Let go of materiality is hard, if they say it is not, or they don’t know what they saying, or they didn’t it right. May not be for you yet and this is ok, but if you are ready start with those 4 steps to flow

Many, perhaps all, spiritual teachings teach us to be fluid. Fluidity brings calm, lightness, that smile on your face for no reason. But one of the main steps to develop this aspect is to practice the famous detachment, however, most of us practice superficially. Let’s be serious in this blog for once and talk about it. 

We can easily understand philosophies like Taoism but live it is hard. We can understand we should give value to the ordinary and let the extraordinary come to us, detach to the material world but be here and experience it. For our mind, this is a pure contradiction however is where you will find fluidity. 

Why is this hard? 

When those philosophies talk about leaving the materiality we think about objects, mainly luxury or fashion, but it goes much further. People and animals around us in their material form are temporary too, and let go of them can be very difficult. 

Love, but don’t cling. 

This goes being the belief of souls and meeting those beings in another place. Understand that even if souls are reunited, little or nothing will keep them to go on together, everything would depend on the process of each soul. Then, if this is the truth of the beyond, it is a priority to be able to live with the idea of ​​letting everything and everyone go. 

Love, and don’t cling.


  1. Imagine yourself as the creator of all this, look to your life, people, and objects around you. You created it all. You can’t stop them from evolving, learning, enjoying all the experiences. As the creator, you feel like a mother that wants the best for them, even if this means they live far away. You won’t block the path of that woman to find the person that will help her to improve you won’t stop that man from going because it is part of his process. This is a way to understand it, but can’t still be hard. You will need to find this is your process.
  2. I meditated into the love I felt for those beings. I gave myself in the meditations humbly. I imagine the best for their life, not judging the best, but seeing them happy, smiling, excited. The love grew and was simple. 
  3. In another moment, a while after those meditations into love. I practiced imagining life without the people I love in deep meditation, the reality found in meditation made it hurt and heal their lack. I cried after meditate, and I did it more them once. I’ve already lost some of these people from my coexistence, I knew how to let go (after a few tears, of course), and there was love and gratitude for the time I had with them. I am not saying this is not hard, but it is needed. 
  4. I meditated into the union. Even if you find the people you love in another life for a moment, if it’s better for them and you, you’ve gone different ways, but you’ll also be part of it, always. So I meditated on this.

 But for the sake of you, start with objects. If they break, that’s fine. If you don’t work as before, recycle, if they don’t fit you, donate. Do this with more and more frequency. 

This is a small past because I wanted to go straight to the point here. I hope this helps you. 

Much Love,

E.M. Lopes

Expectation vs. Reality | 6 Ways to Deal with Expectation in the Real Life

Let’s talk about expectation, hermetic laws and life growth because we want to master it!!!

Hello again. 

Reality versus expectation was, is, and will be an addiction to see online. Even though all these media are in our faces all the time, we still have difficulty dealing with them in life. Have you noticed it? Just me? 

The worst part for me is when you know you expected something bad to happen and you still get upset or med. Why you do this with us? (That is the question of the time). 

So, let’s recap a few things to do or not so we can break as much as we can of those expectations, then we will make a pact. (By the way, I am listening to Alanis Morissette writing it and I highly recommend you to listen to it while reading. Because you will love or hate it and you will be able to see what do you expected of the indication). 

Expectation brings all the funny feelings that don’t help us. Stress, anxiety, sadness, and others, depending on if you pass the moment the expectation was waiting or you are before it. 

So, maybe the romance becomes a necessity, intelligence becomes overpowering, calm becomes stillness. And I will need to prepare you here for the perspective we will take. I will talk more about hermetic laws in another post, but here I will talk about the perspective of the law of vibration, the third law of hermeticism. 

But what is it? There are more laws involved, but being practical, everything is in movement, this includes you, the music that plays to you, the news on your mobile phone… And what you are will bring to you things that vibrate the same. Let’s think that everything that happens, happens because of you. That the reality you notice is yours, and yours only. We will need to take this as true here, you can and must disagree, but to this post let’s go with it ok? 

So, everything that happens is a reflex of what we are. And maybe won’t be easy for to you access everything you are, everything you received once as information. Because millions of things happen every second and our conscious mind won’t be able to show everything, so many things will be under the carpet. So, Am I saying we need self-knowledge? Yes. It is one step because if you look into learning about your beliefs and fears and all that may be in the shadows you may be able to change what you are and your reflection as consequence. Be conscious is hard, but will be the biggest step, it is a clear job of change the vibration. (I am not a fan of those exoterical words like vibration either, but let’s put the ego away to keep going). 

