How to Discover Your Addictions and Work Your Ego | We all have addictions

Do we all have addictions? Maybe not drugs’ ones but, yes, we do. 4 questions to help you to figure out your addictions

Hello again. 

Drugs, alcohol, medicines, and other chemical addictions are a battle to win, but I always questioned myself about the addictions you can’t just cut off your life. A simple example, food addiction. Unless you are a monk in some place in India or a German old woman that receives a miracle, you should eat something to be alive. I won’t talk here about the right way to eat, or how eating is different in each culture and religion.

I want to wonder with you? How hard is to stop an addiction that you cannot live without the object of it, like food, news, a person, exercise, freedom, talk about diseases, self pity, and so many others. 

Moreover, do we all have addictions? I would answer, most of us. And don’t you think, “yes, most people, I don’t for example”. The people I don’t sum here are some spiritual people like gurus, illuminated ones, some saints maybe. (And honestly, maybe we all have addictions). Since we don’t have a clinic of rehabilitation for most of it we maybe don’t call addictions. 

Then, I went a bit further and wonder how can we figure out ours vicious? 

  1.  People telling ous. This is the easier one, and if you thought, “but that person doesn’t count because it doesn’t like me” or “my mother always complains about it, but it is not that important”… Well… When I was a kid and teenager I used to listen “I thought you were “stuck up” and I would answer, “I am just shy” but I thought about this and try to think a way to change this perception people have of me. I started to smile more, be more responsive with gestures in a conversation even though I still didn’t talk much. I never listened to that again. This can point out some faults, but some vicious too. I have a friend that is addicted to information. He may stop in the middle of a phrase to watch what is being said in a video or tv, and you would be there just waiting for the rest of the phrase. Stay a weekend free of information is almost a sin in his mind, something he doesn’t accept as normal. That brings me to the next point. 
  2. Does something in your life affect the other activities you could do or you must do during the day like have a conversation? Or you even do while you doing another thing? Do you turn off the tv in your living room and turn on in your bedroom? (Why do you have a tv there, by the way?). If you don’t think it affects others’ activities, ask people around you. Maybe for you, it is fine, but your family may say that they would like better attention in some moments. You are very lucky to have someone wanting your attention unless this person is addicted to you, then run Forrest.
  3. 24h – Sleep time – this activity(count the time when you do it while eating, showering, and doing your toilet business) = ___ Is it not much time left? Even work can be vicious, we have the word workaholic for it. I know the amount of time society asks for us to be at work is too much and we deal with it. But how are you dealing with it? Do you enjoy your free time? Do you have breaks even? If you have a new job it is hard to negotiate, but try to balance. We are here to try to make life better for ourselves. Small steps can help a lot. I meditate a few times during the day to balance my hours working. 3 minutes each two or three hours is good enough. 
  4. There is a truth you can against in any way in your life? Since “but I didn’t have the opportunity”. I remember that because a saw a person saying “I would love to study abroad, but I didn’t have rich parents to pay an English course” in a video about sponsored opportunities to study abroad where the only thing asked was English. I and many other people said, “hey I didn’t too, I learned with music, books, movies. You can learn online nowadays”. I don’t know if she was addicted to “self-pity” but it is an example of something that can make you ask. Do I talk like that with myself all the time? Why? Another example, one way of think that can look positive, but it is only used to support a vicious. “But we must be connected or we will be living in the past”. It is an affirmation that can turn to a belief that brings you many problems since to know what is information to know what kind it is really important for you. Write about the things you read today and didn’t help you or didn’t make you help others. Most of it, probably. And I am not counting here entertainment. (Soon I will write more about it because it is next to vote time here in Brazil for mayors and most people have no idea how to chose a representative, so we can use this case to discuss what is information and what you think it is, but it is not). 

I hope this made you think about yourself, this is not a post to judge others. Not one of those I will say “Share with a friend that you think it needs too” because it is a moment to look to ourselves. 

Thank you for being here. 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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