things, and it is good you meditate over one of them, that one you feel close. Why am I saying that? Sometimes we go very far away searching those bits of knowledge that are close to us, perhaps in a religion that you couldn’t feel next before because you were living it through other people. I read the bible before without that meditative conscious and man, I didn’t get a thing. And to finish this introduction I want to phrase Fleabag priest character (Just for fun): “It’s for interpretation to help us work out God’s plan for us.” – Talking about the bible.

I would like to share a moment of mine in my meditation. In my morning routine, with not many structures, there are a few things I always do. One of them is to read a part of the bible and meditate with it. And I was reading Mark 13:33-37 and it is about “Watch”, meaning observe, keep on eye on, guard. I thought it was pretty clear that it was about you be in a present mode complete in an “awake meditation”. In many cultures walk while you meditate is very common. And if someone says to you at a party, Watch! You will stop every thought, every action, every interaction, and just be there attentive. If a friend says Watch while you are on a trip and he sees a beautiful thing you both will be there in silence, not an awkward silence, for a while. You will be in deep connection for a few seconds, maybe a couple of minutes. 

So I understood that and I felt like it was a genius way to teach us how to be present and connected, it is like to be vigilant all the time, but from a child’s perspective, but I talk about it in another post…

I wonder, what can we not do when we are Watching? 

I could walk, not talk. Feel, not think. Maybe, eat. Other than that, I can’t think about many things we normally can do while we watch, but we can train to do everything while doing that. 

I would like to ask you. Are there actions you do while you meditate? I made a video about it this week where I share 3 things I do to be more meditative, present in my life.

  1. Breath. While I was working for a company, I start to put alarms to remind me to breathe consciously. And I started to do this before any important meeting to make me more aware and present. 
  2. Read. While I am reading a book that brings me emotions I pay attention to my body, I try to be present in me while I read this story that normally would push me into it. I still enjoy reading, but I am aware of the reading now.
  3. Make a ritual. Not a magical one. Take something you love in your routine, maybe drink coffee or tea. Do it as it was a ritual, be in silence, listen to the sounds, don’t rush, enjoy it quietly. It makes you add a moment of contemplation in your day.

And you, do you have some practice to help you meditate during you daily life and routine?

I hope you enjoy this post,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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