The Fashion of Canceling, New or Remodeled? | 5 Steps to Cancel The Canceling

The Fashion of Canceling, New or Remodeled? | Facing what technology shows about us.

Welcome to A Note For A Better Life.

I just remember so many things I used to listen to when I was younger. And I cannot put myself out of the crowd. 

Of course the ugly about human is more and more out there, in our face. It doesn’t mean we are all ugliness. And this is the beauty of technology, no sarcasm here. All people that are searching to be better, need to face the collective mistakes too. Otherwise, would we notice our human flaws without technology? 

Maybe one day, but this makes it quicker to get there. 

We are not the canceling generation, we are facing the thing we were used to seeing as children, probably our parents too. 

I am not saying this is right too, I am saying, stop pointing fingers. 

I remember listening to things like: 

Who are you to say that?

You are too young to opine about it.

He doesn’t know how to use the language correctly, how can I listen to him?

He doesn’t have a degree.

What is your surname? 

You are just a dreamer. 

And there are so many more things that are so usual that we don’t realize we are practicing the ‘canceling’. Nowadays people use groups to do this, but we learn this. People hardly learn to listen and give space to the other existence, and of course, this goes deeper in each of us in many different forms. 

I saw a woman being canceled on TikTok and she was very upset because she had degrees in the subject and people were canceling her calling her stupid and all that, but for me, it was clear why. She was canceling many people for not having a degree. We don’t know everything, but when we are treated like dumb for not knowing we won’t be there to listen. (Most of us, at least). I don’t think she was an educator, so we can’t blame her for being a bit rude speaking and not knowing how to separate herself from the degrees she had, and I understand why, she worked hard to that she fells pride for them. But people weren’t canceling her in the beginning, but some ideas that are not so public made people go crazy against her and she was rude explaing it. (Even if was public ideas, nobody must know everything). Some people will disagree with the idea out of ignorance (be patient to explain) and some because normally there are different approaches and point of views in the world, even in the academic world, no matter how much you study a subject there will be people that see that in a different way and will have researchers proving something different of what you believe as though with few exceptions. (More exceptions, maybe all, are in the scientific field). 

Well, and why all this post? To say the obvious we all know? Maybe. I am kidding. 

To ask how to let go of it or not have this is your life, in our lives!

  1. There is much reason for someone to be stupid and rude, non will be because of you directly, even if the person directs the speak to your face. Guess what? Here ‘ego work’ works! When you put yourself out of the situation you notice the person had a bad day, a bad education (in the politeness aspect), the culture is different, they are very attached to be part of something, the need to get out of bad feelings putting down other, in other words, not treated psychological issues, big ego… It is never you. So relax and forget it. 
  2. If you practiced canceling on a bad day, in a bad mood. Working is yourself go back in that canceling moment and look for the trigger. Self-knowledge will grow and even on a bad day, you won’t do it again. 
  3. If you believe in one thing, if you are pro-something, study the other side. I had a teacher in college that would let you choose a side on a subject just to ask you to write against it, no matter what it was. So if you were pro-euthanasia, you should write against it and vice-versa. This taught me a lot about myself and the world.

A few days ago I learned about “spiritual” people, people that meditated and studied spirituality in the late XIX that supposedly had insights into superior people here on Earth. This idea came from a monk, a man that went to live in the woods to find knowledge and enlightenment, and another man that would study old books of different religions. Those men started to believe in the idea of a superior race. I didn’t find a connection between them but it was something that appeared when I was studying religions and spirituality in Vienna, soon I gave up to know more about that century(I canceled those crazy dead men). But that made me understand Nazism a bit more. Those ideas started to be accepted by the local elite, I didn’t find the connection either, but I don’t believe it was a coincidence. (Knowing this doesn’t justify it, just helps to avoid it). And I am saying that because if you learn both sides of everything, when is a bad thing you will know how to avoid it to happen again. And you can learn about yourself looking to the other, looking to the opposed idea, looking for what you don’t want. (We already talked about “shadow work”). 

4. Learn to listen, not just to accept or change opinion, but to give space to others’ existence. Remember you are that person too, you have flaws, you have guilts, you are no better or worse. “If its sin is great, let your compassion be greater.” Ego work for that. (Not easy, I know). 

5. Meditate. (Really Sherlock?) Well, what can I say? You need a those of calmness to be better, act better, and listen shit. 

I hope this gives you a new way to observe your mistakes and others. Canceling can be good if used to make you healthier and calmer. Cancel the mind noises and judgments and you will see the wonders.

