6 Steps to Improve Your Meditation | Deepak Chopra Experience

I never asked what meditation can improve in my life, the goal was the feeling while meditating for hours. Do this 21 days

Hello again.

I started to do a meditation program. The 21-day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra and the musician J Balvin. I am on day 5 and I am loving it. It a small talk with a few minutes of mantra work. After that, you are good to go, or you can stay longer if you used to meditate. 

And am I here just to say what I am doing? of course not. (Maybe)

Let’s talk about meditation. If you read a little bit about it you already know that meditating is not so much action, it is more a state of mind. It can be made in a nonaction state, but it also comes from a nonreaction state where you living your normal routine, but in a meditative state.


You live in connection, aware, conscious, observant, without reacting to outside actions. It means two things. 

One, meditation is NOT an assignment to put in your daily list. It is how you will live from the moment you decide to give it a chance. If you start to add the “traditional” (feel, don’t move and avoid thinking – or any other similar technique you like), you will start to see your life change. Memory improves, day look bigger, patience is natural, right choices, less negative thoughts, or less reaction and attachment to them. From now on, your life will change. 

Two, meditation has a starting point, not an end one. Of course, we need to train to be in this state. Surrender to a knowledge that it is not rational it is hard. First, it is hard to believe in it. Maybe you will need to put to the test, so you can experience the best answer coming in a moment of no thoughts. You can read about many scientists that had some practice to use those tools. 

Many successful people use it. J Balvin, it is just one example, you can think about Steve Jobs, and if you want the practices but not a spiritual/religious talk you can read about Ford, DaVinci, Tesla… 

I recommend Deepak Chopra for both cases, his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams https://amzn.to/32BE4mR it is quite straight forward and you can apply it in your daily life with not much effort. 

If you are at the starting point of this process.:

  1. Plan to live a moment in the morning for meditation and keep yourself in this awareness during your day. 
  2. If you feel like your mind can stop thinking about a list of things to do in your mind, observe what it make you feel and where this feeling is concentrated. You don’t need to do much, just observe. 
  3. Make it fun, maybe you can find a challenge where you have guided meditation for a few days. (I am thinking about creating it on Youtube to help). Tell me what you think.
  4. Sometimes I wake up excited to do something and meditate it is quite hard. I repeat to myself “Nobody is asking anything, nobody wants anything from me now. I am free to be here. I feel comfortable.” Convince yourself that this is good. Sometimes I used to say, each minute here I gain a minute in my day. Because after meditate I was more productive, it was like I had more time. 
  5. Write about your experience. You can talk to your phone in some “note” app and record it if you lack time. But register what helps you, how you feel, when you meditate and felt better, calmer… And you will learn what makes you have a better moment. 
  6. At the end of the day, write about your day. What can you do to meditate, be present, during your day? What have you learn about this practice, how is it helping… 

Meditate is a simple practice and has many names and techniques, but it is not easy. Simplicity and easiness not always walk hand by hand. But since it is easy, everybody can do it.

I hope this helps you, if you know someone at the beginning of this path share this post and help us to connect. 

See you soon,

EmMa Lopes

Tao, Dolce far Niente – Do Nothing and Be Better in Everything | How can I be more Intuitive?

Grow your company or your relationship will be more that “hard work”.

Do nothing to change your life! Does it work? I have some points to demystify what is “do nothing”. I would like to say that the work to arrive at this stage is what I call Spiritual Path (or work), if you just stop, stamping the ground, impatient, and with expectations, forget it. I would say you can see some changes, but I can’t say you will see enough to make you change your life. So, be patient with yourself and your evolution. Don’t rush it. And understand that, the material guy that loves being in the stock Exchange is not someone lost that needs to be pitied. Each one of us came to live some experiences, some more material, some more spiritual. For some, learn about the practical Law of Attraction is enough, for others go deep in all religions and learn about all religious development is not enough. We all have a role to play. I love to learn about investment, I studied engineering, I like to live in a balanced and I don’t separate areas, so my intuition can work in all areas of my life. Let’s remember once more, that is no right and wrong, good and bad. There are conscious lives experiencing this world and help the Universal conscious evolve. (As one of the possible believes of reality). 

  1. Nature uses less energy, preferentially. Productivity is to do the right thing, not more things here. Take this for all areas of your life. For those who own a company, I would recommend the book The Goal, Eliyahu M. Goldratt to understand more of this. If you know your company, you will be able to do more with less effort. Protecting the mind and body of your employee and the health of your company. Find the smart way to do things (you won’t find overthinking, maybe nor thinking at all), this will be in a state of ease if you feel overwhelmed that is the sing you have no idea what you are doing. 
  2. Be is more important than do. Actually, being radical for most of us, Be is the only thing that matters. It can be hard to achieve, but undoubtedly it is the easier path. The problem you will find here is that most of the time we want something, and we want it for a specific way. Imagine if you have a company and you suddenly feel you should sell it and move with few things to another country, would you do it? You start to have dreams about it. Would you do it? Here is where your path has a bifurcation. Be happy, be a company owner. (Funny that I remember growing up if I had this scenario that time I would choose be a company owner). Your company is great, the last semester paid more than expected, never healthier. You woke up in the middle of the night after a dream showing you that it was broke. Would you leave it? After 6 months COVID came, you lost everything and the company no longer has a buyer. Would you like to have listened to your intuition? You will feel fear, but if you are present, living more than thinking, in meditation the most of the time (not sitting meditating, but conscious in your life). It won’t be anything to be protected, you are nature now, even if a nuclear bomb fall here, patiently you will reborn. Metaphorically, please. 
  3. Tip of the day. To be connected enough to listen to your Intelligent self, you must be with your feet on the ground. I feared the lack of money, or not have enough to live my dream life. What now for me is stupid, first because what is the point to have a life I can’t live it. Someone else is living it, like the “chance”. Maybe destiny. Or even reality. The reality based on feelings, perceptions, and beliefs that may be implanted in my past for someone else. No, thank you,I live it. How did I overcome it? How I could live in peace with money? How could I understand I have more than enough? (Energise your first chakra, the Chakra of basics necessities, sometimes is not easy, but how I did it? ) Understand the real value of money. First, I didn’t have this problem but if you have, understand that money is a tool. Good and bad is about you. You can make a meal with a knife, you can make somebody be a meal with it. Second, you don’t need to be a millionaire to have great experiences. I recommend this book so you can learn more about itThe 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich . A month in England plus 11 days in Tuscany took me about 3000 dollars some years ago. I lived a year studying abroad with government support, no money of my needed. You can go further here, read about what you want, use free tools to learn what you can… Don’t give the impossible value for money, give the real value to it. Thirdly, don’t save it, invest it. Spare money is throwing money away. 

