Let go of materiality is hard, if they say it is not, or they don’t know what they saying, or they didn’t it right. May not be for you yet and this is ok, but if you are ready start with those 4 steps to flow

Many, perhaps all, spiritual teachings teach us to be fluid. Fluidity brings calm, lightness, that smile on your face for no reason. But one of the main steps to develop this aspect is to practice the famous detachment, however, most of us practice superficially. Let’s be serious in this blog for once and talk about it. 

We can easily understand philosophies like Taoism but live it is hard. We can understand we should give value to the ordinary and let the extraordinary come to us, detach to the material world but be here and experience it. For our mind, this is a pure contradiction however is where you will find fluidity. 

Why is this hard? 

When those philosophies talk about leaving the materiality we think about objects, mainly luxury or fashion, but it goes much further. People and animals around us in their material form are temporary too, and let go of them can be very difficult. 

Love, but don’t cling. 

This goes being the belief of souls and meeting those beings in another place. Understand that even if souls are reunited, little or nothing will keep them to go on together, everything would depend on the process of each soul. Then, if this is the truth of the beyond, it is a priority to be able to live with the idea of ​​letting everything and everyone go. 

Love, and don’t cling.


  1. Imagine yourself as the creator of all this, look to your life, people, and objects around you. You created it all. You can’t stop them from evolving, learning, enjoying all the experiences. As the creator, you feel like a mother that wants the best for them, even if this means they live far away. You won’t block the path of that woman to find the person that will help her to improve you won’t stop that man from going because it is part of his process. This is a way to understand it, but can’t still be hard. You will need to find this is your process.
  2. I meditated into the love I felt for those beings. I gave myself in the meditations humbly. I imagine the best for their life, not judging the best, but seeing them happy, smiling, excited. The love grew and was simple. 
  3. In another moment, a while after those meditations into love. I practiced imagining life without the people I love in deep meditation, the reality found in meditation made it hurt and heal their lack. I cried after meditate, and I did it more them once. I’ve already lost some of these people from my coexistence, I knew how to let go (after a few tears, of course), and there was love and gratitude for the time I had with them. I am not saying this is not hard, but it is needed. 
  4. I meditated into the union. Even if you find the people you love in another life for a moment, if it’s better for them and you, you’ve gone different ways, but you’ll also be part of it, always. So I meditated on this.

 But for the sake of you, start with objects. If they break, that’s fine. If you don’t work as before, recycle, if they don’t fit you, donate. Do this with more and more frequency. 

This is a small past because I wanted to go straight to the point here. I hope this helps you. 

Much Love,

E.M. Lopes

Why you do what you do? | Not my idea to improve yourself

Do you know why you are doing what you do? Do you feel motivated to work? Do you like your job? Are you a good boss? Let’s understand why we do what we do a bit more.

Hello again.
Today I want to share a vision that it is not mine, but from a Brazilian professor and doctor. He studied philosophy and has work in many areas. He worked with companies, public organizations, and in the education area. And today I am here to share some thoughts about his book “Why do we do what we do?”. Sadly I think all books are in Portuguese only, but let’s share some of his ideas here.

This book, and why I love this guy, talks about the obvious seeing by a not at all obvious way and you can see it in the title.
Ask yourself more often: why you do what you do?
He brings these questions to companies so they can understand the employee. And for you, as a worker for someone else (or self-employed) understand more about your doings. The big break of his idea is that we need to recognize ourselves in something we create. And being very summarized here, even if you work for someone else, if you don’t see something being born because of your work you probably won’t be happy with it. Of course, he brings to the table that even if you do what you love, you won’t love everything you do. I love to write, I hate to correct what I write and read many times the books and post to find mistakes on it. In my life, the challenge in this aspect makes me like more to write in English even though I probably commit more errors. But this is a rare cause. I understand that writers prefer to write in their mother languages, it is not my case, but either way, it is boring to read and read again. I must confess that I take more time with my books than here, not because I don’t love you, but this blog I feel more relaxed. The idea of it brings the concept of share evolution and experiences in my life and how I did it. And as my English is not perfect, this blog has space to not be perfect and people there are or not perfect are welcomed here. So, it fits here to be more relaxed. It fit here to have less stiffness so we can be closer walking this path of us together even though it will be different for everyone.

As I always say, I am here not to share ideas as a Master but to help people find their own master. So here we are normal people sharing and learning… or not.