Much Love, 

E.M. Lopes


Let go of materiality is hard, if they say it is not, or they don’t know what they saying, or they didn’t it right. May not be for you yet and this is ok, but if you are ready start with those 4 steps to flow

Many, perhaps all, spiritual teachings teach us to be fluid. Fluidity brings calm, lightness, that smile on your face for no reason. But one of the main steps to develop this aspect is to practice the famous detachment, however, most of us practice superficially. Let’s be serious in this blog for once and talk about it. 

We can easily understand philosophies like Taoism but live it is hard. We can understand we should give value to the ordinary and let the extraordinary come to us, detach to the material world but be here and experience it. For our mind, this is a pure contradiction however is where you will find fluidity. 

Why is this hard? 

When those philosophies talk about leaving the materiality we think about objects, mainly luxury or fashion, but it goes much further. People and animals around us in their material form are temporary too, and let go of them can be very difficult. 

Love, but don’t cling. 

This goes being the belief of souls and meeting those beings in another place. Understand that even if souls are reunited, little or nothing will keep them to go on together, everything would depend on the process of each soul. Then, if this is the truth of the beyond, it is a priority to be able to live with the idea of ​​letting everything and everyone go. 

Love, and don’t cling.


  1. Imagine yourself as the creator of all this, look to your life, people, and objects around you. You created it all. You can’t stop them from evolving, learning, enjoying all the experiences. As the creator, you feel like a mother that wants the best for them, even if this means they live far away. You won’t block the path of that woman to find the person that will help her to improve you won’t stop that man from going because it is part of his process. This is a way to understand it, but can’t still be hard. You will need to find this is your process.
  2. I meditated into the love I felt for those beings. I gave myself in the meditations humbly. I imagine the best for their life, not judging the best, but seeing them happy, smiling, excited. The love grew and was simple. 
  3. In another moment, a while after those meditations into love. I practiced imagining life without the people I love in deep meditation, the reality found in meditation made it hurt and heal their lack. I cried after meditate, and I did it more them once. I’ve already lost some of these people from my coexistence, I knew how to let go (after a few tears, of course), and there was love and gratitude for the time I had with them. I am not saying this is not hard, but it is needed. 
  4. I meditated into the union. Even if you find the people you love in another life for a moment, if it’s better for them and you, you’ve gone different ways, but you’ll also be part of it, always. So I meditated on this.

 But for the sake of you, start with objects. If they break, that’s fine. If you don’t work as before, recycle, if they don’t fit you, donate. Do this with more and more frequency. 

This is a small past because I wanted to go straight to the point here. I hope this helps you. 

Much Love,

E.M. Lopes

How Did I attracted this? | Law of Attraction works?

Sometimes things we don’t want happens, what is this? Am I responsible?

Hello again. 

It is quite hard to say everything happens in your life because of you, because of your belives. When you think about people suffering since a child it may be a statement that generates just bad feelings and helps no one. I know people question themselves and wonder about their situation. We already talked about how to pass it. Acceptance, because you must let go of resistance and acceptance, be present, understand that there is no problem, but situations we must change or live with it. Don’t look. Is it possible? Yes. But imagine that your mind work must be huge. 

I will talk about the small things here because past trauma may be needed a professional. If you think your problem is big, well, look for a professional but this belief already put you steps back. Try to work with this. “I can overcome this easily, I will look for professional help because I want the company in the process, just it!” Never make the walls to big. Let’s move to the point… 

I started to justify many of my physical pain with thoughts like “Maybe it is coffee that it is not making me good”. Or “I can stand too much, or my back hurts”. For a person, that exercise and eats well some of those statements completely out of normality. Of course, many of them came from moments of stress with some scary suggestions. For example, I was in a moment of ending a period of my story but I didn’t know, I just felt all stuck, and at the same time everything kind of crumbling. The year’s younger was so far away, past started to be present in many weirds ways. 

My body responded to the stress and when something started to happen and someone says, “I had that because of this external thing…” I used to absorb it. I put myself with a fight with my mind, when you are working with your ego it may happen, however, it is important to remember that as part of a trinity it is better to balance Mind, Body, and Soul instead of fight with one of them. Be it in your spiritual beliefs, your ego work, or trying to lose weight and be healthy. Any fight you put against some of those parts of yourself will make things harder. Bring you entirely to the game.

Work with affirmations, meditation, and break believes will help you a lot.

I will live some affirmations to inspire you to create yours:

“My mind translate beautiful ideas from the Universe”

“My mind is an intimate friend and helps me heal” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I feel joyful and energetic because I am connected with my body” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I am attentive to my body needs”

“I am in balance and my soul feels fulfilled” 

“My soul flows through life”

Any quote that makes you feel at ease will help you give a step to a better life. 