So we know that even if you already felt disappointed you can learn about yourself. You can stop and ask yourself why am I feeling this way? Ow, it is because of that. But I wanted this, or something similar. Maybe I don’t, maybe I fear it and this is happening. You will find your narrative with the past event and luckily learn about yourself. Am I saying that secondly, you should use every moment we feel something to understand more about what we are? Yep!

Well, but how can I avoid expectation without letting myself in complete indifference of the world? Because I know if I go here or there I am being impacted by the world and if I and doing the jog I will impact and probably get what I work for. But how to not fall into expectation before something, mainly something I want. How to want without expecting? (And that is the million-dollar question). 

Imagine this scenario:

  1. You will wake up on the new moon day and work with this energy to ask what I want. Go for it, you may imagine a crazy scene. You do your magic at the right time, with the right amount of energy. You felt assertive and happy, you enjoy the practice because you feel focused and complete. You used water or a plant, or fire or wind or all elements. Or maybe, you don’t think about all those symbols, you just set and put intention. You felt good!
  2. You wait for a sign in that same day, you look everywhere. Maybe the time will be with repeated numbers. But you looked so many times that even if it happened you doubt if the sign was real. It is night and nothing, you sleep and the dream is crazy, no clue. Maybe I should do it again. Maybe I need to ask harder. 
  3. I did, I asked harder. But I feel weird. But it will work. Nothing happens and without you realize, the expectation threw the bait on step 2 and you are still obeying it. 
  4. It doesn’t work. 

No see the scenario without expectation: 

  1. You will wake up on the new moon day and work with this energy to ask what I want. Go for it, you may imagine a crazy scene. You do your magic at the right time, with the right amount of energy. You felt assertive and happy, you enjoy the practice because you feel focused and complete. You used water or a plant, or fire or wind or all elements. Or maybe, you don’t think about all those symbols, you just set and put intention. You felt good!
  2. You feel good!
  3. You feel good!
  4. You got it!

It is the simplicity of living life that makes life worth living. I listened on the movie The Way the quote “you don’t choose a life, you live it”. When you try to be something is when you lose your life, the power of being lays in the present and can not be ignored if you want to become a master in manifestation. And, when I talk about the hermetic laws you will understand more about it. 

The anchor you find to the present moment will help you get deep in the power of being a master and not a follower, don’t get me wrong, you will still be an apprentice and this is different to be a follower. Even if you find a master out of yourself, a guru, it will keep you as a follower until you discover your power. It will keep putting you on tests until you understand recognize the master inside you, then it will be able to treat you as an apprentice.

How to be present, you asked?

  1. Music
  2. Write
  3. Breath
  4. Meditate
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Read

All those actions must be followed by attention, if you watch a movie without attention on you and in the movie change the action. You can be present brushing teeth because it has so many different sensations in this action. The freshness of the toothpaste, the temperature of the water, the brush bristles in your teeth, your tongue, and your gum, the sound of the water or in the brushing. When a simple moment like this is a moment of anchor, man, you went far! I am happy for you! 

Well, I hope this post helps you understand more what you should study and that we will only use expectations to laugh at memes online. I will recommend this book so you can learn more about this philosophy: hermeticism

Much love, 

Emanuelle Lopes

Why Law of Attraction and Manifestations talks are boring sometime? | But I keep doing

Why sometimes it is boring talk and read about manifesting? Is it normal? Is it real? Does it work?

Hello again.
Why do we love to talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, the secret, be present, live a love life, and all that jazz?
As an spectator I get bored I must confess. I have some videos, and I still think there are too many people recording the same stuff, bless them all, but sometimes I get bored. We see words coming and going trying to explain, for me, the same. But why we all love to do it?
Have you already manifested or noticed that something happened as a result of a belief? It may not be a conscious creation.
Do you want to scream to the world what happened or “It is true!”? I get you, me too.
However, think about yourself without conscious fighting day after day. Would you feel terrible listening that “it is easy”, that it doesn’t need so much “blood”? I ‘feel’ people that can’t listen about those things anymore. I feel like we are sellers of something that won’t make us money, but we do want to share it. (ok, some people does make money talking about those things)

So, all that made me think there are two reasons why we love to talk about it?.
First, obvious and not very useful to other MOST OF THE TIME, money. You invent a new word like “mindset” (I use it, it is important to change your mindset, but it is a new word, it is), a practice (I did it all), write a book (not about this, you can find me on Amazon 😉, record a video(meditation, my manifestations… I did it all. Well, no monetized, maybe one day), and maybe you will get some money (I did, but not with this).
I don’t think make money with it is a problem. Why I don’t think this is a problem? I am glad you asked. At some point, you will help at least a person, yourself. And one more happy people it is a bit of the world happier. Some people, that don’t know much but want to share their experience won’t cause harm to anyone, and one person believing in a different practice will create a belief and be happier too. I don’t see why not. I see people sharing beliefs that just suffering you will honor what you believe in and for me this is the problem, but those people talking about “do this and receive money”, “do that and find a boyfriend” won’t destroy the world.

