How to Read More | Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Reading

How to read more? How to add quality to your reading? (What I agree or don’t)

“Methinks my body is but the lees of my better being. In fact take my body who will take it I say, it is not me.”
(I believe that my body is just a shelter for my best being. In fact, let my body take whoever it wants because it is not me.) Herman Melville, Moby Dick

I was watching a video on YouTube about how to read more books. Great tips, but I couldn’t take it all.

Let’s talk about what I added to my life and I like:

One that I love and I started to use was the audiobooks. I had a preconception about audiobooks and e-readers, believe me. I was the “I need paper” person. And, of course, as I learn about my ego and sustainability I try to improve myself I search for ways to help the world and e-readers were no longer that bad, so I try to use less paper in my life. Audiobook was the next step because I could understand that knowledge is knowledge no matter how it comes. If you can learn listening it is not less than reading. We need to remember that read has its benefits for the brain, but if you read and want to grow the information coming to your life, read and listen it is a great way to do it. So I adapt myself to listen to books while I cook or before sleep and I love it. Try it!
I couldn’t agree that much.
I am reading Moby Dick and it took me a while, in the video, the idea of don’t bother to read those classics there is big made me uncomfortable because I learned so much with many of them. Sure, some I hated too. I am human, I have opinions and tastes and I can go against the majority of people sometimes. Or the critics at least. Think with me, if those books are considered classics, it must have a reason. And it is not the age of them because my grandmother had many old books there that weren’t considered classics and were forgotten with time. You can think of them as music, some music has decades, hundreds of years, and people still listen and remix them. So books, are like that music and it may take you longer to read but here we stay with the quality and not quantity. If I don’t read four books in a month because I took my time reading Tolstoy, I don’t care if at the end of the year I will read 10 books stead of 100. And here I want you to be open. Give yourself as much knowledge as you want, but remember to keep your ego away or you will be consumed by the comparison with others that read 360 books in a year. You don’t need to read more, you need to read enough. Enough for you to learn, to improve, to have a better life, to know more about what you want. You should not have the goal to know it all. It is not real or healthy.

Let’s talk about what I added to my life and I like:

After I said that, I agree with “don’t finish the book if you don’t like it”. I would recommend it better. Say to yourself, “it is not time to read it” and go back to it in few years. The guy in the video mentioned Moby Dick and Sapiens and I understand it is not easy book, the second one can be a book many people won’t like, will try again, and still don’t like it. But I would say, try more than one time in a different time of your life because there is so much on them.

Well, why all that explanation about books?

I will try to review some books that I read here with the concept of self-improvement, spiritual growth, and human knowledge, (or a vision of us). And many of the books I read are not in the self-help area, but directly and indirectly, talks about these cute little beings we are.


I read all kinds of books and as an “ego breaker” I read books about different religions and cultures too. Would you like me to bring so of those books to this review too?
I just read a book about an African-Brazilian religion there isn’t in English and I don’t know if I would share it here since you won’t be able to read it unless you translate the book to English. But let me know, maybe can be curious, at least.

Much love to all,
E.M. Lopes

Why you do what you do? | Not my idea to improve yourself

Do you know why you are doing what you do? Do you feel motivated to work? Do you like your job? Are you a good boss? Let’s understand why we do what we do a bit more.

Hello again.
Today I want to share a vision that it is not mine, but from a Brazilian professor and doctor. He studied philosophy and has work in many areas. He worked with companies, public organizations, and in the education area. And today I am here to share some thoughts about his book “Why do we do what we do?”. Sadly I think all books are in Portuguese only, but let’s share some of his ideas here.

This book, and why I love this guy, talks about the obvious seeing by a not at all obvious way and you can see it in the title.
Ask yourself more often: why you do what you do?
He brings these questions to companies so they can understand the employee. And for you, as a worker for someone else (or self-employed) understand more about your doings. The big break of his idea is that we need to recognize ourselves in something we create. And being very summarized here, even if you work for someone else, if you don’t see something being born because of your work you probably won’t be happy with it. Of course, he brings to the table that even if you do what you love, you won’t love everything you do. I love to write, I hate to correct what I write and read many times the books and post to find mistakes on it. In my life, the challenge in this aspect makes me like more to write in English even though I probably commit more errors. But this is a rare cause. I understand that writers prefer to write in their mother languages, it is not my case, but either way, it is boring to read and read again. I must confess that I take more time with my books than here, not because I don’t love you, but this blog I feel more relaxed. The idea of it brings the concept of share evolution and experiences in my life and how I did it. And as my English is not perfect, this blog has space to not be perfect and people there are or not perfect are welcomed here. So, it fits here to be more relaxed. It fit here to have less stiffness so we can be closer walking this path of us together even though it will be different for everyone.

As I always say, I am here not to share ideas as a Master but to help people find their own master. So here we are normal people sharing and learning… or not.

