How Differences Arise and How not to Polarise them | A Insight Dream

I had a dream where be different is the only way to survive. And if it was truth?

Hello again.
Today I will do something different, something I never did. If you read my blog, you know that I already talked about night dreams and how you can find online tools that Neuroscience knows to train yourself to remember them and develop others’ skills towards these moments of unconsciousness. Well, that said I remembered many of my dreams, and a dream yesterday made me have this need of sharing it.
I already said that all beliefs and situations we live in just say something about your reality.In other words, even if you live something, don’t think it is the only truth, even less the absolute universal truth. And here I start to share this dream:

A young woman, maybe 2 or 5 years younger than me, a man that I felt the existence but didn’t see and I was on a stage, something like a big theater where we were sharing some insights. She was talking about her experience of serving and how this humbled people and it was a great way to achieve this simpler way of living and experience life.
In my conscious being remember the dream, I agree, but in the dream…

She happily finished her talk, and I said very calmly.
“Well, that’s not all correct. Each experience, each being will have your own way of discovering Itself. Maybe it is a great adventure serve, but receive is the great difficulty we have. It is here where the hardness may humble us. Many people will find happiness while they serve something or someone, but receive is where many developments can be made. Of course, since it is different for each of us it may be just my experience on this planet that happened differently since for me was very hard to feel good receiving something. As if I was God myself, I felt like I should take and create all by myself. All my years of faith were suddenly unnecessary because when I should gratefully receive I felt less, guilty, not worthy of it, or that it wasn’t necessary. The serving was easy for me, in completely honest I know one could feel better serving someone with less something this material world stipulates, or a few less if I was serving someone with more of this. Money, beauty, properties, friends, fame, feelings control, “illumination”.”Whatever it is that one can feel the other has or is more or less can make the service put one in a different position as one sees oneself. But I can say I felt the same, equal, easily. When I served, it was with grace. When I had less, I receive more because my equal feeling made me honestly devoted to doing my best, when I had more I didn’t expect to receive something because I was genuinely serving the other. But receive… Receive was another thing. When I did a good job and I was awarded I felt stupid to have to be rewarded, when I receive my asking for God I couldn’t feel like it was right because I didn’t work with my hands to that when I receive from my own job, I felt like it was too much and even if something was wrong I wouldn’t complain. Even working hard, studying hours, improving myself constantly, I wasn’t worthy to receive. When I see someone openly receiving something and being honest with one development I feel so happy for the person, praying that one day I will be like that. I don’t mind when someone smart receives its glories and says “I know I did a great job” when someone becomes a music start I don’t think it wasn’t humble the person says “I did it, I feel awesome that I didn’t give up”, when someone beautiful says “Thank you, I know I am” I feel that it is amazing that the person receives this blessing of God openly. We all should receive those gifts openly because we all can achieve something, we all can thrive without giving up, we all are beautiful creatures of Father… And Mother. (Small laugh in the public). So, we can learn to be humble in many different ways. Your inner Master and the only one you should follow and hear taught you to be humble through service, my Master taught me through receiving. And now and here in this stage, the world is balanced. (we all laugh a little).
Any time you think someone is arrogant because the person assumes its own gains, gifts and rewards ask yourself why can I not feel “Yess… You go man”? Are you pushing God’s gift so hard that you feel jealous of those that accept? Do you think that the person receives too many too easily? Are you jealous? A better question? Are you able to receive it? (silence)
Good, silence always brings new insights.”

The other woman smiled at me. She was in her grace I could see. The talk continued while I shifted to another dream, but this one I won’t share.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Much love from me, EmMa Lopes

Why Law of Attraction and Manifestations talks are boring sometime? | But I keep doing

Why sometimes it is boring talk and read about manifesting? Is it normal? Is it real? Does it work?

Hello again.
Why do we love to talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, the secret, be present, live a love life, and all that jazz?
As an spectator I get bored I must confess. I have some videos, and I still think there are too many people recording the same stuff, bless them all, but sometimes I get bored. We see words coming and going trying to explain, for me, the same. But why we all love to do it?
Have you already manifested or noticed that something happened as a result of a belief? It may not be a conscious creation.
Do you want to scream to the world what happened or “It is true!”? I get you, me too.
However, think about yourself without conscious fighting day after day. Would you feel terrible listening that “it is easy”, that it doesn’t need so much “blood”? I ‘feel’ people that can’t listen about those things anymore. I feel like we are sellers of something that won’t make us money, but we do want to share it. (ok, some people does make money talking about those things)