A second reason to talk about it is because it is so much fun (and I am not saying your life become a musical, but… almost that). You want to share it because it is awesome. You even imagine everybody dancing in the streets because you shared that practice, that little knowledge. You want the world to have fun, looking like everyone have a fun soundtrack following their lives. I would love Adele sing, not writing, my life.

So, why is it boring sometimes?
Yep, I just called manifestation, the secret, and all that I talk about boring. I love you 2020 your crazy ‘darling’!
Let’s focus.
I already shared here that a few years back I had manifested everything, I traveled through Europe, I lived abroad, I wrote my first book, finished college… So I asked, “Universe, teach me how and why we manifest.” It was simple like that. In the first moment, I was overwhelmed with books, talks, people teaching about it. So I asked to learn less maybe it would be too pretentious of me to know all that. And for me and everyone that is reading I can affirm you. It is pretentious to learn everything about it, and it is not pretentious to know everything about it. And that is the part that many people say: “The knowledge is within, but most of the time you can’t put in words” You will be pretentious trying to be this master to others that knows it all, but for sure you already know it. It is boring to watch people talking about the basics because consciously or not, you already know it.
And it is quite simple to make this, (manifestation, the secret, law of attraction and be hapy, interesting again, go deeper. Start to read books you judged as silly, topics you never thought about. Be critical, observe, make your tests. Read about alchemy, hermeticism, other religions, not to change your faith, but to understand it. I already shared that I am catholic, and I deconstruct everything before understand what I was learning. You can learn about psychology, philosophy, and so much more. Start with your ego won’t fight much judging as sin or something like that. But try, please try because I still want a world with people dancing in the streets like a musical.

I leave you here for today, share what you think, what works for you. It always adds something up to us.

I will share those links that help me and you with books I recommend to start.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: https://amzn.to/3fRwoQQ

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich: https://amzn.to/37U5QeN

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham: https://amzn.to/33f5kGc

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires: https://amzn.to/39N7jDT

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: https://amzn.to/38MF8Uq

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61): https://amzn.to/2Q8Xit2

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback): https://amzn.to/2W5RPqE

The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne))

Many Lives, Many Masters: https://amzn.to/2vPVsGB

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship): https://amzn.to/38O1ZPg

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations: https://amzn.to/3bc37xE

Paulo Coelho Book Collection: https://amzn.to/2veRPth

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement: https://amzn.to/3ixuoPI

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho: https://amzn.to/2TMJqHc

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone): https://amzn.to/2xvILB3

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes): https://amzn.to/2wT6TNC

Bible (More classic): https://amzn.to/38O0Ln8

[Tarot decks I use to meditate]:

Osho Zen Tarot: https://amzn.to/2QaPy9U

Gypsy card(a bit different than mine): https://amzn.to/2W6e1B1

And my books:
*The High Priestess: https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B086RTHVF9/ref=
*A Papisa (The High Priestess): https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B07Z5LYX51/ref=
*Um Chá e Um Café: https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B07JYJZJV6/ref=

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

How to Believe in Your Power? | From “I can’t” to “I’am doing it!”

How to observe where you are to arrive in your power successfully? How to meet your power?

My first step was to learn about a strong dualistic belief we have(well, I did). I needed to move from impossible to possible, understanding it was just opinions. 

The book that found me was talking about the infinite possibilities we have while we develop the trust in the miracle, the impossible in this world we PERCEIVE. 

I read the Coca-Cola story, v8 motor story, Disney Story, Saints stories, and many other success stories. All of them were amazing. Since I was leaving my childhood, I could see myself as them, powerful as them, but I know it can be difficult in an adult mind. Be able to do anything in the material aspect was growing on me. However, nowadays, I have difficulty accepting myself as an “equal” of Gandi, Madre Teresa, even Jesus that taught was we could do more than he did if we had faith. When I asked the Universe to learn about how we can manifest, how we can live a life of manifestation, and I learned about this existence we all are, I had a difficult time accepting it. Still am!

So, here I want to share two things, that will be one, you can do to see, meet and be comfortable with your power. 

