Why you do what you do? | Not my idea to improve yourself

Do you know why you are doing what you do? Do you feel motivated to work? Do you like your job? Are you a good boss? Let’s understand why we do what we do a bit more.

Hello again.
Today I want to share a vision that it is not mine, but from a Brazilian professor and doctor. He studied philosophy and has work in many areas. He worked with companies, public organizations, and in the education area. And today I am here to share some thoughts about his book “Why do we do what we do?”. Sadly I think all books are in Portuguese only, but let’s share some of his ideas here.

This book, and why I love this guy, talks about the obvious seeing by a not at all obvious way and you can see it in the title.
Ask yourself more often: why you do what you do?
He brings these questions to companies so they can understand the employee. And for you, as a worker for someone else (or self-employed) understand more about your doings. The big break of his idea is that we need to recognize ourselves in something we create. And being very summarized here, even if you work for someone else, if you don’t see something being born because of your work you probably won’t be happy with it. Of course, he brings to the table that even if you do what you love, you won’t love everything you do. I love to write, I hate to correct what I write and read many times the books and post to find mistakes on it. In my life, the challenge in this aspect makes me like more to write in English even though I probably commit more errors. But this is a rare cause. I understand that writers prefer to write in their mother languages, it is not my case, but either way, it is boring to read and read again. I must confess that I take more time with my books than here, not because I don’t love you, but this blog I feel more relaxed. The idea of it brings the concept of share evolution and experiences in my life and how I did it. And as my English is not perfect, this blog has space to not be perfect and people there are or not perfect are welcomed here. So, it fits here to be more relaxed. It fit here to have less stiffness so we can be closer walking this path of us together even though it will be different for everyone.

As I always say, I am here not to share ideas as a Master but to help people find their own master. So here we are normal people sharing and learning… or not.

So why you do what you do?
He explores some aspects like a necessity, many things we must do because we have necessities in a group or as an individual. Some we do because we like to do it. I do this blog for free, I didn’t monetize this blog yet purely because I forget it, but I didn’t. Well, focus guys. We do what we like and the motivation is there normally because you recognize yourself in the job. And if you do automatic work you feel like a robot. By the way, he loves to show the etymology of words and connect with the new learning and robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means forced labor.
Everything influence this way of living, of course. It won’t be the same for a person born in a poor place, (pour in the sense of material life support or lack of support to develop a material life), this person may be more aware of the necessity because of reflection of its reality. A person born with basic things like education, health insurance, and food may not understand and see itself working for necessity. It seems obvious, but it goes deeper in each of us. Because you can be born in the first situation and break the rule when you ask why you doing what you doing?
This brings me to a police officer that became a bit famous on Brazilian social media because he talks with the person he arrests and many others perception,.I can’t talk much about him because I honestly didn’t search much, but I remember a video where he was talking with a young man doing the math about what he robbed and the years he can be locked. The conversation is sincere and shows the guy it wasn’t worth it. As the conversation goes it is clear the guy didn’t put much thought into why he was doing what he was doing, it was not like he was doing it because he needed food at home. He did have a simple life and a lack of structure, but he wasn’t aware even if that act was because of a necessity. Of course, I am here giving an example that brings many and many sociological and psychological problems, I broke it to the simplicity of a question that may help us looking to improve, but it is NOT the reason we have social problems and I hope you understand it in the extreme example.

So, ask yourself and write it down what you do because you like and what you do because you have the necessity. See the balance on it, if it has. You may find what you like to do and find a way to do it more, and you may notice that old believe like “work to my children don’t need to work as I do” be a reason to do the necessities. In the book, the child questions their parents why they work so much and don’t enjoy life, they say it is necessary so he doesn’t need to work as much but that the main idea is that he will do the same to his children. But this generation doesn’t want to do this, because we want to be better as parents being more present and live more this life. We want to have time to work and have time to spend with our children now, not later, or just to let the next people in my family do it. We see less necessary to have more and more necessary to experience more, to live, to enjoy life. But, this is a talk to another moment.

For now, give yourself time to do what you like, to enjoy the people you love and, of course, understand that some work will be part of some necessity and that is ok.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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