So, all that made me think there are two reasons why we love to talk about it?.
First, obvious and not very useful to other MOST OF THE TIME, money. You invent a new word like “mindset” (I use it, it is important to change your mindset, but it is a new word, it is), a practice (I did it all), write a book (not about this, you can find me on Amazon 😉, record a video(meditation, my manifestations… I did it all. Well, no monetized, maybe one day), and maybe you will get some money (I did, but not with this).
I don’t think make money with it is a problem. Why I don’t think this is a problem? I am glad you asked. At some point, you will help at least a person, yourself. And one more happy people it is a bit of the world happier. Some people, that don’t know much but want to share their experience won’t cause harm to anyone, and one person believing in a different practice will create a belief and be happier too. I don’t see why not. I see people sharing beliefs that just suffering you will honor what you believe in and for me this is the problem, but those people talking about “do this and receive money”, “do that and find a boyfriend” won’t destroy the world.

A second reason to talk about it is because it is so much fun (and I am not saying your life become a musical, but… almost that). You want to share it because it is awesome. You even imagine everybody dancing in the streets because you shared that practice, that little knowledge. You want the world to have fun, looking like everyone have a fun soundtrack following their lives. I would love Adele sing, not writing, my life.

So, why is it boring sometimes?
Yep, I just called manifestation, the secret, and all that I talk about boring. I love you 2020 your crazy ‘darling’!
Let’s focus.
I already shared here that a few years back I had manifested everything, I traveled through Europe, I lived abroad, I wrote my first book, finished college… So I asked, “Universe, teach me how and why we manifest.” It was simple like that. In the first moment, I was overwhelmed with books, talks, people teaching about it. So I asked to learn less maybe it would be too pretentious of me to know all that. And for me and everyone that is reading I can affirm you. It is pretentious to learn everything about it, and it is not pretentious to know everything about it. And that is the part that many people say: “The knowledge is within, but most of the time you can’t put in words” You will be pretentious trying to be this master to others that knows it all, but for sure you already know it. It is boring to watch people talking about the basics because consciously or not, you already know it.
And it is quite simple to make this, (manifestation, the secret, law of attraction and be hapy, interesting again, go deeper. Start to read books you judged as silly, topics you never thought about. Be critical, observe, make your tests. Read about alchemy, hermeticism, other religions, not to change your faith, but to understand it. I already shared that I am catholic, and I deconstruct everything before understand what I was learning. You can learn about psychology, philosophy, and so much more. Start with your ego won’t fight much judging as sin or something like that. But try, please try because I still want a world with people dancing in the streets like a musical.

I leave you here for today, share what you think, what works for you. It always adds something up to us.

I will share those links that help me and you with books I recommend to start.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich:

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham:

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61):

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback):

The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne))

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship):

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations:

Paulo Coelho Book Collection:

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement:

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho:

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone):

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes):

Bible (More classic):

[Tarot decks I use to meditate]:

Osho Zen Tarot:

Gypsy card(a bit different than mine):

And my books:
*The High Priestess:
*A Papisa (The High Priestess):
*Um Chá e Um Café:

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

Be better learning 2 thing | “Every Adversity Brings with it the Seed of Opportunity”

I learned 2 things after lose a loved one. I hope this helps you be better and live better…

Hello again.
Do you know when you finish a book or a tv-series and you start to wonder what now? What is it called life that I need to deal with? Have you ever felt this in a moment of or life?
Maybe you give up university, you give up your carrier, you give up your marriage, you lost someone…

Here we can’t read the book again, or play again. Life goes one if you want it or not.
I will be honest and direct with you today. I lost my grandmother yesterday, and I already learned so much with it and I want to share some points with you, because as she taught me: “every adversity brings with it the seed of opportunity”

I already talked about my childhood where my parents were young and with no money. So I lived in my grandparent’s house. For a period of time, I lived with my mother’s mother, in other periods with my father’s mother, (who I will talk about). Don’t worry, it won’t be a sad post, baer with me!
Yesterday I realized if my family had money, I wouldn’t live with her, I wouldn’t learn as much as I learned. Read and write are small things that she is the reason I love to do. I’ve learned about life, strength, positivity no matter what, faith, be yourself, share love, share your time, be grateful… Well, many things!
Something that I never knew why was there, in front of me and I felt grateful. I could live with the best human in my childhood and in my teenagehood because I didn’t have the money to live in my own house (my parent’s house in this case).