So why you do what you do?
He explores some aspects like a necessity, many things we must do because we have necessities in a group or as an individual. Some we do because we like to do it. I do this blog for free, I didn’t monetize this blog yet purely because I forget it, but I didn’t. Well, focus guys. We do what we like and the motivation is there normally because you recognize yourself in the job. And if you do automatic work you feel like a robot. By the way, he loves to show the etymology of words and connect with the new learning and robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means forced labor.
Everything influence this way of living, of course. It won’t be the same for a person born in a poor place, (pour in the sense of material life support or lack of support to develop a material life), this person may be more aware of the necessity because of reflection of its reality. A person born with basic things like education, health insurance, and food may not understand and see itself working for necessity. It seems obvious, but it goes deeper in each of us. Because you can be born in the first situation and break the rule when you ask why you doing what you doing?
This brings me to a police officer that became a bit famous on Brazilian social media because he talks with the person he arrests and many others perception,.I can’t talk much about him because I honestly didn’t search much, but I remember a video where he was talking with a young man doing the math about what he robbed and the years he can be locked. The conversation is sincere and shows the guy it wasn’t worth it. As the conversation goes it is clear the guy didn’t put much thought into why he was doing what he was doing, it was not like he was doing it because he needed food at home. He did have a simple life and a lack of structure, but he wasn’t aware even if that act was because of a necessity. Of course, I am here giving an example that brings many and many sociological and psychological problems, I broke it to the simplicity of a question that may help us looking to improve, but it is NOT the reason we have social problems and I hope you understand it in the extreme example.

So, ask yourself and write it down what you do because you like and what you do because you have the necessity. See the balance on it, if it has. You may find what you like to do and find a way to do it more, and you may notice that old believe like “work to my children don’t need to work as I do” be a reason to do the necessities. In the book, the child questions their parents why they work so much and don’t enjoy life, they say it is necessary so he doesn’t need to work as much but that the main idea is that he will do the same to his children. But this generation doesn’t want to do this, because we want to be better as parents being more present and live more this life. We want to have time to work and have time to spend with our children now, not later, or just to let the next people in my family do it. We see less necessary to have more and more necessary to experience more, to live, to enjoy life. But, this is a talk to another moment.

For now, give yourself time to do what you like, to enjoy the people you love and, of course, understand that some work will be part of some necessity and that is ok.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Ego – 3 facts they don’t share + 5 Questions to do

Kill the ego! What they don’t say about the ego? What is it? How to identify your ego?

Hello, how are you?
Today I want to talk about an insight + some knowledge gained about ego.
What is the ego, by the way? I found a few meanings to share here with you crazy souls:
Cambridge dictionary says: “the part of a person’s mind that tries to match the hidden desires (= wishes) of the id (= part of the unconscious mind) with the demands of the real world”, similarly with Google dictionary. Or “your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your importance and ability”.
Yoga may say: Ahamkaraor ego is the sense of ‘I-ness’, the over-identification with this ‘I-ness’ to the point that we become very affected by the experiences and thoughts that this ‘I’ has.”

Let me simplify and ask 5 things. Think about each area of your life:
1.Answer Who am I?
Your ego will respond. It is the one answering and the answer itself.
-I am a father/mother
-I am an engineer.
-I am Swedish.
-I am new/old.
-I am beautiful/ugly.
You can go further:
2. Answer: What is right?
-Eat animal/Eat animal but sacred ones/Eat just vegetables
-Have a wife/Have two wives/Have none.
-Use social media/Don’t use social media.
-Drink alcohol/ Don’t drink alcohol
3. Answer: What you can and cannot do?
-I can walk/I cant fly.
-I can be loved/I cannot find someone
-I can grow and be sucessful/I cannot do something right
-I can learn/I will never learn
4.Answer: How things happen or can happen?
-I work hard/I manifest
-I let go/I get focus (obsessed?) – My life, you know it!
-I go out/It will knock at my door.
-I will make it happen/I do my best and let the rest happen.
5.Answer: How I feel and why?
-I feel happy/I feel bored -Sorry about that…
-I feel motivated/I feel stuck…

All expression of I is the ego, and only it. I already talked about the movie Soul and I highly recommend it again. You can read more about Ego in this blog and how to lessen its effect.

