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Hello again.
So I decided to do it, find my IKIGAI. But this post starts far away from that. When I think about what I love to do it varies in so many ways. I love to travel, I never say that “It is good to travel, but it’s great to come back home too”. Not for me. I love to read, but it can get me tired. I love to eat, but if I am full, I am full. I love to write, but if I am in a rush to deal with bureaucracy, normal, every person deals with life, I can’t write. And I love to search and learn about how cultures relate themselves with spirituality. (Many other things, but you got the point).

IKIGAI goes further to not just find what you love to do, but what you can really do. Nowadays it is quite hard to separate professions, know and do as much as you can and if you want to do it where you can and want, if possible. Youtube it is there to prove you can talk about video games and in other channels, (maybe in the same), share your vacations. And if you love it, at least you will be good to share good researchers and facilitate the process for others. I start to think about what I really like to do. Then I looked at me since I was a child, dance was added to the sum. Things were getting wild.
But today, there I was in my work outbreak day, (thank you Chloe Ting), and I saw a video of astrology 101 from 5 years ago. Curious as I am, I started to watch it. (Before your ego judges me or astrology, first it is statistically likely to be real it convinced me a lot, secondly “ego work” learn what goes against what you believe it is a great way to start as I did, 3º I do not believe in seeing the future, but that you can find knowledge everywhere, astrology or a truck plate, as you need to). There I was, with my book open to edit, but craving these classes on Youtube. So I listen to my inner child and I started to have fun with it. So, I realized.

IKIGAI. It is not what you like to do, you can be paid for, what you have fun with or any other thing like that.
It is all that and more. Maybe you will love medicine, but hate the hours of work you should work initially. However, when you find a balance between these hours and other things that make you happy you will have your IKIGAI and harmony.

I did an IKIGAI test, a draw with the whole system answering the questions. I listened to videos, read posts… And since I am not a professional I ask you to search it too. You will learn a lot of new ways to see your carrier and yourself. The only issue I found was that the boxes try to fix something that you can be paid for, not something you already like and do, (maybe), in light of how to make enough money to live doing it. I saw many people talking about it “I found it, but I don’t know how to make money off it”. And I saw many people saying that you should find a job that should be in the box, like in the online test I did said “sales costumers attendant” because I am good to talk with people, calm them down and I like to write. But I did this already, I don’t like it. But they can’t show you how to make a living doing what you know it is your path to walk, (or one of them). That is the only limitation I found and yes, there are many discussions on the subject of doing what you love, what you passioned about. Some think it is naive to think like that, others that if people do it, why can everyone find your act…

Well, astrology explains that sometimes people love painting but feel ok in a 9-5 job and can be known for both, I saw a model on Youtube that loves to be a bricklayer, and he is. I love to write and learn about spirituality, but I bake for other people and I make travel plans too. If you find a unique IKIGAI, just remember nobody is asking you to do just one thing for the rest of your life, but your boss… I am kidding. You get the idea. Be open to learn and adapt and things will happen for your good, even if you need to be a costumer attendant for a while.

Find out more:
IKIGAI Online test https://ikigaitest.com/
IKIGAI Questions to help https://www.peopleatheartcoaching.com/finding-your-ikigai
iKIGAI More questions to help https://inside.6q.io/guide-to-ikigai/
IKIGAI Worksheet: https://ikigaitribe.com/ikigai/ikigai-worksheet/

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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