Second thing, say as much as you can how you feel and how much you care about somebody can make you feel peaceful when you can no longer say it in this material world. After living for a year abroad I decided that I would live abroad, if possible in more than one place. But the opportunity didn’t come. Yesterday I felt great, the lack of this opportunity made me be around every last second of my grandma’s life and I could say how I loved her, how she was important, how she was my favorite human… Have her in my arms for all this time, every time I could be with her, made yesterday and now easier. Of course, the energy of this disruption in this reality is strong, we will cry, we will miss her, but we (me and my family) feel better and we are good to give her an honored passage. We can pray to her find light and love and rest in peace.

Working on your ego to let everything material go, even a person you love can bring a lot of peace and calmness to a moment like this.

This post will be quickly and a humble tribute for a person that was loved very much.
I hope this helps you look at the bright side of life, give love to who is alive without being possessive of the other’s life, and grow in spiritual.
Please share this post and any other you like because you will be sharing love with me. Maybe I also learned to be able to ask for help and don’t judge as weakness be helped.

Our channel on Youtube started with adios to help who can’t read, even though we have tools to this nowadays. Gratitude.

And if you need some help because you lost someone you love, I can listen, sometimes we are not ready to talk about with someone close, we can’t be vulnerable at home. That isn’t a problem, find someone to talk and everything will be better!

I hope see you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Have a Better and Healthier Relationship | Spiritual Growth

Do you want a family? Do you want the right person? The happy life? If I say it is all easier than you think, but you will need to change what you think…

Let’s talk about love. How Spiritual Growth and Law of Attraction can improve our love life?

As we already talked about, life unfolds differently for each one. For some, the parents’ love life can be un example the person wants to follow or not. I am the result of unwanted pregnancy, my parents were 17 and they decided to have me and marry. My father was mature enough to marry my mother until today they are together. I know this is quite rare, I feel lucky, of course. As a family, we have ups and downs, pros, and cons growing with so younger parents, problems, good moments, but I am alive. As a romantic example, what I took was that I couldn’t get pregnant because I would lose all my dreams. Have a family is hard work, not easy at all.

I choose not to have one so soon in life. I believe this affected me in a positive way, we all want love, but I didn’t have the hurry to have one. This detached view of has a family made me feel more at ease about a relationship. The first point I would like to share is to be at easy going with relationships even if you want a family, and I know that for women it can be very hard, but bring science to your favor. Women have many ways to have a family older nowadays. Open yourself to possibilities. I want to give an example different from mine if you are worried about have a family. (Ow! I am Brazilian, we aggregate everyone, so think as this happened with someone like a sister or your mother, someone very close. My uncle and aunt are like my parents, my cousins are like my brothers, we lived together, we don’t expend a month without seeing each other, this is a Brazilian family)

My aunt wanted a family, she is the younger of the family, my mother had two kids, my uncle, too. She was a teenager that loved have a child around her and she would love to have kids too. In her middle 20s, she had to remove part of her ovaries, keeping 25% of an ovary. She felt terrible. One day, she dreamed of an old boyfriend that was an angel in our family, he died young, it was a big loss for us. In this dream, he told her that she would have a boy. She felt better, but in her 30s she thought she wouldn’t have kids. She had a boyfriend for a bit more than a year and pills were used without discipline since she couldn’t get pregnant naturally. Pills were for her hormones not much as protection. Well, she got pregnant, she had an abortion, and a month later she realized that she still was pregnant. Nobody really knows what happened, maybe they were twins, not even the doctor could give a proper diagnose. She had the baby, to a few years later get pregnant again. After the first boy, the second kid was unthinkable.
She had the family she wanted when it seemed impossible. No matter what a doctor says to you, belief just don’t care much. Any desire you have, mainly those you have for years, just relax and don’t think about it. What is yours, will arrive when you least expect.

I would like to share this because I know it is hard, but nothing is bigger than the Universe itself.

I was the ugly teenager with a platonic passion, later I date a guy that wants to date me because of the low self-esteem I person like me was good enough. In my 20s I decided to stay a period without date, I decided two years. Yep, two entire years. I focused on myself, loving myself, discovering, and nourishing my body. No complaining with girlfriends, going out for the fun of it, not looking for something else (or someone else). It was nothing but liberating, I recommend any person took a sabbatic year (or two) for itself. It was like being in a monastery where the object of faith was myself. The easy about relationships come as calm water. I could meet men and be myself, I received all complements because I was myself. By the end of this time, I date twice and then I met my husband. All two relationships before were great, one finished in a month because I moved abroad and the other after almost four years because that feeling that he is not the one, but I could finish it with all respect for the person. I prayed to him met the love of his life.
One thing, since I was a teenager got clear for me.