Look for those signs:

  1. What do I say to myself that it is someone else or something else fault? (Give love to your mind, you are telling yourself bad stories).
  2. What subject makes me overthink my actions? Or overthink at all. (Give love to the area you overthink and understand your fears)
  3. Do I have many nightmares? (Give love to your mind)
  4. Do I keep asking and trying to make practices of manifestation? (Maybe your faith need a boost) 

Remember, your mind, soul, and body will react accordingly. When you listen about Yin and Yang energy like “Of course, I know what it is… what is it anyway” Well, you not alone, but try to think this way to make it easier to remember and balance it. They are two things that create a balanced thing, I like to think mind + body = happy soul. It is a pour way to think but can help us, mortals. Dark + light = happy soul … All dualistic concepts balanced to make things better. And for us, the important part is Action+Acceptance = Happy Soul (A better life). It is simple as make a coffee (action) + no sugar at home and a new flavor to drinking (acceptance as a reaction) = Lovely life 

Acceptance is not to be unhappy, it is live well with no judgment. Open yourself for the present moment, receive it, observe it. Your mind should work as a receptor, not a judge. It will receive and put in your language beautiful ideas, but it shouldn’t learn judge as good or bad, a problem and a solution, or any other box. 

Balanced trinity = The body makes coffee without sugar at home + Mind has the idea of adding cinnamon that incredibly makes coffee less bitter and different + The soul appreciates after receiving sensations and ease.

Well, lovely people, I hope this post helps you that is a more brainy person to understand the balance needed and how it may work. If you have a doubt or a question about a situation I and readers may help you so let a comment. 

See you soon, 

EmMa Lopes

Tao, Dolce far Niente – Do Nothing and Be Better in Everything | How can I be more Intuitive?

Grow your company or your relationship will be more that “hard work”.

Do nothing to change your life! Does it work? I have some points to demystify what is “do nothing”. I would like to say that the work to arrive at this stage is what I call Spiritual Path (or work), if you just stop, stamping the ground, impatient, and with expectations, forget it. I would say you can see some changes, but I can’t say you will see enough to make you change your life. So, be patient with yourself and your evolution. Don’t rush it. And understand that, the material guy that loves being in the stock Exchange is not someone lost that needs to be pitied. Each one of us came to live some experiences, some more material, some more spiritual. For some, learn about the practical Law of Attraction is enough, for others go deep in all religions and learn about all religious development is not enough. We all have a role to play. I love to learn about investment, I studied engineering, I like to live in a balanced and I don’t separate areas, so my intuition can work in all areas of my life. Let’s remember once more, that is no right and wrong, good and bad. There are conscious lives experiencing this world and help the Universal conscious evolve. (As one of the possible believes of reality). 

  1. Nature uses less energy, preferentially. Productivity is to do the right thing, not more things here. Take this for all areas of your life. For those who own a company, I would recommend the book The Goal, Eliyahu M. Goldratt to understand more of this. If you know your company, you will be able to do more with less effort. Protecting the mind and body of your employee and the health of your company. Find the smart way to do things (you won’t find overthinking, maybe nor thinking at all), this will be in a state of ease if you feel overwhelmed that is the sing you have no idea what you are doing. 
  2. Be is more important than do. Actually, being radical for most of us, Be is the only thing that matters. It can be hard to achieve, but undoubtedly it is the easier path. The problem you will find here is that most of the time we want something, and we want it for a specific way. Imagine if you have a company and you suddenly feel you should sell it and move with few things to another country, would you do it? You start to have dreams about it. Would you do it? Here is where your path has a bifurcation. Be happy, be a company owner. (Funny that I remember growing up if I had this scenario that time I would choose be a company owner). Your company is great, the last semester paid more than expected, never healthier. You woke up in the middle of the night after a dream showing you that it was broke. Would you leave it? After 6 months COVID came, you lost everything and the company no longer has a buyer. Would you like to have listened to your intuition? You will feel fear, but if you are present, living more than thinking, in meditation the most of the time (not sitting meditating, but conscious in your life). It won’t be anything to be protected, you are nature now, even if a nuclear bomb fall here, patiently you will reborn. Metaphorically, please. 
  3. Tip of the day. To be connected enough to listen to your Intelligent self, you must be with your feet on the ground. I feared the lack of money, or not have enough to live my dream life. What now for me is stupid, first because what is the point to have a life I can’t live it. Someone else is living it, like the “chance”. Maybe destiny. Or even reality. The reality based on feelings, perceptions, and beliefs that may be implanted in my past for someone else. No, thank you,I live it. How did I overcome it? How I could live in peace with money? How could I understand I have more than enough? (Energise your first chakra, the Chakra of basics necessities, sometimes is not easy, but how I did it? ) Understand the real value of money. First, I didn’t have this problem but if you have, understand that money is a tool. Good and bad is about you. You can make a meal with a knife, you can make somebody be a meal with it. Second, you don’t need to be a millionaire to have great experiences. I recommend this book so you can learn more about itThe 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich . A month in England plus 11 days in Tuscany took me about 3000 dollars some years ago. I lived a year studying abroad with government support, no money of my needed. You can go further here, read about what you want, use free tools to learn what you can… Don’t give the impossible value for money, give the real value to it. Thirdly, don’t save it, invest it. Spare money is throwing money away. 