  1. Read and see videos of success stories. Here you can observe two reactions. How do you feel about others’ success? Do you believe it? Do you feel happy for them? Do you feel like, “yes, it is possible”? Do you feel a bit of fear in your belly? Everything you felt is yours, don’t think that it is the person fault, even if the person lied anything is possible, may not have happened to this person, but it can for someone else, it doesn’t matter actually, because here you are just adding motivation to go after what you want and observing how your ego, your thoughts, your paradigms react to success. No, the person is not a liar, it was not luck, it is not an exception, everything you feel or think it is you. You react to your life, so observe and correct your way to perceive life. Once I read that everything is “supporting actors” of your life. I thought it was poetic. Now I see that in your reality, people, things, animals, will act for you and what you feel and think are the director of how they act. If this is too big to understand now, it is ok, it took me time to. Let’s go to the next part. When you feel motivated watching other people’s successes, use them to add power to yourself. See the impossible happening can open doors in your mind, make you feel good, and change your reality. 
  2. Be present. And I would like you to tattoo it “Be present”. If you want to be better in everything in your material life, practice to be present. I have many techniques to help you with it on this blog. You can always look at Eckhart Tolle that dedicates his talks to talk about it. You can learn about alchemy to learn about it. Even if you are considered orthodoxy you can still learn it. If you read with an open heart and let your ego in the next room just for a moment you will understand that the philosophical stone is not a physical thing, that you will be the lead to be transformed in gold. And, yes, many people believed it could be literal, but I would say that you will be able to do such things after you be alive in your true existence if it is your purpose. Until there, be the stone, the lead transforming into gold. “Be present” can become something boring to read, as “practice gratitude”, but believe me, you will listen and read a lot of this because it is that simple, but ego can’t work here and it is working on your ego (mainly) that you will access those realities.

Be present, and motivate yourself with success stories. 

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

How Did I attracted this? | Law of Attraction works?

Sometimes things we don’t want happens, what is this? Am I responsible?

Hello again. 

It is quite hard to say everything happens in your life because of you, because of your belives. When you think about people suffering since a child it may be a statement that generates just bad feelings and helps no one. I know people question themselves and wonder about their situation. We already talked about how to pass it. Acceptance, because you must let go of resistance and acceptance, be present, understand that there is no problem, but situations we must change or live with it. Don’t look. Is it possible? Yes. But imagine that your mind work must be huge. 

I will talk about the small things here because past trauma may be needed a professional. If you think your problem is big, well, look for a professional but this belief already put you steps back. Try to work with this. “I can overcome this easily, I will look for professional help because I want the company in the process, just it!” Never make the walls to big. Let’s move to the point… 

I started to justify many of my physical pain with thoughts like “Maybe it is coffee that it is not making me good”. Or “I can stand too much, or my back hurts”. For a person, that exercise and eats well some of those statements completely out of normality. Of course, many of them came from moments of stress with some scary suggestions. For example, I was in a moment of ending a period of my story but I didn’t know, I just felt all stuck, and at the same time everything kind of crumbling. The year’s younger was so far away, past started to be present in many weirds ways. 

My body responded to the stress and when something started to happen and someone says, “I had that because of this external thing…” I used to absorb it. I put myself with a fight with my mind, when you are working with your ego it may happen, however, it is important to remember that as part of a trinity it is better to balance Mind, Body, and Soul instead of fight with one of them. Be it in your spiritual beliefs, your ego work, or trying to lose weight and be healthy. Any fight you put against some of those parts of yourself will make things harder. Bring you entirely to the game.

Work with affirmations, meditation, and break believes will help you a lot.

I will live some affirmations to inspire you to create yours:

“My mind translate beautiful ideas from the Universe”

“My mind is an intimate friend and helps me heal” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I feel joyful and energetic because I am connected with my body” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I am attentive to my body needs”

“I am in balance and my soul feels fulfilled” 

“My soul flows through life”

Any quote that makes you feel at ease will help you give a step to a better life. 

Look for those signs:

  1. What do I say to myself that it is someone else or something else fault? (Give love to your mind, you are telling yourself bad stories).
  2. What subject makes me overthink my actions? Or overthink at all. (Give love to the area you overthink and understand your fears)
  3. Do I have many nightmares? (Give love to your mind)
  4. Do I keep asking and trying to make practices of manifestation? (Maybe your faith need a boost) 

Remember, your mind, soul, and body will react accordingly. When you listen about Yin and Yang energy like “Of course, I know what it is… what is it anyway” Well, you not alone, but try to think this way to make it easier to remember and balance it. They are two things that create a balanced thing, I like to think mind + body = happy soul. It is a pour way to think but can help us, mortals. Dark + light = happy soul … All dualistic concepts balanced to make things better. And for us, the important part is Action+Acceptance = Happy Soul (A better life). It is simple as make a coffee (action) + no sugar at home and a new flavor to drinking (acceptance as a reaction) = Lovely life 

Acceptance is not to be unhappy, it is live well with no judgment. Open yourself for the present moment, receive it, observe it. Your mind should work as a receptor, not a judge. It will receive and put in your language beautiful ideas, but it shouldn’t learn judge as good or bad, a problem and a solution, or any other box. 

