Life proved me Law of Attraction Works | I am back

When life proves you Law of attraction work. How to experience law of attraction?

Hello again. 

I don’t think the time is passing fast, but two months ago I was going to my parent’s house to take care of their four dogs as they continued the “moving process”. Two days later, they asked me if I wanted to move to the old apartment of them. 

Maybe you’re asking yourselves, “Is it a diary blog, for instance?” 

Well, yes.

I am kidding… kind of. I am sharing it for a simple reason. The Law of attraction (you can use another name) does work. No “buts” here. Just accept it, and I will tell you why. However, I want to say that THERE ARE SO MANY different nuances of reality and different ways of happening that you may think it doesn’t happen. 

From a person that loves trying new things and challenges itself, I just can say, try it. Try honestly, not the “I will prove it doesn’t exist” try. 

In less than three years I moved from a tiny apartment in a simple place, in a simple city, with a bathroom that didn’t work, a street with no pavement, used furniture, old cabinets. One of those places you see in the Property Brothers show, but in the before scene. I was receiving an internship salary plus some money I earned teaching Math and basic English, (total of 200 dollars nowadays). After play with the famous online practice Two Glass of Water in less than a month, I receive an opportunity to work. I already shared this story. I was applying for jobs for more than a year, next to my birthday I thought that I would stop searching and I did the practice. Some weeks later a friend of my mother asked for my resume and a month later my income was 824 dollars. Here in Brazil, you can live comfortably with it as a single person with no kids. Being honest, many people live with 200 salaries working in two places as I did with kids. By the way, if you don’t have structure, don’t have kids please. It will be better for them. (I am a child of teenager passion with no head, as the kid I tell this with all my heart). 

Before COVID I was asking God to leave the job. It wasn’t my thing, but I wanted to be safe, of course. I felt in my heart that everything would be fine. And it did. My father had a great opportunity for business, and he wanted me to work with him, from home. From the big apartment, he used to live. Eight minutes walking to the beach, in one of the best cities in the country, with a beautiful view, 3 bedrooms, and so many other cool things. (Of course I pay rent, energy, internet… But I doubled my salary and I make my more money investing and trading with the money I saved in the job and more than 50% I receive nowadays).

I already told you that I was grateful and happy in all the places I lived in. I never cursed my old furniture, the street with no pavements, or the bathroom that didn’t work. And I know there will be more moving house soon because I know that manifest is the certainty that life can be smooth. If you allow it too. 

I am not talking just for me, but for many abuse stories and traumas I read and saw. It is possible to overcome your ego and sickness of your mind to start to live a better life. And, I won’t lie, it will be weird. We don’t know to live in a happy scenario. We don’t. My father asks himself “What now? Am I going to die?”. Because life is better and he only learned to live life with a constant ordeal. He and I are learning to live this better life and help others to improve too.

I am studying to live the experience for itself, accept the existence. However, as a human, I understand those thoughts because I had them when I was 27 with all my dreams already checked. But life is to be alive, learn is a small part. Be alive is this thing summarized. Maybe you will learn 1%, work 95%, love 4% but all this is being alive. If you want to give your ego more to feel accomplished as a society odder try to love 95%, learn 4% and work 1% changing what you say to yourself and being present. (Look for Marisa Peer and Eckhart Tolle).

Well, I am back after two months of moving, changing things in the house, helping my parents move, and all that craziness. I hope you understand that this is my experience with the trinity of life, mind, body, soul, and how I perceive it. As I always say, it is different for each of us. Just enjoy the reading and if motivates or gives you a bit of faith great, if not, it is you living life purely, with no plus or buts. 

Much love, 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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