From all relationships, just one should work. Just one would be “the happy ending”. Because I didn’t expect to have more than one husband. So, think about if you ever said: “All my relationship didn’t work”. Well, they shouldn’t, unless you meet the last guy, they would not work. From now on you can think about: How can I be enough for my own life? What can I improve in myself to not suffer, to be a better partner? Don’t expect the other to work, do your own work. You can read more in my blog about ego work. What do I expect besides love from a relationship? Today, did I think about him tanner on myself? Why? How can I change it?

Exercise time: Plan a week, a weekend, a day for yourself. Do you know that time you expect he ask you out for something, twice a month take this time for yourself! Travel, buy something for you, make a spar day, watch a movie with popcorn and sweets just for you, walk around the city. If your mind rejects an idea because you fear or think it is lame, remember this can be an ego work. For example, if you can’t see yourself have dinner alone, do it. One this is a time for yourself. Two, your ego needs to deal with the fact that you deserve it and you are bigger than it. No matter if he invites you to Paris, stay with your plan.
Gave up parties, travels, movies… And if you are going to those places because you don’t trust him so you can watch him, say it aloud to yourself. I must learn to trust or I know he is not trustworthy and I will let him go. This is not a game, it is Me. I love myself more than I can love other thing or being.

Hey! For now, I will finish remembering you that you are learning, take a step at a time. I had a problem to break up, I was that person that took months to do it. It is a normal need to work on some points and give time to yourself to do it. But, keep going.

Change your thoughts as through repetition, as Law of Attraction teaches and understands love in a spiritual view will help you find yourself and attract only love around you.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Letter for Myself and a Letter for God | Manifestation and Gratitude technique

Two manifestation letter I do since I was a child that helped manifest and keep track of my blessings

I usually write a letter for myself and for God, since I was a little girl. For a long time, I found it a way to say thank you in a way is more expressive and transcendental for me. For some reason write with a pencil in a paper about what I expected for the future me or thanking God what I had was the manner I found to feel closer to myself, my power, my divinity. To feel and see me as an infinite being. When I read years later that I accomplished everything it made me feel good and complete me in so many ways.

I would like to share a letter here, I will be vulnerable, but I hope this helps anyone that reads to be vulnerable with itself and see that we are here to share positive helps and love, as cliché as it may sound it is the truth.
Before I would like to share how and what I write in those letters.
My first letter was to God.
I was a child and I write to Father know how I loved It, how I felt in peace, and grateful for my life. My positiveness comes from a place I didn’t know, but as I learned later with an ethic famous professor in Brazil, Mario Sergio Cortella, “Pessimist is before all a vagabond” He says to be optimistic you need to act, learn, you do things because you are sure it will work, but the pessimist just wait for things goes wrong. The favorite phrase of a pessimist is “What a mess, someone should do something” He loves to guilt the government, the neighbor, or anything outside. And if you say, but look it is better, it is working, the pessimist always will say, “Wait a bit more…” He always waiting and pointing fingers. Funny thing is that this professor looks like an old philosopher we would see a statue in Greece. Well, I am an optimist since I remember and many many things I got in life were it the certainty not with resources.

The second type of letter I write is for myself.
I take a day; I try to create a moment of joy to write. Music, be alone, something smelling good, water, or a cup of coffee or tea. So I sit and I think about what I’ve received, what changed in a couple of years. Then, I write to my future self. I like to share what am I working, favorite music, last book, any recent memory. I write about what I accomplish and in the last part, I talk about what I’ve expected about the future. If I program to read in five years, I write about how I will be in five years from now.
I keep the letter inside a book that will always be with me. You can program an e-mail to be sent on that date too.
This habit made me realize what is relevant to me in my life. Sometimes that person that was gone, suddenly wasn’t so important, but the experience I had, the object didn’t matter, but the memory to receive or to be able to buy it. Each time I did it, my life was filled with simplicity and calmness. Because I could read from my past self that all the dreams were accomplished and the experience was bigger than the final point.

I highly recommend you treat yourself with a letter. If you don’t like to write, make it simple. You can write something small, like a list of what do you want to remember and put some pictures of what you want to receive. Just take your time to do it.