But let’s talk about what people don’t say.
One day I was in my German class, where I learned nothing, Ich spreche kein Deutsch don’t worry. And the husband of my teacher told me a story about a man that receives monks in his house and at the end of their stay he asked for a blessing in his life to him be happy. Six months later he divorced, lost his job, and was no longer living in that house. For my husband’s teacher, it was a terrible thing what happened. However, I understand the monks’ happiness. The first step to meet happiness is to lose the ego. A good part of it, at least. So you can meet your real self, then be happy. And this happiness wasn’t like the one you knew before. You won’t even feel it, it will be something you cannot describe in the reality, at least.
But the thing people don’t say, or it is rare to listen, is that you don’t need to let go of all your I. Nor even fight with your mind. For me, it is more important and the big first step to being aware of the ego. Answer those questions, read more about ego, meditate more, be more present and you will learn about it.
Your mind is not your enemy, you may have a big problem dealing with it. Anxiety, depression, and any mental disturbance are the name to say you have a problem dealing with your mind.
This is a blog post, let’s be real here, I will give you two things to do to start to help you, but you must look for a professional to help your relationship with your mind.
You can start here:
1.Treat your mind as a beautiful servant, not your boss anymore. Observe if your mind is saying “I must do it because of this”; “I can’t do it because of this”, “I will eat it because of this”, “I won’t eat it because of this”, “I go there because of this”, “I will never put my foot there because of this” try to observe as an outsider if your ego is trying to make you obey it, instead of the silence within dictate your will. (There are posts about will, inspiration, and intuition here too). Observe how you feel, it is just a sensation or emotion caused by your thoughts.
2.Be a friend with your mind. Some people call this confused mind, the mind that goes every place, like chaos, give attention to everything but what you want to, monkey mind. Try to be friends with the monkey. Calm down it, be grateful and it helps you, create a relationship with it instead of fighting against its nature. It is a big relief when you stop to worry about what you are thinking and start to observe it, comprehend it.
3.Kill the ego may not be a possibility. Of course, clean the house is important, have a “minimalist ego”, where most of your believes and attachments no longer exist. This is healthy and it will help you keep growing, unlocking new superpowers and that beautiful way of living. And, maybe won’t be easy, probably to be honest. But it worth it.

I hope you enjoy this post,
much love.
EmMa Lopes

3 Mislead ideas of Do what you are Passionate, What you Love and What is your Purpose | Yes, you can do it.

I heard one shouldn’t say that we can follow our passion. Your purpose. Do what you love. But they have know idea what is this

Hello again.

Today I want to talk about live the purpose life, do what you love, live to do what you’re passionate about, because once more I listened someone saying people that talks about live the purpose or do what your passionate about is b…

I understand the mistake. Living a purpose life is something hard to understand (not being ironic here) because you was distorted along the years. Do something with purpose is do something because you want to, there is will in this action. I know we are used to do things that we don’t want to. Things that is just bureaucracy or you know, any daily chores. However, live your life, your whole life, doing what you don’t want to do is quite alarming for me. So I thought we could talk about Passion, Love and Purpose in the work area.

Passion: So let’s start talking about do what you passionate about because passion is a feeling, a sensation as a result of something or some one. And sometimes or maybe most of time you’re working or doing something with purpose won’t let you feel passionate. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel good though. You don’t need to feel just passion towards something you are doing you can feel joy, you can feel happiness, you can feel love, you can feel comforted, you can feel gratitude. Passion in the carrier idea is to do something that maybe you dreamed about as a child, maybe something you was told about younger. I have a great example to give. Do you know the TV Show Masked Singer? Can you tell how many great actors, hosts, basketball players and so much more people can sing very well. We believe that sing well is something rare, paint, act, any profession that is more artistic but any human being have an artistic, creative side. Imagination is one of the things some scientists use to separate us from other animals. So, it is normal to work in something and think that other thing is your passion, but you never lived to know. Sometime, people don’t use their free time to do it. So, work around what you think your passion is.

You can start your life in college doing what you’re passionate about and don’t feel so great later on life doing that. Our passions change, and should, must change along the years. I will quote (wait for it) hold on on your chair Cardi B on it. “If you in college, I don’t give a f— what you studying, take a business class“. Study business because if you start something you is passionate about someday you won’t like to do it and probably you will want to work for yourself so take some business class, no matter what you do instead business because one day you can Be your own Boss. So do what you are passionate about can be something quite wrong to start but do something that make you feel good whatever the feeling is. Don’t take a feeling as granted, do a lot of things that make you feel that way.

Love: Sol let’s talk about love. It may sound that is the same as to work for something you are passionate about but it’s different. Do something you love, once again can be almost impossible because you won’t love something always, and here I won’t talk about all kinds of love but let’s have in mind that I’m talking about these material world feeling not the big Love. The one that you are on essence and there will become or go back after this material being is ended. I would say more, instead of do what you love, do what you do with love. That action will bring you passion, happiness, joy and many many good feelings around things you are doing.
If you ever volunteered you know what is to do something you love, but don’t be passionate about it. Here you don’t have the passion, (being general), but you have purpose and love. You purposely are doing this work, maybe you don’t enjoy cook everyday, but sometimes it is part of what you do to help and you do it with love. And you love to do it. I hated my last job, that is normal I know, but I felt love many time when I was helping and creating something better. So, work with love can work if you are passionate about it or not, if it is your dream job, or not.

