Ego – 3 facts they don’t share + 5 Questions to do

Kill the ego! What they don’t say about the ego? What is it? How to identify your ego?

Hello, how are you?
Today I want to talk about an insight + some knowledge gained about ego.
What is the ego, by the way? I found a few meanings to share here with you crazy souls:
Cambridge dictionary says: “the part of a person’s mind that tries to match the hidden desires (= wishes) of the id (= part of the unconscious mind) with the demands of the real world”, similarly with Google dictionary. Or “your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your importance and ability”.
Yoga may say: Ahamkaraor ego is the sense of ‘I-ness’, the over-identification with this ‘I-ness’ to the point that we become very affected by the experiences and thoughts that this ‘I’ has.”

Let me simplify and ask 5 things. Think about each area of your life:
1.Answer Who am I?
Your ego will respond. It is the one answering and the answer itself.
-I am a father/mother
-I am an engineer.
-I am Swedish.
-I am new/old.
-I am beautiful/ugly.
You can go further:
2. Answer: What is right?
-Eat animal/Eat animal but sacred ones/Eat just vegetables
-Have a wife/Have two wives/Have none.
-Use social media/Don’t use social media.
-Drink alcohol/ Don’t drink alcohol
3. Answer: What you can and cannot do?
-I can walk/I cant fly.
-I can be loved/I cannot find someone
-I can grow and be sucessful/I cannot do something right
-I can learn/I will never learn
4.Answer: How things happen or can happen?
-I work hard/I manifest
-I let go/I get focus (obsessed?) – My life, you know it!
-I go out/It will knock at my door.
-I will make it happen/I do my best and let the rest happen.
5.Answer: How I feel and why?
-I feel happy/I feel bored -Sorry about that…
-I feel motivated/I feel stuck…

All expression of I is the ego, and only it. I already talked about the movie Soul and I highly recommend it again. You can read more about Ego in this blog and how to lessen its effect.

But let’s talk about what people don’t say.
One day I was in my German class, where I learned nothing, Ich spreche kein Deutsch don’t worry. And the husband of my teacher told me a story about a man that receives monks in his house and at the end of their stay he asked for a blessing in his life to him be happy. Six months later he divorced, lost his job, and was no longer living in that house. For my husband’s teacher, it was a terrible thing what happened. However, I understand the monks’ happiness. The first step to meet happiness is to lose the ego. A good part of it, at least. So you can meet your real self, then be happy. And this happiness wasn’t like the one you knew before. You won’t even feel it, it will be something you cannot describe in the reality, at least.
But the thing people don’t say, or it is rare to listen, is that you don’t need to let go of all your I. Nor even fight with your mind. For me, it is more important and the big first step to being aware of the ego. Answer those questions, read more about ego, meditate more, be more present and you will learn about it.
Your mind is not your enemy, you may have a big problem dealing with it. Anxiety, depression, and any mental disturbance are the name to say you have a problem dealing with your mind.
This is a blog post, let’s be real here, I will give you two things to do to start to help you, but you must look for a professional to help your relationship with your mind.
You can start here:
1.Treat your mind as a beautiful servant, not your boss anymore. Observe if your mind is saying “I must do it because of this”; “I can’t do it because of this”, “I will eat it because of this”, “I won’t eat it because of this”, “I go there because of this”, “I will never put my foot there because of this” try to observe as an outsider if your ego is trying to make you obey it, instead of the silence within dictate your will. (There are posts about will, inspiration, and intuition here too). Observe how you feel, it is just a sensation or emotion caused by your thoughts.
2.Be a friend with your mind. Some people call this confused mind, the mind that goes every place, like chaos, give attention to everything but what you want to, monkey mind. Try to be friends with the monkey. Calm down it, be grateful and it helps you, create a relationship with it instead of fighting against its nature. It is a big relief when you stop to worry about what you are thinking and start to observe it, comprehend it.
3.Kill the ego may not be a possibility. Of course, clean the house is important, have a “minimalist ego”, where most of your believes and attachments no longer exist. This is healthy and it will help you keep growing, unlocking new superpowers and that beautiful way of living. And, maybe won’t be easy, probably to be honest. But it worth it.

I hope you enjoy this post,
much love.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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