Balanced trinity = The body makes coffee without sugar at home + Mind has the idea of adding cinnamon that incredibly makes coffee less bitter and different + The soul appreciates after receiving sensations and ease.

Well, lovely people, I hope this post helps you that is a more brainy person to understand the balance needed and how it may work. If you have a doubt or a question about a situation I and readers may help you so let a comment. 

See you soon, 

EmMa Lopes

Why and when Law o Attraction Practices and Techniques works? | Is it necessary?

Do you ever questioned why we need to do those techniques and practices to manifest something?

Hello again.

Have you ever stop to think about those techniques, why they are how they are? How they help you? Why I should do them? There is anything you were used to listening about when you were younger that was similar? 

I had a great-grandmother that was very suspicious, she used to say and give thing to the family for protection, for wealth, for health. There was the food we shouldn’t eat with some other food, things not to do when was raining. Not scientific things, but things she believed. 

I also listened about sympathies, religious promises, rituals, and many other actions you could do to have something in your life. 

I compared all those things because for me was impossible not to. 

  1. We all have our beliefs when we are growing up. If you are a more practical person, maybe you will just accept more things that come for out of you them someone that questioned everything, as my family calls, the tedious people aka me. But, since I didn’t receive those superstitions I create some myself, every time something happened well, I would repeat anything I noticed I did, and for the opposite, I would stop to do whatever it was. At some point, I meditated about it and I saw it was silly for me then I worked to stop the patter. It is an easy click to make you feel better about something, your mind with what it knows can’t do it by itself most of the time. 
  2. It can help you to go against common energy. I understand that the influence of outside energy can affect us. When there is a subject in society that it is hard to scape you probably will be affected, can be positive as Olimpic times where people are excited most of the time or in a natural disaster where everyone is kind of mentally lost. So those small actions can make you break the pendulum, make your mind after be conscious be able to believe you are out of that, so it will no longer affect you. 
  3. To open the road. Most of the time, if you want to manifest something, your mind can’t trust that without material action you can do it. When you create a distraction to your mind mainly a physically costly one, you make your mind believe that some works have been done. So you open the road physically moving the obstacles in front of you. Those practices are very important while you are growing in your spiritual path because you can’t affirm yet that you are a powerful ‘manifester’, that just seeing in your imaginations for seconds something this something already is your reality. Your mind probably won’t believe it, so you use tools as showing “hay, here I am, I am doing some work, see I cut all those pictures out and them I meditated over them. I am working on it”. I manifested something once just thinking I am studying in college every day, it is too much already. And the thing had nothing about the college, not directly. But I acknowledge the work and my mind opened the road for me manifest.  

Those techniques can be done later in your spiritual path if you want, but won’t be needed and you will feel it. It will be possible to notice too that maybe you will need some for those “Big Dreams”, while you see the difference in the dreams by the size you will need some Law of Attraction technique, but when you learned your power in your soul it will be just for fun.

I hope you enjoy this post as I did, share your experiences. What did you manifest most fast, what took a while or some practice? 

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Tao, Dolce far Niente – Do Nothing and Be Better in Everything | How can I be more Intuitive?

Grow your company or your relationship will be more that “hard work”.

Do nothing to change your life! Does it work? I have some points to demystify what is “do nothing”. I would like to say that the work to arrive at this stage is what I call Spiritual Path (or work), if you just stop, stamping the ground, impatient, and with expectations, forget it. I would say you can see some changes, but I can’t say you will see enough to make you change your life. So, be patient with yourself and your evolution. Don’t rush it. And understand that, the material guy that loves being in the stock Exchange is not someone lost that needs to be pitied. Each one of us came to live some experiences, some more material, some more spiritual. For some, learn about the practical Law of Attraction is enough, for others go deep in all religions and learn about all religious development is not enough. We all have a role to play. I love to learn about investment, I studied engineering, I like to live in a balanced and I don’t separate areas, so my intuition can work in all areas of my life. Let’s remember once more, that is no right and wrong, good and bad. There are conscious lives experiencing this world and help the Universal conscious evolve. (As one of the possible believes of reality). 