Purpose: Follow your purpose, so what this even mean. I tell you! (I am jumping in my chair here). Live a purposeful life is to leave doing what you really want, what you is true for yourself. For example I have many dreams, I want to do many many things in this earthy life, and in this process I may be disconnected, unconscious and feel frustrated, feel bored. While I am learning, while I am practicing, while I am editing what I write. But I did because I want to I choose something and I learn it and I went for it because I want to. And these for itself make you follow your Passion do what you Love. But I feel like all these is a misunderstanding because people think that there is just one way to be happy, to fulfil your wishes, to do something with pleasure and more than that. People don’t understand that good or bad feeling, as they call, are just feelings. If you don’t resist to sadness, it won’t hurt anymore. These feeling will be just an alert for you bring your best to the table or for you a knowledge something you don’t like.

Since I love examples let’s do one now. If I feel frustrated with my husband I ask myself why I’m feeling like that. I share with him as a interesting thing. I say “I feel frustrated because that and that you did I’m not saying you cannot do this but I’m saying that I don’t feel good for some reason”. And most of time he helped me to see if he did something that go against some conception I have or if he have done something that he can improve and change. I always made clear to him that a feeling will happen with or without his help. That most of time he will need to give me space to work on it alone and other times I will share with him.

I will try to give you a more easy example to understand and visualize. I am frustrated in a queue in the supermarket so I asked myself why. Probably because I feel like I am doing nothing productive there. Or nothing I enjoy like watch a movie, read. So, if I can, I find a book to read, something to listen, or maybe just aware of this I try to be present and observe and meditate. As I already explained meditation is not just to be sitting with close eyes. Then the frustration goes away.

I just thought about a better example. I felt frustrated watching these YouTube video of a guy talking about not falling your passion, your purpose. And I asked me why. The answer was easy. There are no truth around this how you should chose your work and carrier. There are different moments in your life you will need to take the decision to accept whatever while you get what you want. But I was thinking there are people that are unconscious and think that the only way is to do what other people say not what they really want. There are conscious people that prefer to play as the music then do something different and that is nothing wrong with that. Even in astrology if you have the archetype of Taurus, speaking generally I am using just as an example, they think Taurus like to work hard everyday under the sun to accumulate what it have, and it will and will be easiness with money but working all day. And this person will be great on it. It will be on alcoholic and love it. And that’s okay that’s not a problem. The problem is to think that this is the only option. So I was frustrated because that wasn’t a truth and I wish to share something bigger to think about. Maybe just when we are unconscious we will live without passion, love and purpose. The consciously you just can live on those things and more.

And to calm down my frustration and yours maybe. I will finish this post saying that I cannot save the world neither you but we can share better opinions and have a better world, so please share yours with me and if you have a work online please let me see and share your link. And I already talk about this theme and I said that sometimes we will do what we don’t want while we do what we want as a hobby until one day we can find something that unite both things what make us money to pay the bills and what make us feel good.

I hope you enjoyed this post, much love from.

EmMa Lopes

Why Law of Attraction and Manifestations talks are boring sometime? | But I keep doing

Why sometimes it is boring talk and read about manifesting? Is it normal? Is it real? Does it work?

Hello again.
Why do we love to talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, the secret, be present, live a love life, and all that jazz?
As an spectator I get bored I must confess. I have some videos, and I still think there are too many people recording the same stuff, bless them all, but sometimes I get bored. We see words coming and going trying to explain, for me, the same. But why we all love to do it?
Have you already manifested or noticed that something happened as a result of a belief? It may not be a conscious creation.
Do you want to scream to the world what happened or “It is true!”? I get you, me too.
However, think about yourself without conscious fighting day after day. Would you feel terrible listening that “it is easy”, that it doesn’t need so much “blood”? I ‘feel’ people that can’t listen about those things anymore. I feel like we are sellers of something that won’t make us money, but we do want to share it. (ok, some people does make money talking about those things)

So, all that made me think there are two reasons why we love to talk about it?.
First, obvious and not very useful to other MOST OF THE TIME, money. You invent a new word like “mindset” (I use it, it is important to change your mindset, but it is a new word, it is), a practice (I did it all), write a book (not about this, you can find me on Amazon 😉, record a video(meditation, my manifestations… I did it all. Well, no monetized, maybe one day), and maybe you will get some money (I did, but not with this).
I don’t think make money with it is a problem. Why I don’t think this is a problem? I am glad you asked. At some point, you will help at least a person, yourself. And one more happy people it is a bit of the world happier. Some people, that don’t know much but want to share their experience won’t cause harm to anyone, and one person believing in a different practice will create a belief and be happier too. I don’t see why not. I see people sharing beliefs that just suffering you will honor what you believe in and for me this is the problem, but those people talking about “do this and receive money”, “do that and find a boyfriend” won’t destroy the world.

A second reason to talk about it is because it is so much fun (and I am not saying your life become a musical, but… almost that). You want to share it because it is awesome. You even imagine everybody dancing in the streets because you shared that practice, that little knowledge. You want the world to have fun, looking like everyone have a fun soundtrack following their lives. I would love Adele sing, not writing, my life.