I want to talk more about it, if you like it, in some post. As I said, more here, less there we find our experiences. But wee all need, or it would be great, to know a bit of everything. Be spiritual, material, and mind. The perfect trinity. And to have a better life, it is good to feel good in all areas, feeling at ease in all areas will make us grow in all directions. We don’t need to choose one or be overwhelmed with information, we just need to do and have enough to help us to feel at ease. If your faith can’t do it now, maybe you can prepare yourself to feel better and grow your faith with time, and at some point, fear won’t be there anymore. 

This topic is quite embracing. I hope this post helps you and I see you soon.
EmMa Lopes

7 Signs You are Manifesting Your Dream | Live your best life

How can you know if this Law o Attraction and Manifestations are working?

Hello again.

I don’t know if someone noticed, but some of the posts I did lately were about the 21 Days of Law of Attraction Challenge. And today’s topic I recommend you read a post of the blog but we will talk about some of the topics here. Law of Attraction

When I asked to learn more so my life would be focused on the spiritual life I was at the end of the engineering graduation. I was in a relationship of four years. I had a good curriculum, but I couldn’t find a job. My life was completely out of me. It was in the middle of the year, in a day I was full of things to do that everything came to an end for me. I finished the relationship, I knew each day that engineering wasn’t my thing, I loved the city I was and my little corky house, however, I knew it wasn’t my city. 

In a year from that day, everything changed. I finished college, I met a person that I didn’t believe how perfectly it is and how amazing our story started, I found a job with nice people that paid me very well in the city I love and I live today and I found an apartment that I love. (I consciously manifested each thing, but I will talk more in other posts).

The first sign you will look for is inside of you. How you feel and how things developed for you are very important. Things happen with easy when you are on the right path. The hardness you find can be a sign of the wrong path but be aware here that it is not every obstacle that shows you are in the wrong physical path, you maybe be with the wrong mindset and you will have some setbacks, but those are very easy to change or move from your way. 

The second sign is the feeling about yourself in your life. It is pretty normal don’t see yourself in your life if you’re not living it. Maybe your job was forced in you by your parents or circumstances. Even if it can’t be changed at the moment, be aware of it is a great step to manifest a better life. I and my brother are in a point of life where we wake up early because we love what we do. But…

This is the third thing. Your sleep pattern change. Maybe because you are excited to wake up and do what you love before going to the job you need to. In the beginning, I needed to, it will be normal when you find what you love. Search for it can be your current desire and that it’s great, don’t worry you will find it. Connect with your beliefs and trust you will be helped. 

Four, meditate and practice meditation focusing on your intuition. Use guided meditations, read and learn more about it and mainly relax about it. Signs come when they come if your force it, you won’t see them. 

Fifth, your dreams can help you. If you have many nightmares you probably are in a spiritual cleaning process, here it won’t be good to take them as a sign. But if you don’t remember them or don’t pay attention to them do this. Take a notebook and let on the side of your bed, before sleep you will repeat that you will remember your dreams in the morning. Some days you will, some you won’t but keep doing it. I recommend you do it for life. At some point, you will be able to ask Universe to answer you something and you will dream with the answer and be able to understand it. Other times, you will dream of things that may happen. I say “may” because you can change the result changing your energy. It is just the Universe saying, “Hey, since you are conscious about me now, I would like to ask you if you want this”. 

Sixth, don’t stop small signs thinking the Universe is lazy enough to coincidences exist in the traditional meaning of it. Repeated numbers, animals coming to you, objects, people, phrases repeatedly appearing in your life. Let me say it, some sign will be signs you realise the existence of them but you won’t understand. I have two things to say about it. Some of them are happening for a higher you, some dreams will be for your soul, if you meditate and be connected with yourself you will find the calm to let it go. Secondly, sometimes you will be able to say, “something is changing” but the change can’t be revealed now or you could affect in ways you don’t want to be anxious, with expectations, talking, and thinking too much. My experience with it is, as more I grow spiritually more I know because I know how to deal with this. So, relax and take them seriously. 

Seventh, end of many things. As I said at the beginning of this post you will realize what doesn’t serve you anymore. Be grateful for the time you had it and let it go. The person, the job, the city… When you can, obviously. 