So why you do what you do?
He explores some aspects like a necessity, many things we must do because we have necessities in a group or as an individual. Some we do because we like to do it. I do this blog for free, I didn’t monetize this blog yet purely because I forget it, but I didn’t. Well, focus guys. We do what we like and the motivation is there normally because you recognize yourself in the job. And if you do automatic work you feel like a robot. By the way, he loves to show the etymology of words and connect with the new learning and robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means forced labor.
Everything influence this way of living, of course. It won’t be the same for a person born in a poor place, (pour in the sense of material life support or lack of support to develop a material life), this person may be more aware of the necessity because of reflection of its reality. A person born with basic things like education, health insurance, and food may not understand and see itself working for necessity. It seems obvious, but it goes deeper in each of us. Because you can be born in the first situation and break the rule when you ask why you doing what you doing?
This brings me to a police officer that became a bit famous on Brazilian social media because he talks with the person he arrests and many others perception,.I can’t talk much about him because I honestly didn’t search much, but I remember a video where he was talking with a young man doing the math about what he robbed and the years he can be locked. The conversation is sincere and shows the guy it wasn’t worth it. As the conversation goes it is clear the guy didn’t put much thought into why he was doing what he was doing, it was not like he was doing it because he needed food at home. He did have a simple life and a lack of structure, but he wasn’t aware even if that act was because of a necessity. Of course, I am here giving an example that brings many and many sociological and psychological problems, I broke it to the simplicity of a question that may help us looking to improve, but it is NOT the reason we have social problems and I hope you understand it in the extreme example.

So, ask yourself and write it down what you do because you like and what you do because you have the necessity. See the balance on it, if it has. You may find what you like to do and find a way to do it more, and you may notice that old believe like “work to my children don’t need to work as I do” be a reason to do the necessities. In the book, the child questions their parents why they work so much and don’t enjoy life, they say it is necessary so he doesn’t need to work as much but that the main idea is that he will do the same to his children. But this generation doesn’t want to do this, because we want to be better as parents being more present and live more this life. We want to have time to work and have time to spend with our children now, not later, or just to let the next people in my family do it. We see less necessary to have more and more necessary to experience more, to live, to enjoy life. But, this is a talk to another moment.

For now, give yourself time to do what you like, to enjoy the people you love and, of course, understand that some work will be part of some necessity and that is ok.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

How Differences Arise and How not to Polarise them | A Insight Dream

I had a dream where be different is the only way to survive. And if it was truth?

Hello again.
Today I will do something different, something I never did. If you read my blog, you know that I already talked about night dreams and how you can find online tools that Neuroscience knows to train yourself to remember them and develop others’ skills towards these moments of unconsciousness. Well, that said I remembered many of my dreams, and a dream yesterday made me have this need of sharing it.
I already said that all beliefs and situations we live in just say something about your reality.In other words, even if you live something, don’t think it is the only truth, even less the absolute universal truth. And here I start to share this dream:

A young woman, maybe 2 or 5 years younger than me, a man that I felt the existence but didn’t see and I was on a stage, something like a big theater where we were sharing some insights. She was talking about her experience of serving and how this humbled people and it was a great way to achieve this simpler way of living and experience life.
In my conscious being remember the dream, I agree, but in the dream…

She happily finished her talk, and I said very calmly.
“Well, that’s not all correct. Each experience, each being will have your own way of discovering Itself. Maybe it is a great adventure serve, but receive is the great difficulty we have. It is here where the hardness may humble us. Many people will find happiness while they serve something or someone, but receive is where many developments can be made. Of course, since it is different for each of us it may be just my experience on this planet that happened differently since for me was very hard to feel good receiving something. As if I was God myself, I felt like I should take and create all by myself. All my years of faith were suddenly unnecessary because when I should gratefully receive I felt less, guilty, not worthy of it, or that it wasn’t necessary. The serving was easy for me, in completely honest I know one could feel better serving someone with less something this material world stipulates, or a few less if I was serving someone with more of this. Money, beauty, properties, friends, fame, feelings control, “illumination”.”Whatever it is that one can feel the other has or is more or less can make the service put one in a different position as one sees oneself. But I can say I felt the same, equal, easily. When I served, it was with grace. When I had less, I receive more because my equal feeling made me honestly devoted to doing my best, when I had more I didn’t expect to receive something because I was genuinely serving the other. But receive… Receive was another thing. When I did a good job and I was awarded I felt stupid to have to be rewarded, when I receive my asking for God I couldn’t feel like it was right because I didn’t work with my hands to that when I receive from my own job, I felt like it was too much and even if something was wrong I wouldn’t complain. Even working hard, studying hours, improving myself constantly, I wasn’t worthy to receive. When I see someone openly receiving something and being honest with one development I feel so happy for the person, praying that one day I will be like that. I don’t mind when someone smart receives its glories and says “I know I did a great job” when someone becomes a music start I don’t think it wasn’t humble the person says “I did it, I feel awesome that I didn’t give up”, when someone beautiful says “Thank you, I know I am” I feel that it is amazing that the person receives this blessing of God openly. We all should receive those gifts openly because we all can achieve something, we all can thrive without giving up, we all are beautiful creatures of Father… And Mother. (Small laugh in the public). So, we can learn to be humble in many different ways. Your inner Master and the only one you should follow and hear taught you to be humble through service, my Master taught me through receiving. And now and here in this stage, the world is balanced. (we all laugh a little).
Any time you think someone is arrogant because the person assumes its own gains, gifts and rewards ask yourself why can I not feel “Yess… You go man”? Are you pushing God’s gift so hard that you feel jealous of those that accept? Do you think that the person receives too many too easily? Are you jealous? A better question? Are you able to receive it? (silence)
Good, silence always brings new insights.”