I want to talk more about it, if you like it, in some post. As I said, more here, less there we find our experiences. But wee all need, or it would be great, to know a bit of everything. Be spiritual, material, and mind. The perfect trinity. And to have a better life, it is good to feel good in all areas, feeling at ease in all areas will make us grow in all directions. We don’t need to choose one or be overwhelmed with information, we just need to do and have enough to help us to feel at ease. If your faith can’t do it now, maybe you can prepare yourself to feel better and grow your faith with time, and at some point, fear won’t be there anymore. 

This topic is quite embracing. I hope this post helps you and I see you soon.
EmMa Lopes

How to Live and Find Your Purpose

How I learned about find and live my purpose. Because is simple is harder to accept it

I was thinking about my role on this earth in this life. I already lost days of the night asking myself my purpose and the purpose of all that. Each question made me find a book, a video, a speech or an insight.

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about our role here. I already said that I am sure that “hard work” is bullshit hen we are talking about achieving a goal. It s beautiful when it is about put food in a table, but not our role here on earth. Nobody roles actually. And just to remember, hard work is to do what you don’t want to do. I can write all day long and I don’t think that it is hard work, but make me study a subject I don’t have an interest in a whole during a day and I will feel like dying inside.

What is our part become clear after an insight that was clearer when I studied alchemy. Alchemy defined for me in a clearer way what I’ve learned in some religions but wasn’t so clear.
First, life is not made of duality, but trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva and others. We are used to the beginning and the end, god or bad, beautiful or ugly. When we open our eyes a bit we can learn that quite rarely those extremes are the reality. So, what is in the middle? Well, life!

But I won’t go deep in it right now, let’s talk about the second thing I learned. We are made of three parts, I will use simple words here but you can go deeper on some books I will live the link below.

Body, the material part. The Salt for alchemy. I would say the anchor. It is the beginning that will see an end. From what we come we will go back and at some point be transformed into another material thing.

Soul, the wavy. Connected with your mind and mainly your subconscious mind. It needs a material form to emanate it. In alchemy is the Mercury. The gas or the oil. What you extract. It connects the materiality because it is part material and the non-material because it is volatile too. Goes from solid to light. (I need to say, that these connections with words can be different because where I am from we see the soul as something particular from the person, where it has some connection with the body, but in some languages, this is the Spirit that can be seen as a ghost, the energy from that person. So you can change the word to be fit your language and understanding)

Spirit, pure energy. It is what it is. For alchemy the refined liquor. It is the non-material, the higher mind.

So, if you understand that as The Holy Spirit you choose a path on Earth, then you are born body and your essence keep connected with the One Eternal Memory and the material body, as we said. Your Soul, your consciousness.

A trinity you are! As trinity, your smaller part has the smaller part on your path, on your purpose, on the reason you are here. Your body, your physical self must do the least because it is just a small grain of material substances. So here you just play the game that must be know from your Soul. I will give a simple example.

You want to win the lottery, your Soul knows you must buy a ticket if it is your path to do it. So your body executes the action. You need to breathe to keep alive, your unconscious mind makes your body do it. Your Soul is the orchestra conductor working with so many minds and functions. And my Spirit? You may ask. It is music. It is the joy in the right number – If you find your path on a lottery game, of course. And please, don’t confuse path with destiny, the path is the choice you made in wholeness with your trinity. The one truth. If in some part of your trinity you don’t find truth in this path, you won’t win it.

If you know, because you can do on purpose and with love something, your path. You will know what to do because your soul will say, show, make your dream with… And won’t be much. We will want to do more, but it is not your limited body duty. I believe that some people, highly connected, can see and know more about this part we can see. But, all of us, at some level need to work with faith. Act, know, and faith are the trinity of your part of the deal here on earth. And if what you know changes after a while, it is normal. We won’t be born in such a concrete way to do only one thing the whole life. Actually, you can do whatever you want as much as you want. We are here, in a broad way to see and say to be this trinity. So it will be a completely normal change dream, path, purpose during this small part of our life.

I hope this helps you be more aware of the size you are as spirit and that most of the time life is a dark night we must walk with faith knowing we are being guided, you just need to practice listening to your guide, your intuition, God!

Some books I indicate:

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy or Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy

Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy or Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy (English Edition)

Much love,

EmMa Lopes