So, why is it boring sometimes?
Yep, I just called manifestation, the secret, and all that I talk about boring. I love you 2020 your crazy ‘darling’!
Let’s focus.
I already shared here that a few years back I had manifested everything, I traveled through Europe, I lived abroad, I wrote my first book, finished college… So I asked, “Universe, teach me how and why we manifest.” It was simple like that. In the first moment, I was overwhelmed with books, talks, people teaching about it. So I asked to learn less maybe it would be too pretentious of me to know all that. And for me and everyone that is reading I can affirm you. It is pretentious to learn everything about it, and it is not pretentious to know everything about it. And that is the part that many people say: “The knowledge is within, but most of the time you can’t put in words” You will be pretentious trying to be this master to others that knows it all, but for sure you already know it. It is boring to watch people talking about the basics because consciously or not, you already know it.
And it is quite simple to make this, (manifestation, the secret, law of attraction and be hapy, interesting again, go deeper. Start to read books you judged as silly, topics you never thought about. Be critical, observe, make your tests. Read about alchemy, hermeticism, other religions, not to change your faith, but to understand it. I already shared that I am catholic, and I deconstruct everything before understand what I was learning. You can learn about psychology, philosophy, and so much more. Start with your ego won’t fight much judging as sin or something like that. But try, please try because I still want a world with people dancing in the streets like a musical.

I leave you here for today, share what you think, what works for you. It always adds something up to us.

I will share those links that help me and you with books I recommend to start.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich:

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham:

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61):

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback):

The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne))

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship):

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations:

Paulo Coelho Book Collection:

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement:

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho:

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone):

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes):

Bible (More classic):

[Tarot decks I use to meditate]:

Osho Zen Tarot:

Gypsy card(a bit different than mine):

And my books:
*The High Priestess:
*A Papisa (The High Priestess):
*Um Chá e Um Café:

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

I try to find my IKIGAI | Be Aware of It Before You Try | Links for IKIGAI

IKIGAI: What is? How to do it? Best links? Can I eat it? Find your purpose samurai mode

Hello again.
So I decided to do it, find my IKIGAI. But this post starts far away from that. When I think about what I love to do it varies in so many ways. I love to travel, I never say that “It is good to travel, but it’s great to come back home too”. Not for me. I love to read, but it can get me tired. I love to eat, but if I am full, I am full. I love to write, but if I am in a rush to deal with bureaucracy, normal, every person deals with life, I can’t write. And I love to search and learn about how cultures relate themselves with spirituality. (Many other things, but you got the point).

IKIGAI goes further to not just find what you love to do, but what you can really do. Nowadays it is quite hard to separate professions, know and do as much as you can and if you want to do it where you can and want, if possible. Youtube it is there to prove you can talk about video games and in other channels, (maybe in the same), share your vacations. And if you love it, at least you will be good to share good researchers and facilitate the process for others. I start to think about what I really like to do. Then I looked at me since I was a child, dance was added to the sum. Things were getting wild.
But today, there I was in my work outbreak day, (thank you Chloe Ting), and I saw a video of astrology 101 from 5 years ago. Curious as I am, I started to watch it. (Before your ego judges me or astrology, first it is statistically likely to be real it convinced me a lot, secondly “ego work” learn what goes against what you believe it is a great way to start as I did, 3º I do not believe in seeing the future, but that you can find knowledge everywhere, astrology or a truck plate, as you need to). There I was, with my book open to edit, but craving these classes on Youtube. So I listen to my inner child and I started to have fun with it. So, I realized.

IKIGAI. It is not what you like to do, you can be paid for, what you have fun with or any other thing like that.
It is all that and more. Maybe you will love medicine, but hate the hours of work you should work initially. However, when you find a balance between these hours and other things that make you happy you will have your IKIGAI and harmony.

I did an IKIGAI test, a draw with the whole system answering the questions. I listened to videos, read posts… And since I am not a professional I ask you to search it too. You will learn a lot of new ways to see your carrier and yourself. The only issue I found was that the boxes try to fix something that you can be paid for, not something you already like and do, (maybe), in light of how to make enough money to live doing it. I saw many people talking about it “I found it, but I don’t know how to make money off it”. And I saw many people saying that you should find a job that should be in the box, like in the online test I did said “sales costumers attendant” because I am good to talk with people, calm them down and I like to write. But I did this already, I don’t like it. But they can’t show you how to make a living doing what you know it is your path to walk, (or one of them). That is the only limitation I found and yes, there are many discussions on the subject of doing what you love, what you passioned about. Some think it is naive to think like that, others that if people do it, why can everyone find your act…

Well, astrology explains that sometimes people love painting but feel ok in a 9-5 job and can be known for both, I saw a model on Youtube that loves to be a bricklayer, and he is. I love to write and learn about spirituality, but I bake for other people and I make travel plans too. If you find a unique IKIGAI, just remember nobody is asking you to do just one thing for the rest of your life, but your boss… I am kidding. You get the idea. Be open to learn and adapt and things will happen for your good, even if you need to be a costumer attendant for a while.

