How to do Ego Work | 3 Steps to Be More You and Less Your Ego.

3 subjects that will help you see your attachment with Ego and change it. With practical ideas.


Here I am to share something that I would love to receive. Steps to notice how your ego is controlling you and how to remove those ideas of you.
I want to be straightforward here, and before starts, I just want to remember. Ego, it is not all bad, and you don’t need to get rid of all of your beliefs or attachments at once. For example, with good and bad to our society you may want to kill someone and don’t worry about it, and here is where the ego must be alive. I am not saying to kill something crazy reader. But to stop to see someone that committed a crime as all bad and, after much more than ego work, realize how your compassion even with those people can make your life and others live better.

Things that might trigger your ego.

  1. Music. Do you love some band and hate or think some band or singer is bad or lame? Ask yourself why. This is your ego talking, you know that but since it is quite a small thing, maybe you never want to change your taste or thought it would be necessary. You can keep what you love, but for a week, twice in the year at least, try to listen to songs you would never and try to enjoy them. How? Listen to them with your mind empty, no judgments are allowed. You may not enjoy and move to the next music, and you may see yourself dance a bit and that’s ok. Even if you fear people judging you, you must not fear your judgment because towards your it shouldn’t exist.
  2. What is your team? Any sport. Maybe you don’t love any but you hate a lot one. Be honest with yourself. Write the name and ask why? What bothers you? Here I want you to search a little bit of egregore. (Just for curiosity I let one of the meanings you can find only, but study it, please. Egregore: “An egregore (pronounced egg’ gree gore) is a group thought-form. It can be created either intentionally or unintentionally and becomes an autonomous entity with the power to influence. A group with a common purpose like a family, a club, a political party, a church, or a country can create an egregore, for better or worse depending upon the type of thought that created it.”). The work here is to find a player that has a good character from the team you hate and cheer for him. Be honest here, write how it felt, it wasn’t so honest to try again. Do this when your team is not playing. After you are able, to be honest about it cheer against your team. Try to be honest here and I know this can be very hard. If your team starts to win a lot, write it down too. Write all the experience. Next year, try don’t watch it and don’t care about that news. Find another job, relax, it won’t be forever and you probably won’t have much problem with it depending on where you are in your spiritual journey.
  3. What your favorite food? What you wouldn’t eat ever? Here baby, even I can’t be that evolved with my ego. Here is where my ego stays a bit and I am ok with it. And you may think, “so I will keep with my team b*”. However, here is the thing. Any subject you work to improve your ability to be more you and less your ego, and, for this, be more aware and present here and now. Must not be a problem or cause a problem to you or others. If these passion/beliefs of yours may block different experiences, or your ability to live life in the present moment. For example, if you cannot have a date because it is game night, this is a problem. If you can’t have fun at a barbecue with your friends because you are vegan, this is a problem. And, remember, I am talking about Ego Work here. The ego likes to be in the extreme, if you can find the middle, probably you have something that can be a problem. I am walking to be vegan for years now, I still each cheese. Check packages to see if it is vegan is not a habit yet. I try to improve my way of living without becoming an extremist around any subject and this brings so many other ideas that won’t fit here. Why am I trying to be vegan? Why do I think it is important? How it will be good for me and the planet?… All that is something for me to grow. For me, it is a personal subject that I don’t want to talk about, but I see people that do it very gracefully and others that I want to slap. This personal example makes me come here and say, don’t go to war for anything, be more Madre Teresa about your ideas. You don’t need to be a saint, but you can use some good ideas of people that made some good on this planet. (Actually you can use good ideas even from people that made a lot of bad things, good and bad it is not exclusive from one person or another. We are not in a Disney movie with villains. I know you know that). So, what is the work for us here? If you are vegan, you will choose a week of the year to eat animal products, remember, this is about ego work. This post doesn’t relate to other’s spiritual evolutions that you may learn that vegan standards are better to work with some energies and all. This is to you lose the attachment of your dualistic ideas as of right and wrong, good and bad… And if you eat animal products, it will be more than a week for you. Why? The impact caused for animal products is bigger so your body needs more time to feel comfortable with other realities. I would recommend a month or more with no animal products. If you are religious, you can find the period of a year that your religion asks for this practice and use some egregore to help you. For example, for 40 days Catholics should not eat meat before East, not very common nowadays, but it was a strong practice a long time ago.

I can speak more about what I’ve learned and practice the topic. I feel this is very important to grow compassion, love, presence in our lives. So, for me, it is a pungent subject. How do you feel about ego work? What have you learned?

Much love,
Emanuelle Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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