  1. Nature uses less energy, preferentially. Productivity is to do the right thing, not more things here. Take this for all areas of your life. For those who own a company, I would recommend the book The Goal, Eliyahu M. Goldratt to understand more of this. If you know your company, you will be able to do more with less effort. Protecting the mind and body of your employee and the health of your company. Find the smart way to do things (you won’t find overthinking, maybe nor thinking at all), this will be in a state of ease if you feel overwhelmed that is the sing you have no idea what you are doing. 
  2. Be is more important than do. Actually, being radical for most of us, Be is the only thing that matters. It can be hard to achieve, but undoubtedly it is the easier path. The problem you will find here is that most of the time we want something, and we want it for a specific way. Imagine if you have a company and you suddenly feel you should sell it and move with few things to another country, would you do it? You start to have dreams about it. Would you do it? Here is where your path has a bifurcation. Be happy, be a company owner. (Funny that I remember growing up if I had this scenario that time I would choose be a company owner). Your company is great, the last semester paid more than expected, never healthier. You woke up in the middle of the night after a dream showing you that it was broke. Would you leave it? After 6 months COVID came, you lost everything and the company no longer has a buyer. Would you like to have listened to your intuition? You will feel fear, but if you are present, living more than thinking, in meditation the most of the time (not sitting meditating, but conscious in your life). It won’t be anything to be protected, you are nature now, even if a nuclear bomb fall here, patiently you will reborn. Metaphorically, please. 
  3. Tip of the day. To be connected enough to listen to your Intelligent self, you must be with your feet on the ground. I feared the lack of money, or not have enough to live my dream life. What now for me is stupid, first because what is the point to have a life I can’t live it. Someone else is living it, like the “chance”. Maybe destiny. Or even reality. The reality based on feelings, perceptions, and beliefs that may be implanted in my past for someone else. No, thank you,I live it. How did I overcome it? How I could live in peace with money? How could I understand I have more than enough? (Energise your first chakra, the Chakra of basics necessities, sometimes is not easy, but how I did it? ) Understand the real value of money. First, I didn’t have this problem but if you have, understand that money is a tool. Good and bad is about you. You can make a meal with a knife, you can make somebody be a meal with it. Second, you don’t need to be a millionaire to have great experiences. I recommend this book so you can learn more about itThe 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich . A month in England plus 11 days in Tuscany took me about 3000 dollars some years ago. I lived a year studying abroad with government support, no money of my needed. You can go further here, read about what you want, use free tools to learn what you can… Don’t give the impossible value for money, give the real value to it. Thirdly, don’t save it, invest it. Spare money is throwing money away. 

I want to talk more about it, if you like it, in some post. As I said, more here, less there we find our experiences. But wee all need, or it would be great, to know a bit of everything. Be spiritual, material, and mind. The perfect trinity. And to have a better life, it is good to feel good in all areas, feeling at ease in all areas will make us grow in all directions. We don’t need to choose one or be overwhelmed with information, we just need to do and have enough to help us to feel at ease. If your faith can’t do it now, maybe you can prepare yourself to feel better and grow your faith with time, and at some point, fear won’t be there anymore. 

This topic is quite embracing. I hope this post helps you and I see you soon.
EmMa Lopes

3 Things You must Know to Law of Attractio “Release to Receive it” Work

Sometimes it is hard to know how to release our dreams. I share 3 thoughts I feel it is important to help you with it.

Hello again.

Today we will talk about the last day of the 21-day Challenge of Law of Attraction. The moment to release your desire, the moment to let go, the moment to sit and relax with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. That is the feeling to release. 

I used to think that it was the moment to feel excited, grateful, celebrating. (I will talk for me here) Oh No! Here is the time you already receive, you are comfortable in your house eating popcorn and thing, “Wow, One more dream is manifested”. 

That is it. See you tomorrow! 

Ok, I a kidding. 

It will be different for many people, that is the reason or the main reason that some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction or power of the mind or creation power or… When we are not able to let the thing happen it is quite hard for this to happen. 

We need to remember some stuff to do this. (Well, I hope this list start to help you and if you think about something more, please share with us).

