How to Believe in Your Power? | From “I can’t” to “I’am doing it!”

How to observe where you are to arrive in your power successfully? How to meet your power?

My first step was to learn about a strong dualistic belief we have(well, I did). I needed to move from impossible to possible, understanding it was just opinions. 

The book that found me was talking about the infinite possibilities we have while we develop the trust in the miracle, the impossible in this world we PERCEIVE. 

I read the Coca-Cola story, v8 motor story, Disney Story, Saints stories, and many other success stories. All of them were amazing. Since I was leaving my childhood, I could see myself as them, powerful as them, but I know it can be difficult in an adult mind. Be able to do anything in the material aspect was growing on me. However, nowadays, I have difficulty accepting myself as an “equal” of Gandi, Madre Teresa, even Jesus that taught was we could do more than he did if we had faith. When I asked the Universe to learn about how we can manifest, how we can live a life of manifestation, and I learned about this existence we all are, I had a difficult time accepting it. Still am!

So, here I want to share two things, that will be one, you can do to see, meet and be comfortable with your power. 

  1. Read and see videos of success stories. Here you can observe two reactions. How do you feel about others’ success? Do you believe it? Do you feel happy for them? Do you feel like, “yes, it is possible”? Do you feel a bit of fear in your belly? Everything you felt is yours, don’t think that it is the person fault, even if the person lied anything is possible, may not have happened to this person, but it can for someone else, it doesn’t matter actually, because here you are just adding motivation to go after what you want and observing how your ego, your thoughts, your paradigms react to success. No, the person is not a liar, it was not luck, it is not an exception, everything you feel or think it is you. You react to your life, so observe and correct your way to perceive life. Once I read that everything is “supporting actors” of your life. I thought it was poetic. Now I see that in your reality, people, things, animals, will act for you and what you feel and think are the director of how they act. If this is too big to understand now, it is ok, it took me time to. Let’s go to the next part. When you feel motivated watching other people’s successes, use them to add power to yourself. See the impossible happening can open doors in your mind, make you feel good, and change your reality. 
  2. Be present. And I would like you to tattoo it “Be present”. If you want to be better in everything in your material life, practice to be present. I have many techniques to help you with it on this blog. You can always look at Eckhart Tolle that dedicates his talks to talk about it. You can learn about alchemy to learn about it. Even if you are considered orthodoxy you can still learn it. If you read with an open heart and let your ego in the next room just for a moment you will understand that the philosophical stone is not a physical thing, that you will be the lead to be transformed in gold. And, yes, many people believed it could be literal, but I would say that you will be able to do such things after you be alive in your true existence if it is your purpose. Until there, be the stone, the lead transforming into gold. “Be present” can become something boring to read, as “practice gratitude”, but believe me, you will listen and read a lot of this because it is that simple, but ego can’t work here and it is working on your ego (mainly) that you will access those realities.

Be present, and motivate yourself with success stories. 

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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