How Let Go Is Important | Law of Attraction Poetry

How to see the truth beyond your material senses? Story case

Perhaps… Perhaps.
Do you have a word you particularly like?
I love words. Of all languages, sizes and accents.
And I’m a fan of some especially
Maybe, it is the habit of those who love to write
See the word beyond what it means
Feel its sounds and movements in the tongue…
…Once, I have been told that I write badly,
but it’s not their fault, it was mine.
I went to be among them, I didn’t know how to choose.
And in the hardness of her dissertations, a poet doesn’t know how to write
However, they are to blame for the hardness of heart
After all, it wasn’t difficult to realize that whoever read The Name of the Rose in the hall
It did not seek acceptance, but the salvation of laughter and the soul
Those bulls, in the blindness of the profession, the reference would not understand
Perhaps, those who would die for the tongue to unlock the secret of the next book.
…may I continue with the bohemian Palermo and they with the great Milan

Understanding the references(Why I love literature):

This poetry talks about the time I spent studying engineering in Brazil, it was a lovely time in many aspects, but I remember I wasn’t good writing scientific texts. It was always my creativity that saved me there. Of course, as free as poetry can be, I used exaggerations since there are big hearts in this profession, and among the professors I met.
Spoiler alert if you never read The Name of The Rose from here.

First, please read it. Secondly, people die in this book when day find this mysterious book that is poisoned. Since they die when touching the finger in the book and in the tongue to move it to the next page. I mixed the meaning of the words and what it makes you imagine. There a mysterious physical book in this story, for me the words and story that mysteriously comes when I am writing a book.
Taurus is the astrological ‘money and work’ sign. The bull is even used as those that push the actions and cryptocurrency market. In the Milan Duomo, there is the symbol of the Taurus and Virgin, those that are systematic and professional, so I used just the reference of the hardness and materiality of those symbols, of course, there are much more about those symbols and the Duomos’ artists knew that. And in Palermo Duomo, you have Pisces and Scorpio, the most spiritual signs, speaking in a generalist way.
‘Perhaps’ has a hardness in the speaking, but a subtle meaning. Everything may or not be, has a possibility, depending on the reality it is. So, used as the main word, give this sense of it can be, but you won’t worry if it won’t and you will be mistaken if you think that must or not be. Let this ‘maybe’ exist is important.
I hope you enjoy it.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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