Well, nice people that read this blog and I hope you to have a better life yet. You will be a different person, more whole. The material and energetic you will be one and things you didn’t believe start to make sense, if you are skeptical like me, you will start to love and look for the knowledge you didn’t care much before. The culture you didn’t pay attention to, the people you didn’t give much time. Everything will change. Movie taste, food, exercise routine, people around you (they will change or will be different people), city, house, experiences… Just remember, your experience will be parts different from mine and others, it is good to learn with other people but have your experience. 

I hope this helps you, 

see you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Decluttering Is it necessary or cliche?

Decluttering. It is directly connected with a better life, manifest, law of attraction, but for the reason that was never told

I sense every blog about improvement, evolution, development of self, talks about decluttering. And, different from breathing that is obvious and simple, I find decluttering hard and cliche. But must be done. I know dear, don’t get me wrong, for me is boring, for others is hard to let go, to others, many of the things have an emotional attachment.

More then Minimalismun, Feng Shui, open space for the new. Decluttering your space is one of the most practical ways and this dimensional way yo get you out of your ego. If you have “a stile” get out of it is an opportunity to let go of identification. It is like a training for your mind to understand “no more ‘I I I’, now I AM”. And I am not here to be the one to say repeat every day “I am” or any other mantra. I believe you will find your own affirmations to work with. I am here to remember you that any form of identification is holding you. The way you work, the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you speak, everything that is you, you should get rid of.

I know it sounds radical (actually, probably is). Once, a long time ago I didn’t understand what be alienated was. I watched the news, I had an opinion, I knew all it had to know. I would think, how can I be alienated watching the news and reading every day. So, I traveled. I’ve been in places tv says is stunning, they weren’t. I’ve been to places tv never shown, they were stunning. Then, I was the news, the scholarship I was had much news saying all kinds of unreal stuff like they were not paying the scholarship, the payment was late. Nothing like that happened, and I was in a group where many of us come to ask other students about this because maybe didn’t happen with me, but with some other students. But no, nothing at all. Them I listen to tv talking about places I’ve been in ways I couldn’t believe. I started to realize, they don’t need to say the truth, they are not police or something.

My first decluttering was to let the tv go, literally. I love to watch movies, series, but I found out that the day was so long. I didn’t new it. Suddenly I could have fun, study, and work at the same time. I continued the decluttering when I moved to my current house. I did a few decluttering during my life, but I never really let what I don’t use go. Take your time, I couldn’t let go of all the closes I never used because I had a childhood with short money, so I was always thinking if I let all I don’t use go, maybe someday I would choose between buy clothes and travel somewhere, or eat in a cool place, or any other experience. Or I couldn’t afford new ones, any kind of scenario. Until today I am all about buy the expensive piece that you would have forever than the fast fashion, I love fashion as art. I don’t have the greens to do this yet, but I could let go because each step I gave made my ego smaller. We really can be minimalistic, open space for the new, and Feng Shui as a historical practice if done with a professional, not a post online, can be amazing. (I know people that write about those things want to do the best and share something nice, but many things can’t be done like that. As a spiritual path can’t be lived in a month practicing yoga.

After that, I would like to ask you to declutter, so you can become less your ego and more the perfect being You Are!

EmMa Lopes

The Two Cup Method | Manifesting Your Reality With Water

How I manifested a job paying how much I wanted and my new carrier


Today we will talk about Law of Attraction and the Two cups of water technique.

I already shared with you why I started to believe in the Law of Attraction, that actually I didn’t know by this name. And today I want to share a technique that is quite famous and worked for me. 

I truly believe that any technique will depend only on you. You can not say it doesn’t work if with you it doesn’t work. Learn to manifest is part of any spiritual path. It is to know your real power. Any technique is a practical way to help you get in the right mindset and energy field. If a specific one doesn’t help you, try others or find your own way to do it. You can as your Higher Self, or your guides to share with you a way to do it. But all of these are tricks to make your mind clearer and your energy receptive. 

There are two people and books I want to share that talks about it. One is Yogananda. He is an Indian guru, at least, that brought yoga to occident as a practice to meet God, to live a better life. His book Autobiography of a Yogi (other version: Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship) or the version with bonus) was the book that Steve Jobs re-read every year. I felt in love with this book because it is pure, it has simple writing and teaches us many things about our own power and what human beings can do. He talks about some experiences where he or other person needed a material and practical action or objects to believe in a miracle to then learn that the miracle was already there. However, his faith needed to be stronger, so for his mind believe, it was given an object or a technique so he would believe that miracle was possible, more than that, that miracle was real. 

