3 Mislead ideas of Do what you are Passionate, What you Love and What is your Purpose | Yes, you can do it.

I heard one shouldn’t say that we can follow our passion. Your purpose. Do what you love. But they have know idea what is this

Hello again.

Today I want to talk about live the purpose life, do what you love, live to do what you’re passionate about, because once more I listened someone saying people that talks about live the purpose or do what your passionate about is b…

I understand the mistake. Living a purpose life is something hard to understand (not being ironic here) because you was distorted along the years. Do something with purpose is do something because you want to, there is will in this action. I know we are used to do things that we don’t want to. Things that is just bureaucracy or you know, any daily chores. However, live your life, your whole life, doing what you don’t want to do is quite alarming for me. So I thought we could talk about Passion, Love and Purpose in the work area.

Passion: So let’s start talking about do what you passionate about because passion is a feeling, a sensation as a result of something or some one. And sometimes or maybe most of time you’re working or doing something with purpose won’t let you feel passionate. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel good though. You don’t need to feel just passion towards something you are doing you can feel joy, you can feel happiness, you can feel love, you can feel comforted, you can feel gratitude. Passion in the carrier idea is to do something that maybe you dreamed about as a child, maybe something you was told about younger. I have a great example to give. Do you know the TV Show Masked Singer? Can you tell how many great actors, hosts, basketball players and so much more people can sing very well. We believe that sing well is something rare, paint, act, any profession that is more artistic but any human being have an artistic, creative side. Imagination is one of the things some scientists use to separate us from other animals. So, it is normal to work in something and think that other thing is your passion, but you never lived to know. Sometime, people don’t use their free time to do it. So, work around what you think your passion is.

You can start your life in college doing what you’re passionate about and don’t feel so great later on life doing that. Our passions change, and should, must change along the years. I will quote (wait for it) hold on on your chair Cardi B on it. “If you in college, I don’t give a f— what you studying, take a business class“. Study business because if you start something you is passionate about someday you won’t like to do it and probably you will want to work for yourself so take some business class, no matter what you do instead business because one day you can Be your own Boss. So do what you are passionate about can be something quite wrong to start but do something that make you feel good whatever the feeling is. Don’t take a feeling as granted, do a lot of things that make you feel that way.

Love: Sol let’s talk about love. It may sound that is the same as to work for something you are passionate about but it’s different. Do something you love, once again can be almost impossible because you won’t love something always, and here I won’t talk about all kinds of love but let’s have in mind that I’m talking about these material world feeling not the big Love. The one that you are on essence and there will become or go back after this material being is ended. I would say more, instead of do what you love, do what you do with love. That action will bring you passion, happiness, joy and many many good feelings around things you are doing.
If you ever volunteered you know what is to do something you love, but don’t be passionate about it. Here you don’t have the passion, (being general), but you have purpose and love. You purposely are doing this work, maybe you don’t enjoy cook everyday, but sometimes it is part of what you do to help and you do it with love. And you love to do it. I hated my last job, that is normal I know, but I felt love many time when I was helping and creating something better. So, work with love can work if you are passionate about it or not, if it is your dream job, or not.

Purpose: Follow your purpose, so what this even mean. I tell you! (I am jumping in my chair here). Live a purposeful life is to leave doing what you really want, what you is true for yourself. For example I have many dreams, I want to do many many things in this earthy life, and in this process I may be disconnected, unconscious and feel frustrated, feel bored. While I am learning, while I am practicing, while I am editing what I write. But I did because I want to I choose something and I learn it and I went for it because I want to. And these for itself make you follow your Passion do what you Love. But I feel like all these is a misunderstanding because people think that there is just one way to be happy, to fulfil your wishes, to do something with pleasure and more than that. People don’t understand that good or bad feeling, as they call, are just feelings. If you don’t resist to sadness, it won’t hurt anymore. These feeling will be just an alert for you bring your best to the table or for you a knowledge something you don’t like.

Since I love examples let’s do one now. If I feel frustrated with my husband I ask myself why I’m feeling like that. I share with him as a interesting thing. I say “I feel frustrated because that and that you did I’m not saying you cannot do this but I’m saying that I don’t feel good for some reason”. And most of time he helped me to see if he did something that go against some conception I have or if he have done something that he can improve and change. I always made clear to him that a feeling will happen with or without his help. That most of time he will need to give me space to work on it alone and other times I will share with him.

I will try to give you a more easy example to understand and visualize. I am frustrated in a queue in the supermarket so I asked myself why. Probably because I feel like I am doing nothing productive there. Or nothing I enjoy like watch a movie, read. So, if I can, I find a book to read, something to listen, or maybe just aware of this I try to be present and observe and meditate. As I already explained meditation is not just to be sitting with close eyes. Then the frustration goes away.

I just thought about a better example. I felt frustrated watching these YouTube video of a guy talking about not falling your passion, your purpose. And I asked me why. The answer was easy. There are no truth around this how you should chose your work and carrier. There are different moments in your life you will need to take the decision to accept whatever while you get what you want. But I was thinking there are people that are unconscious and think that the only way is to do what other people say not what they really want. There are conscious people that prefer to play as the music then do something different and that is nothing wrong with that. Even in astrology if you have the archetype of Taurus, speaking generally I am using just as an example, they think Taurus like to work hard everyday under the sun to accumulate what it have, and it will and will be easiness with money but working all day. And this person will be great on it. It will be on alcoholic and love it. And that’s okay that’s not a problem. The problem is to think that this is the only option. So I was frustrated because that wasn’t a truth and I wish to share something bigger to think about. Maybe just when we are unconscious we will live without passion, love and purpose. The consciously you just can live on those things and more.

And to calm down my frustration and yours maybe. I will finish this post saying that I cannot save the world neither you but we can share better opinions and have a better world, so please share yours with me and if you have a work online please let me see and share your link. And I already talk about this theme and I said that sometimes we will do what we don’t want while we do what we want as a hobby until one day we can find something that unite both things what make us money to pay the bills and what make us feel good.

I hope you enjoyed this post, much love from.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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