Find out more:
IKIGAI Online test
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IKIGAI Worksheet:

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Meditation will Help You Invest Money Better | Spiritual Life and Currency Exchange

How meditation, mindfulness and your spiritual path can relate with your financial life? Learn how to invest better and be at ease with money

Hello again.
Last week we didn’t have much, although it was a great post of places to visit in Sweden that may have great spiritual energy or have some curiosity related to this subject. Today I want to share my experience with the financial area while we talk about spiritual evolution. How are those things related? Come with me.

About investment. You know we should live a balanced life, and material life counts too, so learn how to make money make money for you it is important too. I am saying that because I am leaving the small risk investments and learning more about others and I think it is important everyone has financial knowledge to live a more tranquil life in this aspect. Give small steps, learn how to think better of it, if you no longer NEED to buy buy buy, it will be easier and if you don’t like the subject, you know what I will say. It is a great way to break old beliefs and distance yourself from your egoic “likes and dislikes” ideas, while you learn something new.

So we will divide this post into two parts. What I learned and how the spiritual path helped me.

I studied some investments at university but it wasn’t so practical. So, I will say it doesn’t count much, because you need first learn to deal with money and organize yourself in the mental area. Break beliefs about money, about investment, about spending money. Your psyche and how you deal and see money is the first area you want to work in. And this is for company owners and bosses too. If you don’t have a good and clean relationship with money and investments you may be stuck in the “saving money” mindset, it won’t help your company. Then, you would like to know how to separate your money, how it would work the best for you. I always worked this way: What I received – (X to save and invest + Y to pay accounts)= What I can spend. “But my bills consume most of my money”. You need to learn how to save more. Start with the basics, what do you need to live? Water, food, light, a place (I would add the internet because you can make money with it too, for me, it is a thing to have). All the rest you can cut or negotiate. (All case will be different I am trying to be very generic here, but if your mind give you an excuse stop it and keep reading and taking note).
So, pretend I am a teenager and I got my first job if I had about 500$ a month, 200$ bill (rent, light, water, food, and internet). I would Invest 290$, and never save less than that. The goal was to grow it, work in a second job while I studied. (That was my life but the numbers aren’t real, would be much less). I would figure ways to save in all areas. I will buy my first microwave now with 31 years old because it consumes too much energy. Did you get the idea? Have a goal, be creative to have fun, allow yourself something sometimes (that was my 10 dollar saving, to one day go out or buy me something). When I made more money, I treated more myself because I did a great job before. And, of course, I had great moments o luxury that I manifested like live in Europe in a paid exchange. And here we start to talk about the second part.

When you start the spiritual path you will notice you become smarter and things start to work in your favor. Many egoic feelings like greed, pride, comparison go away. So you have smarter decisions, you know longer obey impulses of your ego habits. You start to love yourself and your life, you don’t need to go somewhere, to have this or that. Actually, joy is no longer attached to an action. You are wise enough to know the joy it is your essence, as love, in other words, you read, listen, learned about it, and feel it, lived it. You may have trouble to connect here and there while you grow spiritually, but you know it. You have fun by yourself and with small things, money starts to flow into your life, love happens everywhere, you don’t live in a rush to be something to then feel fulfilled. And how this helps you? Imagine that you learned that first, you invest than spend, not the other way around. So you have an amount saved every month in a “zero” risk investment. And you have an amount in a saving amount invested in a “zero” risk investment with daily liquidity that would pay your bills, (or your business bills), without worries for a year. Now imagine that you have a small part invested in cryptocurrency or shares on the stock exchange and COVID happens. You have two things to think, one “Thank God, Thank Me I know to invest and I have some money saved and invested”, “What a great opportunity to buy more cryptocurrency or shares at this moment”. If you don’t have this knowledge and this peace of mind you can lose money even with many savings with the greed to buy many shares without study. Or you may lose your mind because many of the shares you had lost most of the value. This serenity that spirituality brings you will help you deal with all parts of your life and your financial life will be helped too.

For example, maybe you start to search about meditation, this and that and start to read this post or a friend sent it to you. You already know that you should invest before spending, that you should learn something more about investment, that you should save something in a zero-risk investment, (when I say zero, I want to say a pretty low one like invest in your country or in a strong bank paper, money won’t be much or as many as in a risky investment, but it will be better than putting money into the bank’s savings), that you should have a year of your bill’s money invested, (a year of your bills paid invested where you can take if you have an emergence) and if you have some more, then risk a bit more in shares, cryptocurrencies and whatever you want.

