Meditation will Help You Invest Money Better | Spiritual Life and Currency Exchange

How meditation, mindfulness and your spiritual path can relate with your financial life? Learn how to invest better and be at ease with money

How meditation may help your financial life.

Hello again.
Last week we didn’t have much, although it was a great post of places to visit in Sweden that may have great spiritual energy or have some curiosity related to this subject. Today I want to share my experience with the financial area while we talk about spiritual evolution. How are those things related? Come with me.

About investment. You know we should live a balanced life, and material life counts too, so learn how to make money make money for you it is important too. I am saying that because I am leaving the small risk investments and learning more about others and I think it is important everyone has financial knowledge to live a more tranquil life in this aspect. Give small steps, learn how to think better of it, if you no longer NEED to buy buy buy, it will be easier and if you don’t like the subject, you know what I will say. It is a great way to break old beliefs and distance yourself from your egoic “likes and dislikes” ideas, while you learn something new.

So we will divide this post into two parts. What I learned and how the spiritual path helped me.

I studied some investments at university but it wasn’t so practical. So, I will say it doesn’t count much, because you need first learn to deal with money and organize yourself in the mental area. Break beliefs about money, about investment, about spending money. Your psyche and how you deal and see money is the first area you want to work in. And this is for company owners and bosses too. If you don’t have a good and clean relationship with money and investments you may be stuck in the “saving money” mindset, it won’t help your company. Then, you would like to know how to separate your money, how it would work the best for you. I always worked this way: What I received – (X to save and invest + Y to pay accounts)= What I can spend. “But my bills consume most of my money”. You need to learn how to save more. Start with the basics, what do you need to live? Water, food, light, a place (I would add the internet because you can make money with it too, for me, it is a thing to have). All the rest you can cut or negotiate. (All case will be different I am trying to be very generic here, but if your mind give you an excuse stop it and keep reading and taking note).
So, pretend I am a teenager and I got my first job if I had about 500$ a month, 200$ bill (rent, light, water, food, and internet). I would Invest 290$, and never save less than that. The goal was to grow it, work in a second job while I studied. (That was my life but the numbers aren’t real, would be much less). I would figure ways to save in all areas. I will buy my first microwave now with 31 years old because it consumes too much energy. Did you get the idea? Have a goal, be creative to have fun, allow yourself something sometimes (that was my 10 dollar saving, to one day go out or buy me something). When I made more money, I treated more myself because I did a great job before. And, of course, I had great moments o luxury that I manifested like live in Europe in a paid exchange. And here we start to talk about the second part.

When you start the spiritual path you will notice you become smarter and things start to work in your favor. Many egoic feelings like greed, pride, comparison go away. So you have smarter decisions, you know longer obey impulses of your ego habits. You start to love yourself and your life, you don’t need to go somewhere, to have this or that. Actually, joy is no longer attached to an action. You are wise enough to know the joy it is your essence, as love, in other words, you read, listen, learned about it, and feel it, lived it. You may have trouble to connect here and there while you grow spiritually, but you know it. You have fun by yourself and with small things, money starts to flow into your life, love happens everywhere, you don’t live in a rush to be something to then feel fulfilled. And how this helps you? Imagine that you learned that first, you invest than spend, not the other way around. So you have an amount saved every month in a “zero” risk investment. And you have an amount in a saving amount invested in a “zero” risk investment with daily liquidity that would pay your bills, (or your business bills), without worries for a year. Now imagine that you have a small part invested in cryptocurrency or shares on the stock exchange and COVID happens. You have two things to think, one “Thank God, Thank Me I know to invest and I have some money saved and invested”, “What a great opportunity to buy more cryptocurrency or shares at this moment”. If you don’t have this knowledge and this peace of mind you can lose money even with many savings with the greed to buy many shares without study. Or you may lose your mind because many of the shares you had lost most of the value. This serenity that spirituality brings you will help you deal with all parts of your life and your financial life will be helped too.

For example, maybe you start to search about meditation, this and that and start to read this post or a friend sent it to you. You already know that you should invest before spending, that you should learn something more about investment, that you should save something in a zero-risk investment, (when I say zero, I want to say a pretty low one like invest in your country or in a strong bank paper, money won’t be much or as many as in a risky investment, but it will be better than putting money into the bank’s savings), that you should have a year of your bill’s money invested, (a year of your bills paid invested where you can take if you have an emergence) and if you have some more, then risk a bit more in shares, cryptocurrencies and whatever you want.

Wow, this was a big post. I hope this helps and if you know more about cryptocurrency, teach me more!
I will talk more about the spiritual life impact in other areas, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Comment if you like, I would love to read!
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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