How Differences Arise and How not to Polarise them | A Insight Dream

I had a dream where be different is the only way to survive. And if it was truth?

Hello again.
Today I will do something different, something I never did. If you read my blog, you know that I already talked about night dreams and how you can find online tools that Neuroscience knows to train yourself to remember them and develop others’ skills towards these moments of unconsciousness. Well, that said I remembered many of my dreams, and a dream yesterday made me have this need of sharing it.
I already said that all beliefs and situations we live in just say something about your reality.In other words, even if you live something, don’t think it is the only truth, even less the absolute universal truth. And here I start to share this dream:

A young woman, maybe 2 or 5 years younger than me, a man that I felt the existence but didn’t see and I was on a stage, something like a big theater where we were sharing some insights. She was talking about her experience of serving and how this humbled people and it was a great way to achieve this simpler way of living and experience life.
In my conscious being remember the dream, I agree, but in the dream…

She happily finished her talk, and I said very calmly.
“Well, that’s not all correct. Each experience, each being will have your own way of discovering Itself. Maybe it is a great adventure serve, but receive is the great difficulty we have. It is here where the hardness may humble us. Many people will find happiness while they serve something or someone, but receive is where many developments can be made. Of course, since it is different for each of us it may be just my experience on this planet that happened differently since for me was very hard to feel good receiving something. As if I was God myself, I felt like I should take and create all by myself. All my years of faith were suddenly unnecessary because when I should gratefully receive I felt less, guilty, not worthy of it, or that it wasn’t necessary. The serving was easy for me, in completely honest I know one could feel better serving someone with less something this material world stipulates, or a few less if I was serving someone with more of this. Money, beauty, properties, friends, fame, feelings control, “illumination”.”Whatever it is that one can feel the other has or is more or less can make the service put one in a different position as one sees oneself. But I can say I felt the same, equal, easily. When I served, it was with grace. When I had less, I receive more because my equal feeling made me honestly devoted to doing my best, when I had more I didn’t expect to receive something because I was genuinely serving the other. But receive… Receive was another thing. When I did a good job and I was awarded I felt stupid to have to be rewarded, when I receive my asking for God I couldn’t feel like it was right because I didn’t work with my hands to that when I receive from my own job, I felt like it was too much and even if something was wrong I wouldn’t complain. Even working hard, studying hours, improving myself constantly, I wasn’t worthy to receive. When I see someone openly receiving something and being honest with one development I feel so happy for the person, praying that one day I will be like that. I don’t mind when someone smart receives its glories and says “I know I did a great job” when someone becomes a music start I don’t think it wasn’t humble the person says “I did it, I feel awesome that I didn’t give up”, when someone beautiful says “Thank you, I know I am” I feel that it is amazing that the person receives this blessing of God openly. We all should receive those gifts openly because we all can achieve something, we all can thrive without giving up, we all are beautiful creatures of Father… And Mother. (Small laugh in the public). So, we can learn to be humble in many different ways. Your inner Master and the only one you should follow and hear taught you to be humble through service, my Master taught me through receiving. And now and here in this stage, the world is balanced. (we all laugh a little).
Any time you think someone is arrogant because the person assumes its own gains, gifts and rewards ask yourself why can I not feel “Yess… You go man”? Are you pushing God’s gift so hard that you feel jealous of those that accept? Do you think that the person receives too many too easily? Are you jealous? A better question? Are you able to receive it? (silence)
Good, silence always brings new insights.”

The other woman smiled at me. She was in her grace I could see. The talk continued while I shifted to another dream, but this one I won’t share.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Much love from me, EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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