Wow, this was a big post. I hope this helps and if you know more about cryptocurrency, teach me more!
I will talk more about the spiritual life impact in other areas, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Comment if you like, I would love to read!
EmMa Lopes

How Did I attracted this? | Law of Attraction works?

Sometimes things we don’t want happens, what is this? Am I responsible?

Hello again. 

It is quite hard to say everything happens in your life because of you, because of your belives. When you think about people suffering since a child it may be a statement that generates just bad feelings and helps no one. I know people question themselves and wonder about their situation. We already talked about how to pass it. Acceptance, because you must let go of resistance and acceptance, be present, understand that there is no problem, but situations we must change or live with it. Don’t look. Is it possible? Yes. But imagine that your mind work must be huge. 

I will talk about the small things here because past trauma may be needed a professional. If you think your problem is big, well, look for a professional but this belief already put you steps back. Try to work with this. “I can overcome this easily, I will look for professional help because I want the company in the process, just it!” Never make the walls to big. Let’s move to the point… 

I started to justify many of my physical pain with thoughts like “Maybe it is coffee that it is not making me good”. Or “I can stand too much, or my back hurts”. For a person, that exercise and eats well some of those statements completely out of normality. Of course, many of them came from moments of stress with some scary suggestions. For example, I was in a moment of ending a period of my story but I didn’t know, I just felt all stuck, and at the same time everything kind of crumbling. The year’s younger was so far away, past started to be present in many weirds ways. 

My body responded to the stress and when something started to happen and someone says, “I had that because of this external thing…” I used to absorb it. I put myself with a fight with my mind, when you are working with your ego it may happen, however, it is important to remember that as part of a trinity it is better to balance Mind, Body, and Soul instead of fight with one of them. Be it in your spiritual beliefs, your ego work, or trying to lose weight and be healthy. Any fight you put against some of those parts of yourself will make things harder. Bring you entirely to the game.

Work with affirmations, meditation, and break believes will help you a lot.

I will live some affirmations to inspire you to create yours:

“My mind translate beautiful ideas from the Universe”

“My mind is an intimate friend and helps me heal” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I feel joyful and energetic because I am connected with my body” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I am attentive to my body needs”

“I am in balance and my soul feels fulfilled” 

“My soul flows through life”

Any quote that makes you feel at ease will help you give a step to a better life. 

Look for those signs:

  1. What do I say to myself that it is someone else or something else fault? (Give love to your mind, you are telling yourself bad stories).
  2. What subject makes me overthink my actions? Or overthink at all. (Give love to the area you overthink and understand your fears)
  3. Do I have many nightmares? (Give love to your mind)
  4. Do I keep asking and trying to make practices of manifestation? (Maybe your faith need a boost) 

Remember, your mind, soul, and body will react accordingly. When you listen about Yin and Yang energy like “Of course, I know what it is… what is it anyway” Well, you not alone, but try to think this way to make it easier to remember and balance it. They are two things that create a balanced thing, I like to think mind + body = happy soul. It is a pour way to think but can help us, mortals. Dark + light = happy soul … All dualistic concepts balanced to make things better. And for us, the important part is Action+Acceptance = Happy Soul (A better life). It is simple as make a coffee (action) + no sugar at home and a new flavor to drinking (acceptance as a reaction) = Lovely life 

Acceptance is not to be unhappy, it is live well with no judgment. Open yourself for the present moment, receive it, observe it. Your mind should work as a receptor, not a judge. It will receive and put in your language beautiful ideas, but it shouldn’t learn judge as good or bad, a problem and a solution, or any other box. 

Balanced trinity = The body makes coffee without sugar at home + Mind has the idea of adding cinnamon that incredibly makes coffee less bitter and different + The soul appreciates after receiving sensations and ease.

Well, lovely people, I hope this post helps you that is a more brainy person to understand the balance needed and how it may work. If you have a doubt or a question about a situation I and readers may help you so let a comment. 

See you soon, 

EmMa Lopes

“Watch!” This is the easier way to learn meditate more! | 3 practices to help you meditate more hours

I read this and helped me understand what it to be present here and now. I hope this helps you!

Hello again. 

As I already said, I am used to reading and learning about all religions. Since I grow up as a catholic the big book I read is the Bible. When I say this, it is because you have many many books of those many religions that will teach you great things, and it is good you meditate over one of them, that one you feel close. Why am I saying that? Sometimes we go very far away searching those bits of knowledge that are close to us, perhaps in a religion that you couldn’t feel next before because you were living it through other people. I read the bible before without that meditative conscious and man, I didn’t get a thing. And to finish this introduction I want to phrase Fleabag priest character (Just for fun): “It’s for interpretation to help us work out God’s plan for us.” – Talking about the bible.