  1. It is all about energy. ALL A BOUT E NER GY!! Sometimes you will think “But just for a second, I need to think about this… EmMa wait for me, it is just that I don’t get it, I won’t think too much wait waiiit” You can think about it your whole life, is it making you feel good? Great. Energy! Is it making you feel a step back? Forget it. For me a thought oriented mind and an ex controller frick it was the hardest part. I learned by applying this to small things. Once, after I move the energy company turn off my energy because of old debt from previous tenants. I paid the next day and they gave me 48 hours to turn it on. I arrived at home, I put intention seeing myself with energy at home and I let go. I just was there, listen to music, eat with candles. It was past work hour time, I didn’t think about it. Suddenly a car from the company appeared there, they were late for a job in a house next to mine. I told them what happened and I showed them the payment. They fixed that for me and that night I was with energy already. It was a small thing with great and fast results. I try to not think at all that night so the result could come as I wished and the Universe worked the “coincidences” for me.
  2. Size is not important. If you did the 21-day challenge of Law of Attraction you are good to go. You could do it in a day, but this process helps you believe, helps you open the road of energy because you worked for 21 days to deliver the desire to the Universe. So, if you don’t believe yet the step back you need to do is: “Why I don’t believe it is possible?” Do ego work, listen to other people’s history full of “coincidences”, go back to your Faith. Meditate, work your power, make some small things happen. 
  3. Never think it is or was a waste of time. If you are a skeptical person like me, do this thinking “Ok, I will challenge myself with this, let’s do it”. But if you go there thinking “I will do it just to prove it won’t work” Probably this will work, your fake dream to test your own mind power won’t be materialized. (The good news is that you can always change your mind and work on your ego-mind). 

I recommend you this channel and this video. (And my channel and my videos, cof cof). If you have a video like that share with me because I will share it with other people. Or tell me your story and let me know if I can share it. 

Ohh My Annie Friend’ story

Our channel anoteforabetterlife

This weekend is No Social Media Weekend, I let you know what happened if you want. (High bets to die of boredom, I’m kidding.)

See you soon, have a nice weeked.
EmMa Lopes

“Live as If” 5 steps to make it work | Law of Attraction Technique with Real Example

As a sceptical person, I always challenge myself and test things like this. Here are 5 steps to make work

Hello again.

I’ve done a video speaking about a manifestation I experienced when I was about 16 and I use this Law of Attraction technique, by the time I didn’t know with this name, but you know “potayto, potahto”. 

Before we go into it I want to talk once more about practices and techniques to manifest, of the law of attraction or the secret or any name we like to call. As I already said, those practices are ways you can trick your mind to be able to clean the path to attracting that thing you want. In the world, you learned to live it that would be a bit of fantasy because we didn’t learn that our mind in this powerful. So, we create techniques, practices, promises, sympathies. Anything that helps your mind accept this power will help you achieve what you want. As you walk your spiritual path we become more powerful in this process. Nowadays I use to think about before sleep and I am able to manifest, sometimes I can put the intention in a second and it happens. For me, the harder part is to know what I really want or be able to choose. But, let go to the practice of today. Because you may be a powerful more manifest, but some practices are too much fun. 

Let’s go to the steps for this Law of Attraction Practice:

  1. This will be obvious. Know what you want. Be clear of it. I take this seriously because I already had the problem to think I wanted a thing… Let me give you an example. I wanted a house in a specific town. But then I was thinking but and if this happens, but I will need this, I will need that. All the ‘buts’ made me see I wasn’t so sure and this doubt would affect my subconscious mind. So be sure of it or…
  2. If you don’t know, ask what you know. Abraham Hicks normally talks about it. Sometimes, when we don’t know or we can’t feel good about an affirmation wee need to find the one that works for us. Let what you asking more open. “I am wealth” instead of “I am a millionaire” can be more powerful if you believe it. If it makes you feel good. 
  3. Ask for it. Make other practices to ask I you want. The Glass of water technique, the 55×5 practice, any other asking technique. 
  4. Receive it. I wanted a house in a specific town. I went to a website and I started to search for it, I didn’t look for the price. I used to put from higher to a lower price so I could see the best houses in the area. 
  5. Be sure that you already have it. You can visit the place, walk around, shop in the area as you lived there if possible. Live it. Don’t pretend though, live it. At this point you already asked, you HAVE IT! I like this practice better than visualizing it because for me it is more fun, but you can mix them. 

I wanted to do this post simple and very direct in each point because I feel like sometimes we can mix each part in our heads. Visualize for example it is not asking. Maybe it won’t be a problem or you jump to it, maybe it will. I want to share each step so you can have the option of how to manifest better. 

I used to ask myself how much of this was in my head, I would like to share here that this is normal. Even talk about it and make this blog was a concern because there are blogs talking about it, but I feel like not many talks about real experiences and make this spiritual connection. And if I am sharing here, I am sure. As I said, I am a skeptical person, if I share it I lived it. 

I hope this helps you, 

EmMa Lopes

1 Thing and 6 Practices that will Rocket your Manifestation Skills

It won’t be easy but it is simple to learn to manifest more easily. 6 Practices to do for a week

Hello again. 