The other person is Jesus, why not? He tried to teaches us our power, that we would do more them him if we believe. That:

Matthew 9:22

“Take courage, daughter,” He said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was cured from that very hour.


Luke 7:50

And Jesus told the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

Even more:

Luke 18:42

“Receive your sight!” Jesus replied. “Your faith has healed you.”

(Bibles that I recomend: Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone) Bible (Pink cover with space for notes) Bible (More classic) )

But most of the time we need something to feed the mind so the faith has space to work. 

The technique of Two Glasses of Water helped me twice. One of them was when I left college and I was looking for a job. I saw all my friends getting good jobs but I never felt good enough, I didn’t saw all years studing, learning laguanges to get a schoolarship to study abroad, study abroad, travel to meet other cultures as enough to be good and have a good job. So I clenned my self-esteem away taking note of what I’ve learned and did. Then I meditate to clear my mind. So I did it and I will share step by step:

Part 1

The second time this practice helped me was to live that job I received it to work for myself at home. And you reading it are part of this. I left the job because I knew it wasn’t my path. I studied engineering because it was the only option by the time in my history, even though I knew it wasn’t my path carrier I’ve learned and lived a lot of good things because of it. But now it is time for the new. 

  1. Take two glasses, put in front of you. 
  2. Take one and put it closer. 
  3. Write your present situation. 
  4. Stick in this glass. 
  5. Take the other glass.
  6. Write the situation as you want to be. 
  7. Stick it in the glass. 

Part 2

  1. Take the first glass, with the present situation, put some water, be as present as you can at this moment, listen to the water, watch it fall into the glass.
    Take the glass and holding it, close your eyes and see your present situation.
  2. Feel you and the body as one. You are the glass, the water is your reality.
  3. Opes your eyes and put the other glass next to you.
  4. This is your new body, see yourself as this new glass.
  5. Put the water from the old glass to the new one, the second one. This action is the transformation power here. Listen to the water falling in this new body, see it fitting in this new glass.
  6. Take the second glass and feel it.
  7. Close your eyes and see the new situation, your new reality, because the transformation already happened.
  8. You don’t know how, but you are living life as you want now.
  9. You are the glass and the situation as you want is this water.
  10. Drink the water feeling the happiness of this new blessing you received. Feel the freshness of the water, feel it going through your body. Be present here and now because you are glad about your new life situation.

Part 3

  1. Meditate for a few seconds in this blessed feeling of joy.
  2. Open your eyes, clean everything.
  3. Keep the joy and forget all the rest, don’t pray for it anymore, don’t think about it. Live life with the joy that you live a great life. If you get yourself smiling and happy in another day, don’t ask yourself why you feeling like it. Just enjoy the feeling.

The second time this practice helped me was to leave that job I received it in the first time I did this technique to work for myself at home. And you reading it are part of this, tahnk you. I left the job because I knew it wasn’t my path. I studied engineering because it was the only option by the time in my history, even though I knew it wasn’t my path carrier I’ve learned and lived a lot of good things because of it. But now it is time for the new.

See you next time.

I hope you have a great day.

EmMa Lopes

How to Live and Find Your Purpose

How I learned about find and live my purpose. Because is simple is harder to accept it

I was thinking about my role on this earth in this life. I already lost days of the night asking myself my purpose and the purpose of all that. Each question made me find a book, a video, a speech or an insight.

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about our role here. I already said that I am sure that “hard work” is bullshit hen we are talking about achieving a goal. It s beautiful when it is about put food in a table, but not our role here on earth. Nobody roles actually. And just to remember, hard work is to do what you don’t want to do. I can write all day long and I don’t think that it is hard work, but make me study a subject I don’t have an interest in a whole during a day and I will feel like dying inside.

What is our part become clear after an insight that was clearer when I studied alchemy. Alchemy defined for me in a clearer way what I’ve learned in some religions but wasn’t so clear.
First, life is not made of duality, but trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva and others. We are used to the beginning and the end, god or bad, beautiful or ugly. When we open our eyes a bit we can learn that quite rarely those extremes are the reality. So, what is in the middle? Well, life!

But I won’t go deep in it right now, let’s talk about the second thing I learned. We are made of three parts, I will use simple words here but you can go deeper on some books I will live the link below.

Body, the material part. The Salt for alchemy. I would say the anchor. It is the beginning that will see an end. From what we come we will go back and at some point be transformed into another material thing.

Soul, the wavy. Connected with your mind and mainly your subconscious mind. It needs a material form to emanate it. In alchemy is the Mercury. The gas or the oil. What you extract. It connects the materiality because it is part material and the non-material because it is volatile too. Goes from solid to light. (I need to say, that these connections with words can be different because where I am from we see the soul as something particular from the person, where it has some connection with the body, but in some languages, this is the Spirit that can be seen as a ghost, the energy from that person. So you can change the word to be fit your language and understanding)

Spirit, pure energy. It is what it is. For alchemy the refined liquor. It is the non-material, the higher mind.