I would like to share a moment of mine in my meditation. In my morning routine, with not many structures, there are a few things I always do. One of them is to read a part of the bible and meditate with it. And I was reading Mark 13:33-37 and it is about “Watch”, meaning observe, keep on eye on, guard. I thought it was pretty clear that it was about you be in a present mode complete in an “awake meditation”. In many cultures walk while you meditate is very common. And if someone says to you at a party, Watch! You will stop every thought, every action, every interaction, and just be there attentive. If a friend says Watch while you are on a trip and he sees a beautiful thing you both will be there in silence, not an awkward silence, for a while. You will be in deep connection for a few seconds, maybe a couple of minutes. 

So I understood that and I felt like it was a genius way to teach us how to be present and connected, it is like to be vigilant all the time, but from a child’s perspective, but I talk about it in another post…

I wonder, what can we not do when we are Watching? 

I could walk, not talk. Feel, not think. Maybe, eat. Other than that, I can’t think about many things we normally can do while we watch, but we can train to do everything while doing that. 

I would like to ask you. Are there actions you do while you meditate? I made a video about it this week where I share 3 things I do to be more meditative, present in my life.

  1. Breath. While I was working for a company, I start to put alarms to remind me to breathe consciously. And I started to do this before any important meeting to make me more aware and present. 
  2. Read. While I am reading a book that brings me emotions I pay attention to my body, I try to be present in me while I read this story that normally would push me into it. I still enjoy reading, but I am aware of the reading now.
  3. Make a ritual. Not a magical one. Take something you love in your routine, maybe drink coffee or tea. Do it as it was a ritual, be in silence, listen to the sounds, don’t rush, enjoy it quietly. It makes you add a moment of contemplation in your day.

And you, do you have some practice to help you meditate during you daily life and routine?

I hope you enjoy this post,

EmMa Lopes

Powerful Visualization to Manifest | See it next to your subconcious mind

Go further than Law of Attraction to visualize and change your subconscious mind.

Hello again.
More about visualization to manifest your dream. Here we go a bit further. I used a technique to see my inner peace place, the place I am my pure self. This place is a place to meet my Higher Self or just be without a list to do or interruption of the outside world.
The reason I want to share with you is that visualization can be tricky when you have things to do, or your mind is busy and suddenly you are thinking about the last news instead of your goals.

This technique is built on time. Let’s work:
Of course, you will want to start in a quiet place with some calm music on, something that can help you be in that moment.
You will put yourself in relaxation. I recommend starting with your breathing. You can read the breathing technique post. Then you can relax your body, start with the top of your head and being present in each part of your body you will feel it relax and repeat mentally “I am calm and relaxed” or something similar. Work on it until you are capable to feel your foot with no interruption.
This first part will help your focus, it is a simple step, but keep working on it until you be able to relax completely without your mind interrupt you will be nice. Here you still use your mind, but you want to stop your mind to control you.
When your mind trouble you, just let go and go back to the exercise. In the end, you can breathe deeply and go back to your life normally. And remember to calmly let go of your mind while you are doing something. If you are showering, don’t think in the next thing, just do it presently and then you make your list. When you are able to do it, your day starts to have more hours, trust me. People think do many things at the same time, or do one while thinking about something else is productive, it is not. If you work in one thing at a time you become more productive and do things better.

After being able to do it, you will add a counting process. Don’t rush yourself, it is something for your life, not to learn and let go of it. I recommend you count from 200 to 1 seeing the number. Try not to say mentally, just see it. Some people think it is hard, some can do it easily, but don’t worry, in this part, if your mind goes to another place or try to convince you it is boring, just go back to the number you remember last and keep going.
Do this exercise and when you are in number ten, you can see a ladder with 10 steps. Each step you see the number on the ladder, as you see it isn’t important, just see it. Know those steps will lead you to your magic place. When you find the step one you will see a door or a portal, let your subconscious mind do the job. Go in. Don’t judge or force something. You can find a room or a garden, or a wild place, but it will be a place you will feel safe and protected. Just be there. Observe the place, feel what you feel. When your ready go back, walk out, go up the ladder. Breathe a few times and wake up.

Do it for 15 days at least, each time you may see or feel something different. Add these details to your memory. For me, to a point, I felt energy next to me, a good one. I could talk with it, sometimes I just felt it and it makes me feel good. Don’t worry to name it, Higher self, angel, protector, it doesn’t matter there. It will be good energy because you will be inside your place, where just good things come to you and happen. You don’t even worry about it, you will feel this calmness. Stay as much as you want each time.

When you are able to do it, you will notice that your material life can’t affect there anymore. You can use this place to make your visualization, you can project in someplace there and observe it as a third part. Here you are you’re on angel, you can make the goal as you want, see and change details, feel proud of yourself, feel at ease because you are seeing it outside of it, so it’s not just a dream anymore is something you are creating to your material life and adding details, sounds, temperature, how the day looks…

This visualization is a bit deeper in your subconscious because you are in deep relaxation. Your brain waves will be slower and it is easier to change your reality and what your subconscious mind sees as reality.

If you try it, please share it with us.
See you soon,
EmMa Lopes