Love Love Love. Give love to feel love so receive love. Just love? No! EVERYTHING!

One of my favorites things to do in life is to challenge myself. My prime challenge is to travel, but during life, you can prove yourself your strength in many ways. And take note of them can be very helpful in moments you feel lost, but what about love? Why are you talking about a challenge? Because I want to propose that you challenge yourself for a week.

I already told you some posts ago that it is pretty normal we accept bad feelings as normal, but not the good ones. 

Do you want to manifest easily, in seconds? Simple, love! Practice love, live in love, be love 100% of the time! Not easy, right? 

Here is the reason for this post. Let’s practice love like we learned to practice gratitude. 

Emotions are to feel, but if your ego is in the way, you will need more than let happen to remember what love is. 

A while ago I spend a week practicing love, I love my bus driver, I love my job, I love people I see, I love birds, trees, food… My job for a week was to give love, letting the emotion move me. And I will share some points that will help you do it. 

  1. Start simple. Let’s practice self-love saying “I love you” to yourself. We have a post about confidence and I will share so you can go deeper here. I know can be difficult, but I am asking you to make a pact with yourself for a week to practice self-love. Say to your mind you will take a break for negative thoughts just for a week. Try to live each moment with love, and change negative thoughts knowing that it is normal to go back to negativism since you started this new life os love. (Grow confidence post, 3 exercises that will change the game)
  2. Love a stranger. Smile, say “Good morning”, see what happens. You may feel weird the first time, later you will feel quite good, as the world is your friend. I like to start with people that are working, I feel they are more open to it than a person going to work. Make it a normal thing.
  3. Practice being present and notice the needs of others, help them. It is similar to the topic before. You can help an elder person, your community, a homeless. You can just compliment the garment of someone. Kindness for more than politeness can be a very heart-opening practice. 
  4. Working place love practice. I am a natural for that and I highly recommend it, mainly if you are a boss. Sometime buy some cookies or chocolate or bake them a cake, and I am not talking about a prize for a nice work here, I am talking about a kindness action without asking something back. You can take a friend a cup of coffee, you can work with someone if you finished your work earlier. Be helpful without asking something back. Do this mainly for those that don’t expect it, don’t do it just for your close friend at work, make it for the environment.
  5. Not so good at, I needed to learn over the years to show my love for my family. I should be the example and I was the shy one in the family. So, show love wasn’t an option. I grow as “the best kid” the rational and intelligent one, not the loving one and I stay there until I’ve learned that it was not my reality. Nowadays, I love to bake my niece and nephew something. Send a message here and there for those that aren’t so close, maybe you see them at Christmas only. Remember them a bit more, ask how they are. Listen. I babysit my mother’s dogs all the time, and she loves to be able to travel with a free mind. A small action can make all difference in their lives. I am not talking about doing something you hate just to have a favor granted back, I am talking about doing things you are ok with many times, some you don’t like sometimes. But do them for love and love only. 
  6. I am great at this one too! Give love to your loved one! I started my relationship with poetry, I used to hate romance, I still don’t like flowers. But life happened this way and I loved it. After the beginning, it is normal this romance faded a bit, but you can find the representation of romance you share. And we do this. We have time without technology to stay together, we always have breakfast without technology. At least 3 nights of the week we spend having fun together, listen to old music, telling funny stories, talking about fears and dreams. We acknowledge our love while and before a critic. We agreed on two things. We love each other and we want each of us to live our best life, so if I notice something that goes against a goal of him I let him know, he receives it knowing I may be wrong but I am trying to help them and vice versa. And we agreed that nobody can advise our relationship because just both of us are in it. (I am not talking about professionals, but family and friends). If we have a problem we talk about it. (. And be open to talk is not something we can use to have attention. If you need help in the first step, self-love, don’t try to use this advice to have love from others if you can have yours yet. I love to have time alone because I love me more than I love him and this is a point you want to arrive before being in a relationship if possible. (I need to make a post about finding a partner and live in love, I will). Well, do the romance you both like and love without asking something back. Ask what you can do to make the person feel loved, maybe the person has a different idea or some dream about romance, surprise the person at some point. The goal here is to does not need to celebrate Valentine’s day because you live each weekly. (I can’t do daily, sorry but I am being honest here.) 

Make this a love week. If there is a moment you don’t feel in this energy, try to postpone the angriness to the next week. (Of course, you will forget and that is the idea, see how most of those moments are irrelevant). I am not saying for you repress your feelings, but to take a week to train love, and maybe block a bit of the feeling that you will ponder if really are necessary later, but now you can’t. 

I hope this makes you have a better life,

EmMa Lopes