So, if you understand that as The Holy Spirit you choose a path on Earth, then you are born body and your essence keep connected with the One Eternal Memory and the material body, as we said. Your Soul, your consciousness.

A trinity you are! As trinity, your smaller part has the smaller part on your path, on your purpose, on the reason you are here. Your body, your physical self must do the least because it is just a small grain of material substances. So here you just play the game that must be know from your Soul. I will give a simple example.

You want to win the lottery, your Soul knows you must buy a ticket if it is your path to do it. So your body executes the action. You need to breathe to keep alive, your unconscious mind makes your body do it. Your Soul is the orchestra conductor working with so many minds and functions. And my Spirit? You may ask. It is music. It is the joy in the right number – If you find your path on a lottery game, of course. And please, don’t confuse path with destiny, the path is the choice you made in wholeness with your trinity. The one truth. If in some part of your trinity you don’t find truth in this path, you won’t win it.

If you know, because you can do on purpose and with love something, your path. You will know what to do because your soul will say, show, make your dream with… And won’t be much. We will want to do more, but it is not your limited body duty. I believe that some people, highly connected, can see and know more about this part we can see. But, all of us, at some level need to work with faith. Act, know, and faith are the trinity of your part of the deal here on earth. And if what you know changes after a while, it is normal. We won’t be born in such a concrete way to do only one thing the whole life. Actually, you can do whatever you want as much as you want. We are here, in a broad way to see and say to be this trinity. So it will be a completely normal change dream, path, purpose during this small part of our life.

I hope this helps you be more aware of the size you are as spirit and that most of the time life is a dark night we must walk with faith knowing we are being guided, you just need to practice listening to your guide, your intuition, God!

Some books I indicate:

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy or Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy

Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy or Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy (English Edition)

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

How to deal with hater, enemy or others ego | Be in peace with

After learn about enemies I can fight the good fight and help you to do it easier too.


How are you?

Yesterday, or the day before, I had my first hater. And since we are here working on ego, it doesn’t really matter, but since we here growing and living the better life, synchronicity worked to show the purpose of it.

I am reading once more a Paulo Coelho book, The Pilgrimage. After he fights his enemy I thought Eureka, here it is why.

We need to remember a lot of thing of this path to get those messages.

  1. Nothing is “normal”. There are no coincidence. It happens for you. Not because you bad and deserve it, but because you need that to grow, to learn something you asked for. To face a fear. Life is happening, but your life is happening for you.
  2. Give back is fight with ego. Give a lesson, if exists, back. It is work with Universe.
  3. You need to fight you fight, to win it you must be present. If you wonder the past or the future, you lose already.
  4. Have an “enemy” it is not a bad thing, it is the test of the living being.

I feared criticism all my life. Others opinions matter for me, until I read about egos. I don’t understand why people are not polite sometimes, but I understand it is an ego thing. The person in the car that didn’t signal lane change don’t know me, so how can this be personal to me be offended? My ego felt defensive many times until I realized that it wasn’t with me. Probably the person is a bad driver, or had a problem that day, or was on its mind letting its ego take control over it. The person don’t hate me, or did that to offended me. But most people think like it. At least, act like it.

I did this video where using the water cup technique I got a job that payed as much I asked for. For safety, I didn’t show the place or how much I was payed for. The guy did this bad and sarcastic comment. My first reaction was to ignore since I know he isn’t a happy person and probably has many egoist problems to deal with. Latter, reading the book I though. He may be an enemy, the devil itself trying to put me out of my peace. But what I’ve learned (since there are god and bad just in the human illusion of this dualistic life) is that devil is an enemy that present itself to fight “the good combat” as Paulo says. (The bible Paulo). When you need to be present, act with you soul, be the spirit and defeat the enemy. Don’t fight is let the enemy win (and I am not talking about fight in the street with everyone to prove an ego thing that has no bigger purpose, come one people). Fight thinking about future or past situations is to lose. Be present and in the adversity create the solution, this is win.

In the book, Paulo Coelho gives a simple example. When his wife ask him to change the project of his house when it was already in progress. So, he went to the engineer and say about those changes to him. This person look a wall already made and give a new idea, changing the project but not enough to need to start again.

So, next time you face an unexpected challenge don’t run, fight your good fight and probably you will feel great and filled with love.

Be present.

Don’t think about give up or run.

Change the result.

I hope this helps you as helped me.

(I am recording more videos with law of attraction techniques with images of the result on the Youtube channel More).

EmMa Lopes

5 practices to make money flow to you

I never had problem with money. I was a child of two teenagers, I had difficult time, but the person I am never saw money as a problem or something hard to achieve. I didn’t have enough until I want something, them mysteriously I receive what I asked for, if it needs money to be manifested, I received it. So, I grew up. In the middle of this natural process I worked hard, but money came. When I decided that I wanted to relax, travel, backpack through the world, money came stronger and I could do everything I wanted.

This flow is growing it day. (Thanks God!)

But as I was learning about manifestation, I learned new techniques, I improved myself on how to let money flow on my life.

I can give 5 tips that you can introduce in you day.

Try to add each one during a week, then you go to the next one. (They are pretty easy and most may sound obvious, but this post can remember you this and help you organize a way to practice it)

  1.  Be grateful for what you receive

Be grateful for what come in. Every time you receive your salary or find a coin in the street, have some discount, say “Thank you for this money coming into my life”. You can fin the best quote for you. Maybe “Thank you because money always flow to me”. If you are not able to feel grateful for each spend it, as soon as you can. My father once sells a car, an old car. The person took about four years to pay him, he was so furious that he would prefer to forget it than ask for the money once more. Four years later he received the money. He still didn’t feel good about it, so he has a vacation with it and spend it in a week. At list he felt good after all, better them if he kept the money that would remind him so many bad moments.  (Do it for a week)

  • Be grateful for the money out
    This is a bit hard for me to remember. I remember frequently to complain about the price of things, even though I can afford, but I am writing this post because I remember once more how it is important, and that I had great results in the past. The flow must continuo, be grateful when you can afford something helps this go and come movement. So, when you get next to the pay moment in a store or supermarket, even online. Think how thankful you are for your new objects or food. Then, say something in your mind, or outload if you like: “Where this go, more come back in flow”. As I give, more shall I receive”. You can say (in both cases) “Thank you money”. (Do this for a week, try not think about what to buy and the prices. Be objective, I want it, I accept the price, or I don’t accept this price so I will have this other thing… And when you pay, be thankful. You can say thank you for the cashier, she is helping you and your money probably are helping it too).
  • Ask why you want it?
    Most of time we want money for the money, but it flows easier when you know what you really want, and why. For example, few years ago I manifest the year abroad and the travels. (As I always talk about because it was one of my biggest manifestations). I was being very honest about my desires. So, when I asked What I want? – The answer was easy. To travel! Then, I asked: Why am I not doing it? Because I need money to do it. As I stumble in this object to make my desire come true, I put my manifestation in my faith object. God! I asked It, I visualized the travel part. I didn’t care about the money; I am sure It is bigger than any amount of money. Few months later I received the opportunity with more money that I expected. (Every time you think about money, or wanting it ask yourself and write it down: “Why are you need it?” “What for?” “How would be life with this amount of money?” If there is fear, “Why do you fear this?” “Are this fear real, or social conditioning?”

  • Practice the Boyfriend/Girlfriend technique
    My biggest desire as teenager was to have a boyfriend. One day I read a chip book about how to attract man. It was a good book, not because the content I must confess, but it makes me think. Well, it is too much work. Guess what, I will love myself for two years, I think I deserve more. I didn’t touch a person for two years, after that I was so in love with myself that anybody seams to good to me. So, I enjoyed me, my friends and my family most of time. Man started to be attracted to me as I never imagined. After a few learnings, I found a person that write me poetry, and yes, I love it. Make money want you. Feel complete, feel perfect, feel as you have it all because you understand that it is different need something than want something. You can desire a person but live without it just good. You can desire a new house, but live without it where you are with joy, appreciating every corner of your rented house. I lived in a small apartment for bit more than a year, I received everything I needed, but it was a simple time of a college student. Beside my spiritual path, it was a great way to look for life in a simpler way. (Do this for a week, with the two practices before too. Try to feel free of worry and need. Feel free!)

  • Feel rich
    I love to put fancy names in things to feel in the lightest way rich. For example, when I movie to my new apartment I started to call it my Luxury Apartment. My normal bed I call King, King is so comfortable. In Brazil we have a Meme with a woman screaming “I am rich” I use it for jokes constantly. Have an easier approach on money make all the difference for me. If it was a serious boring thing, nobody would want it. But if you can be friends with it, it can love you and come to you easily. (Enjoy the feeling buying something for you this week, in the other days, appreciate everything you have. I had this old refrigerator with Mary adhesive on it. It cost me about 20 dollars, give more trouble and work than I could imagine a refrigerator could. But I loved it, I give it a name and I even said I love it to it sometimes. Than I received a huge new one as a gift.)

I hope it inspires you to look differently for money.
EmMa Lopes