Lets write one:

I am here to show my gratitude because I’ve listened and I found love. I could sit in myself and feel the light of love.
And I want to show gratitude because I found the shadows, many still make my ego fears, but be aware of them make me know I am not one inside infinite energy, but I am the infinite energy that can have one consciousness because we choose to be like that.
I am grateful for my rest time, even though I am a horse that hates to be in a calm, static way. I am grateful because I found the movement inside me. Where I am faster than a wild horse and inside myself, I can run the world.
I am grateful to see what We are, and no matter how many names I call myself all You, the power and the loving light are always there. I am grateful for not see because I can be like a child, holding hands with my soul family, I can have fun with my imagination to find out I receive even more and ‘next’ that happens right now are better and sweeter than I expected.
I am grateful for the material pleasure of the sun on my skin or a chocolate cake, and I say thank you because I know this is a blessing more than a pleasure.
My souls say it is time to live the life I should live, and I am grateful to accept the life I choose. My eyes tears in the presence of gratitude because in the gratitude is the truth.
Thank you Father and Mother celestial energy, now and forever.”

I hope this gives you nice ideas, it is a practice that involves self-love, gratitude, visualization, the elevation of energy, vulnerable and creativity.

Much Love,
EmMa Lopes

Lucid Dreams and Remember Dreams | How to do it?

3 steps to practice how to remember your dreams. But, be patient


Dreams are a mystery that I few very attracted too, maybe many of us do. Let’s talk about dreams then. Not the goal, not the desired one. Dreams you have at night even if you don’t remember. 

I was fourteen when I first meet a book about Power of the mind and the first practice that take my curiosity was about remembered what I’ve dreamed of. But why would anyone be interested in remembering an unconscious story that our mind most of the time can’t remember? 

Well, I remember two topics this book talk about. First dreams can be part of your wake up life as a tool to give you answers. Secondly, you can be aware you are dreaming so if some dream starts like a nightmare you can become aware and change it. 

I start these practices I will share about 15 years ago and I still do it every day.  

  1. Before sleep and after any meditation or prayer I put intention to remember wherever I dream of, so I say something like: “I put intention to remember what I dream in the morning.” I see myself writing the dream in my notebook and I fall to sleep. This can be a mantra to say until you sleep. 
  2. I write what happens at night. Sometimes I have the certainty of dreaming but I don’t remember what happened, so I write this. If I know that was about win something but I don’t know what I dreamed of exactly I write it too. If I remember, I read one or two times and I meditate about it. I just sit in silence and pt intention to understand the meaning if I should. I don’t think or analyze it, I just stay in silence, the answer just comes if I should know something. 
  3. Forget it and keep going to your life. And I say this because I am a person that overthinks everything. It is not necessary here. 

I normally am very aware in my dreams nowadays. What people call “conscious dream”. I few times I had premonitions that were quite easy to understand. I always pray to know just what I should know and nothing bad. But some “bad news” was given to me but I saw as warnings so I could change a situation. To this day it helped a lot. You probably won’t become a supernatural person, its anything like that. 

I am saying that because people may think it is a crazy thing, “OMG I will see the future”. Nothing like that, I think it is a way to know what you may be attracting to your life, things that are in your subconscious mind. Sometimes in other people next to your life, like a broader, a father, your mother. Something like that. 

You can find some more practices in some articles of neuroscience. Dreams are studied in psychology, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience, there are many ways to know more about it.  

(I will share a couple because some you need to pay ot register to read it: this is a post on Neuro Science News and this is a article )

However, I love to learn about it I had some problems because of it. When I started to ask for being in my path, honor my life in this life I went to a process that some people call the dark side of the soul. Bigger than have nightmares, the dark night is the process of faith and cleansing.

When you working with dreams day become part of it and nightmares and be constant. It brings many of your fears, attachments, fears, doubts, did I said fear? Well, it can happen, but pray and keep going that at some point everything gets so much better that you will be glad of it. Most of the time I tried to find meaning in those dreams, but we must understand that as a soul not everything will be for the mind understand. Sometimes during meditation or sleep, you will see things, signs, forms that don’t need to overthink. Understand that maybe your cleansing is occurring faster in this way. Losing control is key at this moment. 

I hope this helps you, have a nice week.

EmMa Lopes

Meditation for Beginners | How to start to meditate by youserf

Steps to start to meditate by yourself. Why meditate is important?


I already recorded a meditation for beginners and today I would like to share the first step of a spiritual path. In other words, if you want to walk in a spiritual path you would like to be more aware, conscious, more on top of your own thoughts. I think this is the first thing you can do to have a better life, to feel more connected, to go back to your childish faith or, maybe, create faith in your life. 

I started meditation with guided meditation, like the one I recorded and I will share here for you. (Meditation for beginners). Only when I wanted to know my power, to know how I manifested something; just when I asked for learning about the honored path I got on this. I already observe people that said Law of Attraction, Mindpower, whatever the name, don’t work. But some people want a magical formula, and learn your own power is a process of months, I would say years. You can manifest in the first week after learning something about those practices, but a more concrete understanding and a more manifestation “lifestyle” take time. The Romantic Comedy lifestyle, as I already said. Or a life where you develop serendipity. 

I would indicate you to start with meditations that make you observe your thoughts. 

Take two weeks to do this:

  1. Set an alarm for 10 minutes. (I highly recommend the app Insight Timer because you can set bells and find a white noise to help you in this). You can set for 11 minutes so you have a minute to find the best position.
  2. Lay down or sit in a comfortable chair. No need for a stream difficult cross leg position here. Be comfortable. 
  3. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep belly breaths. 
  4. Find an image that makes you observe the thoughts and can organize them. You can imagine yourself sitting in a park where your thoughts are people coming and going, or in a train station where you can see each train wagon as a thought. I like to see them like fireworks. They come, the fires burst and disappear.
  5. Observe them but try not to get on the wagon. Let them go. Don’t force yourself to be thoughtless here. Just lose control. 
  6. After 10 minutes take note in a notebook. Find one you can direct all your spiritual learning and experiences. Take note of all experiences so you can see what is better for you. As I always say, the path is different for everyone, God will be different, practices will be different, way to meditate will be different… Take note even if you sleep, it is normal. The next day try to do it in a different position or time of the day until you find the perfect place, position and hour of the day.

In the second week, if you can stay 10 minutes without sleep and observe your thoughts, add a minute to each day. So we finish the week with 17 minutes or more if you like. Just add more then 1 minute a day if you think it is ok for you. But I would stay with a minute more a day. 

And remember, failure is needed here. This practice is about losing control, lose the battle, be vulnerable without judgment. Learn to detach from your mind is to be open to failing, to losing control of your thoughts, to learning you are not them, learning that if they think they win because they bothered you or make you sleep is not important because you know that is not about achieving something, but observe. 

I compare my Higher Self and my thoughts as God and humans. Here I am still, Being, the Observer and the One sending Love. The thoughts say things against me, they say things that should bother me in their vision, they try to put the falt on me of actions they want to take. But in the meditation, I am God sending love to my thoughts that once and a while can be lovely and caring but sometimes are just… Controversial and complicated. Let’s say.

You can learn about things you don’t realize you have inside of you, even though it is not you, it can make you some bad. So you can fix it. Like if you are in the house and you have a wire with an electrical problem. If you can become aware of that situation and change it you won’t have future problems. If you can change some idea and put someone new in the place this is not part of you, it is so close and connected and affecting you, that seams it is you, it is the house. As an electric wire can look like part of the house, but it isn’t because you can change it for another one, even with size and different color and the house will be the same, but safer, healthier. 

I hope to help you, I don’t know if I was clear in this last paragraph, but I think you can take the idea. 

Share with me how you start to meditate and if this practice helped you of you do it. 

Thak you, 

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How to Live and Find Your Purpose

How I learned about find and live my purpose. Because is simple is harder to accept it

I was thinking about my role on this earth in this life. I already lost days of the night asking myself my purpose and the purpose of all that. Each question made me find a book, a video, a speech or an insight.

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about our role here. I already said that I am sure that “hard work” is bullshit hen we are talking about achieving a goal. It s beautiful when it is about put food in a table, but not our role here on earth. Nobody roles actually. And just to remember, hard work is to do what you don’t want to do. I can write all day long and I don’t think that it is hard work, but make me study a subject I don’t have an interest in a whole during a day and I will feel like dying inside.

What is our part become clear after an insight that was clearer when I studied alchemy. Alchemy defined for me in a clearer way what I’ve learned in some religions but wasn’t so clear.
First, life is not made of duality, but trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva and others. We are used to the beginning and the end, god or bad, beautiful or ugly. When we open our eyes a bit we can learn that quite rarely those extremes are the reality. So, what is in the middle? Well, life!