The other woman smiled at me. She was in her grace I could see. The talk continued while I shifted to another dream, but this one I won’t share.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Much love from me, EmMa Lopes

Have a Better and Healthier Relationship | Spiritual Growth

Do you want a family? Do you want the right person? The happy life? If I say it is all easier than you think, but you will need to change what you think…

Let’s talk about love. How Spiritual Growth and Law of Attraction can improve our love life?

As we already talked about, life unfolds differently for each one. For some, the parents’ love life can be un example the person wants to follow or not. I am the result of unwanted pregnancy, my parents were 17 and they decided to have me and marry. My father was mature enough to marry my mother until today they are together. I know this is quite rare, I feel lucky, of course. As a family, we have ups and downs, pros, and cons growing with so younger parents, problems, good moments, but I am alive. As a romantic example, what I took was that I couldn’t get pregnant because I would lose all my dreams. Have a family is hard work, not easy at all.

I choose not to have one so soon in life. I believe this affected me in a positive way, we all want love, but I didn’t have the hurry to have one. This detached view of has a family made me feel more at ease about a relationship. The first point I would like to share is to be at easy going with relationships even if you want a family, and I know that for women it can be very hard, but bring science to your favor. Women have many ways to have a family older nowadays. Open yourself to possibilities. I want to give an example different from mine if you are worried about have a family. (Ow! I am Brazilian, we aggregate everyone, so think as this happened with someone like a sister or your mother, someone very close. My uncle and aunt are like my parents, my cousins are like my brothers, we lived together, we don’t expend a month without seeing each other, this is a Brazilian family)

My aunt wanted a family, she is the younger of the family, my mother had two kids, my uncle, too. She was a teenager that loved have a child around her and she would love to have kids too. In her middle 20s, she had to remove part of her ovaries, keeping 25% of an ovary. She felt terrible. One day, she dreamed of an old boyfriend that was an angel in our family, he died young, it was a big loss for us. In this dream, he told her that she would have a boy. She felt better, but in her 30s she thought she wouldn’t have kids. She had a boyfriend for a bit more than a year and pills were used without discipline since she couldn’t get pregnant naturally. Pills were for her hormones not much as protection. Well, she got pregnant, she had an abortion, and a month later she realized that she still was pregnant. Nobody really knows what happened, maybe they were twins, not even the doctor could give a proper diagnose. She had the baby, to a few years later get pregnant again. After the first boy, the second kid was unthinkable.
She had the family she wanted when it seemed impossible. No matter what a doctor says to you, belief just don’t care much. Any desire you have, mainly those you have for years, just relax and don’t think about it. What is yours, will arrive when you least expect.

I would like to share this because I know it is hard, but nothing is bigger than the Universe itself.

I was the ugly teenager with a platonic passion, later I date a guy that wants to date me because of the low self-esteem I person like me was good enough. In my 20s I decided to stay a period without date, I decided two years. Yep, two entire years. I focused on myself, loving myself, discovering, and nourishing my body. No complaining with girlfriends, going out for the fun of it, not looking for something else (or someone else). It was nothing but liberating, I recommend any person took a sabbatic year (or two) for itself. It was like being in a monastery where the object of faith was myself. The easy about relationships come as calm water. I could meet men and be myself, I received all complements because I was myself. By the end of this time, I date twice and then I met my husband. All two relationships before were great, one finished in a month because I moved abroad and the other after almost four years because that feeling that he is not the one, but I could finish it with all respect for the person. I prayed to him met the love of his life.
One thing, since I was a teenager got clear for me.

From all relationships, just one should work. Just one would be “the happy ending”. Because I didn’t expect to have more than one husband. So, think about if you ever said: “All my relationship didn’t work”. Well, they shouldn’t, unless you meet the last guy, they would not work. From now on you can think about: How can I be enough for my own life? What can I improve in myself to not suffer, to be a better partner? Don’t expect the other to work, do your own work. You can read more in my blog about ego work. What do I expect besides love from a relationship? Today, did I think about him tanner on myself? Why? How can I change it?

Exercise time: Plan a week, a weekend, a day for yourself. Do you know that time you expect he ask you out for something, twice a month take this time for yourself! Travel, buy something for you, make a spar day, watch a movie with popcorn and sweets just for you, walk around the city. If your mind rejects an idea because you fear or think it is lame, remember this can be an ego work. For example, if you can’t see yourself have dinner alone, do it. One this is a time for yourself. Two, your ego needs to deal with the fact that you deserve it and you are bigger than it. No matter if he invites you to Paris, stay with your plan.
Gave up parties, travels, movies… And if you are going to those places because you don’t trust him so you can watch him, say it aloud to yourself. I must learn to trust or I know he is not trustworthy and I will let him go. This is not a game, it is Me. I love myself more than I can love other thing or being.

Hey! For now, I will finish remembering you that you are learning, take a step at a time. I had a problem to break up, I was that person that took months to do it. It is a normal need to work on some points and give time to yourself to do it. But, keep going.

Change your thoughts as through repetition, as Law of Attraction teaches and understands love in a spiritual view will help you find yourself and attract only love around you.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes