Age equals be Wise? | How to find your master – Step 1

How old should be my master?

Hello again.
Today I was thinking about age, but for a specific thing. How old you should be to be wise, to share knowledge about deep things like soul, live a better life, honor your body, mind, and spirit.
Many therapists, psychologists, coaches, mediums, psychics work with just one part. (And you will probably affect other parts of you). But I am not talking about those professionals. I am more interested in the prophetic, guru, master kind of wiseness.
For some reason, I feel like I used to look for older people. And, of course, I realized that my ego pushed me to it because I learned from a young age that older people were the wise ones. What I didn’t learn was that many young people too, kids either. And probably this elder person was always wise, but just older people listened to it.
Maybe it is even wiser older, maybe it won’t need to teach more, and we lose a great time listen to good words from someone we were just judging by the age. Like you could judge that an older person is not so athletic… Well, you got me here. Ego work, all ages are wise and move one.
So, how to find them? Who are they? Is there an age? A calling? Or we all are called but most of us just “Nhe… not now” in an unconscious way.

Studying Jesus, Budah, Gandhi, and so many other people who start to teach early I ask myself. Were they special because they started young to see the world differently? Or did they see the world differently because they were special at a young age?
I was 14 when I was conscious for the first time. I felt things, still feel, that are amazing and so hard to put in a word. I can’t say I don’t feel comfortable sharing it, (and I would love people wouldn’t too), because I know this knowledge that comes to me is the same that “talks” with everything. It is not me, mind, name, body, that I work into humbleness, but the emptiness that we call connection, union, love.

After leg goes of those concepts of age I learned with so many people, through so many moments that I heavily think that what you should listen will get you. Even an animal can show you something. And this is not craziness or new, some people use birds to know things. This reminds me of the book The Alchemist when he is in the desert observing the sky while a man looking to learn with the desert master was bravely “fighting” with materials all up in his mind.

So, I let you here with the thought of stop looking for a white-bearded master and look inside even when you looking at the sky.
Have a great week, trying less, and being more.
Much Love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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