But I won’t go deep in it right now, let’s talk about the second thing I learned. We are made of three parts, I will use simple words here but you can go deeper on some books I will live the link below.

Body, the material part. The Salt for alchemy. I would say the anchor. It is the beginning that will see an end. From what we come we will go back and at some point be transformed into another material thing.

Soul, the wavy. Connected with your mind and mainly your subconscious mind. It needs a material form to emanate it. In alchemy is the Mercury. The gas or the oil. What you extract. It connects the materiality because it is part material and the non-material because it is volatile too. Goes from solid to light. (I need to say, that these connections with words can be different because where I am from we see the soul as something particular from the person, where it has some connection with the body, but in some languages, this is the Spirit that can be seen as a ghost, the energy from that person. So you can change the word to be fit your language and understanding)

Spirit, pure energy. It is what it is. For alchemy the refined liquor. It is the non-material, the higher mind.

So, if you understand that as The Holy Spirit you choose a path on Earth, then you are born body and your essence keep connected with the One Eternal Memory and the material body, as we said. Your Soul, your consciousness.

A trinity you are! As trinity, your smaller part has the smaller part on your path, on your purpose, on the reason you are here. Your body, your physical self must do the least because it is just a small grain of material substances. So here you just play the game that must be know from your Soul. I will give a simple example.

You want to win the lottery, your Soul knows you must buy a ticket if it is your path to do it. So your body executes the action. You need to breathe to keep alive, your unconscious mind makes your body do it. Your Soul is the orchestra conductor working with so many minds and functions. And my Spirit? You may ask. It is music. It is the joy in the right number – If you find your path on a lottery game, of course. And please, don’t confuse path with destiny, the path is the choice you made in wholeness with your trinity. The one truth. If in some part of your trinity you don’t find truth in this path, you won’t win it.

If you know, because you can do on purpose and with love something, your path. You will know what to do because your soul will say, show, make your dream with… And won’t be much. We will want to do more, but it is not your limited body duty. I believe that some people, highly connected, can see and know more about this part we can see. But, all of us, at some level need to work with faith. Act, know, and faith are the trinity of your part of the deal here on earth. And if what you know changes after a while, it is normal. We won’t be born in such a concrete way to do only one thing the whole life. Actually, you can do whatever you want as much as you want. We are here, in a broad way to see and say to be this trinity. So it will be a completely normal change dream, path, purpose during this small part of our life.

I hope this helps you be more aware of the size you are as spirit and that most of the time life is a dark night we must walk with faith knowing we are being guided, you just need to practice listening to your guide, your intuition, God!

Some books I indicate:

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy or Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy

Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy or Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy (English Edition)

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EmMa Lopes

How to be balanced and find your value

How to look yourself and see your value and your part in this world.

Hi. How are you?

Yesterday night I remember the history of Diane von Furstenberg. She is a powerful, strong, beautiful human and businesswoman.
Her story and another book I am reading ( Brida, Paulo Coelho ) made me thought about the balance between being humble enough to understand that every human being is your equal. All with the same importance. All as special as the other. This is quite hard to understand, even harder to live about it.

Think about the person you disdain more. For me were easy to think about politicians, it was the first person I thought when I was doing some exercises to become more empathic. To be honest I was doing as part of the process but the result was to become more empathic. After thinking about this person, understand that at the highest level you are the same. I learned through the though that we are like diamonds with different lapidations but the same value. (I think it was Eckhart tole that thaught that). In the end, I prayed for his soul and asked for forgiveness as I was him too.

After I learned this and practice this every day, I learned the second thing in my path. I am worth. And I am not talking about just self-love and confidence. I am talking about see value in what I do. My text, my daily job, my videos. I can say Youtube is my favorite website. I have fun, I learn, I find so many good people doing what they love. But inside me is like all that was something out of my world, something I can’t achieve. It is quite hard to explain because I know what I love to do, what I am good at. I do it, but I don’t see myself as a J.K. Rowling. (Even writing this made me thought, “come one, to right for you compare yourself”, but this is not the real point). If you read her story you understand she is a normal human being that went through hard moments in life, that love what she does before any worry. This is very to break, for me. When you learn that we are the same spirit, all of us humans, the harder part is understanding you can do big things too with what you love.
So practice love towards others and towards yourself can become a huge thing.

The history of Diane von Furstenberg made me think about it because at some point in her life she had tongue cancer. She was in the business she loved but it was a time she was not satisfied. After many things happen and she got free of cancer she could understand that she wasn’t living her truth, doing what she does in a passionate way putting her voice in her own job. Even a person successful and doing what it loves can lose itself in the way. The capacity to remember your value as a fundamental part of the whole is key to overstep fear, paradigms and false believes.

For today, I invite you to be humble to understand that you are special as the person next to you are. And you are valuable as your idol is. Be it Jesus, a celebrity, your mother, it doesn’t matter.

In the book, I was reading there were two beautiful prayers that I will share with you, you may use them for yourself:

“We are human beings and we do not know our greatness, Father. Give us the humility to ask for what we need, Father, because no desire is futile and no request is futile. Each one knows what to feed his soul with; give us the courage to see our desires as coming from the source of Your eternal Wisdom. Only by accepting our wishes can we have an idea of who we are, Father. Amen.”

“Father, make me understand that everything that happens to me that is good in life is because I deserve it. Make me understand that what moves me to seek Your truth is the same strength that moved the saints, that the doubts I have are the same doubts that the saints had and that the weaknesses I feel are the same weaknesses as the saints felt. Make me humble enough to accept that I am no different from others, Father. Amen.” (Brida, Paulo Coelho)

I hope this helps you be in more contact with your inner master, the one that will really teach you. And that helps you to feel more balanced so you can make your dreams reality because they are worth and valuable. Even if you can see it yet.

Books I recommend today:

Brida, Paulo Coelho

Brida, (paperback), Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Collection

Emma Lopes

How to manifest fast – One tip | Serie Spiritual Path

My first path in my spiritual jorney helped me manifest my dreams.

Hi. How are you?
When I sat to write this morning my head was empty. Flouting just an image of myself on a rainy day, I was about twenty years old, maybe nineteen. I was in an old house that my family and I lived years ago. There was nobody in the townhouse, there was just me there. I sat in front of my house and I let the rain fall on me. That day I promised me to keep my inner child, see, analogy and enjoy the simple and natural things on earth. I would laugh at simple things and be myself, no matter what would happen or what people would think.

This was the first time I had a bit of conscious of being present. By the time there was no book I knew talking about it. I just knew that this was important.

A while later, when I listen to people talking about the power of gratitude. How important and magical it could be in manifesting I felt a bit off. I always had a close relationship with God, that I call Father since I was a child. During the day I usually speak with It, normally I give thanks to how life unfold that day. Gratitude was the coin to give, it was the simple act of conscious that it was gratefully received.

Today I saw my life and my manifestations once again. It didn’t feel grateful for what I had or didn’t have but I wanted that to make my life better and make me manifest what I want. Be present, Be simple, Accept in your heart your own path. This is how the magick happens, or the miracle happens.

A few days ago I started to practice Yoga meditation with my eyes open. Each day I try to stay there longer. It is hard and amazing, but I know that some people are worried to stay longer but didn’t enjoy the moment. It took me many years of going forward and back on those teachings to really accept that the path is the magick, not the result. The result, if you may, already exist in a different universe inside of this multi-universe science and probability theorize we live. So the ocult is the path, the mystery is the path. The manifested is the result, the manifestation is the path.

Be present, connect with the simple, be simple.
Let’s play pretend:
Pretend you are late for an important meeting. You are stuck in traffic. You forgot to put intention for your day, started it nervous about this meeting so you put yourself in a traffic situation. How to get out of it? What your child would do? What you as a child would do? Sing? Play a mental game with the cards around? Read a book?
So, why not do something that makes you present in a moment you have for yourself?
You have two choices:
a) Feel nervous and worried about being late? Maybe say bad things for other drivers. And arrive 30 minutes late.
b) Have fun with yourself. Enjoy a moment alone. And arrive 30 minutes late. Or probably less because your mind would be calm to find, or receive an idea that could take you out over there.

People normally think that be realistic and rational is to think about the problem all the time. Be rational is to be able to choose the best option no matter the situation. You discard the actions that would bring you no or few results and stick just with the action that would bring the best result. I always loved the quote: What has no solution, is already solved.

Be present, work in practices and techniques that bring you for the present moment will make your dreams and goals happen faster. You will be able to discover more and more about you, your own power and God.

I recommend those books below and I hope they help you. In this topic I righly recomend The Power of Now.

Dali Lama Meditations: https://Dali Lama

Paulo Coelho Book Collection:

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho:

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham:

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61):

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback):

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship):

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone):

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes):

Bible (More classic):

See you next time,
EmMa Lopes