Let go of materiality is hard, if they say it is not, or they don’t know what they saying, or they didn’t it right. May not be for you yet and this is ok, but if you are ready start with those 4 steps to flow

Many, perhaps all, spiritual teachings teach us to be fluid. Fluidity brings calm, lightness, that smile on your face for no reason. But one of the main steps to develop this aspect is to practice the famous detachment, however, most of us practice superficially. Let’s be serious in this blog for once and talk about it. 

We can easily understand philosophies like Taoism but live it is hard. We can understand we should give value to the ordinary and let the extraordinary come to us, detach to the material world but be here and experience it. For our mind, this is a pure contradiction however is where you will find fluidity. 

Why is this hard? 

When those philosophies talk about leaving the materiality we think about objects, mainly luxury or fashion, but it goes much further. People and animals around us in their material form are temporary too, and let go of them can be very difficult. 

Love, but don’t cling. 

This goes being the belief of souls and meeting those beings in another place. Understand that even if souls are reunited, little or nothing will keep them to go on together, everything would depend on the process of each soul. Then, if this is the truth of the beyond, it is a priority to be able to live with the idea of ​​letting everything and everyone go. 

Love, and don’t cling.


  1. Imagine yourself as the creator of all this, look to your life, people, and objects around you. You created it all. You can’t stop them from evolving, learning, enjoying all the experiences. As the creator, you feel like a mother that wants the best for them, even if this means they live far away. You won’t block the path of that woman to find the person that will help her to improve you won’t stop that man from going because it is part of his process. This is a way to understand it, but can’t still be hard. You will need to find this is your process.
  2. I meditated into the love I felt for those beings. I gave myself in the meditations humbly. I imagine the best for their life, not judging the best, but seeing them happy, smiling, excited. The love grew and was simple. 
  3. In another moment, a while after those meditations into love. I practiced imagining life without the people I love in deep meditation, the reality found in meditation made it hurt and heal their lack. I cried after meditate, and I did it more them once. I’ve already lost some of these people from my coexistence, I knew how to let go (after a few tears, of course), and there was love and gratitude for the time I had with them. I am not saying this is not hard, but it is needed. 
  4. I meditated into the union. Even if you find the people you love in another life for a moment, if it’s better for them and you, you’ve gone different ways, but you’ll also be part of it, always. So I meditated on this.

 But for the sake of you, start with objects. If they break, that’s fine. If you don’t work as before, recycle, if they don’t fit you, donate. Do this with more and more frequency. 

This is a small past because I wanted to go straight to the point here. I hope this helps you. 

Much Love,

E.M. Lopes

Expectation vs. Reality | 6 Ways to Deal with Expectation in the Real Life

Let’s talk about expectation, hermetic laws and life growth because we want to master it!!!

Hello again. 

Reality versus expectation was, is, and will be an addiction to see online. Even though all these media are in our faces all the time, we still have difficulty dealing with them in life. Have you noticed it? Just me? 

The worst part for me is when you know you expected something bad to happen and you still get upset or med. Why you do this with us? (That is the question of the time). 

So, let’s recap a few things to do or not so we can break as much as we can of those expectations, then we will make a pact. (By the way, I am listening to Alanis Morissette writing it and I highly recommend you to listen to it while reading. Because you will love or hate it and you will be able to see what do you expected of the indication). 

Expectation brings all the funny feelings that don’t help us. Stress, anxiety, sadness, and others, depending on if you pass the moment the expectation was waiting or you are before it. 

So, maybe the romance becomes a necessity, intelligence becomes overpowering, calm becomes stillness. And I will need to prepare you here for the perspective we will take. I will talk more about hermetic laws in another post, but here I will talk about the perspective of the law of vibration, the third law of hermeticism. 

But what is it? There are more laws involved, but being practical, everything is in movement, this includes you, the music that plays to you, the news on your mobile phone… And what you are will bring to you things that vibrate the same. Let’s think that everything that happens, happens because of you. That the reality you notice is yours, and yours only. We will need to take this as true here, you can and must disagree, but to this post let’s go with it ok? 

So, everything that happens is a reflex of what we are. And maybe won’t be easy for to you access everything you are, everything you received once as information. Because millions of things happen every second and our conscious mind won’t be able to show everything, so many things will be under the carpet. So, Am I saying we need self-knowledge? Yes. It is one step because if you look into learning about your beliefs and fears and all that may be in the shadows you may be able to change what you are and your reflection as consequence. Be conscious is hard, but will be the biggest step, it is a clear job of change the vibration. (I am not a fan of those exoterical words like vibration either, but let’s put the ego away to keep going). 

So we know that even if you already felt disappointed you can learn about yourself. You can stop and ask yourself why am I feeling this way? Ow, it is because of that. But I wanted this, or something similar. Maybe I don’t, maybe I fear it and this is happening. You will find your narrative with the past event and luckily learn about yourself. Am I saying that secondly, you should use every moment we feel something to understand more about what we are? Yep!

Well, but how can I avoid expectation without letting myself in complete indifference of the world? Because I know if I go here or there I am being impacted by the world and if I and doing the jog I will impact and probably get what I work for. But how to not fall into expectation before something, mainly something I want. How to want without expecting? (And that is the million-dollar question). 

Imagine this scenario:

  1. You will wake up on the new moon day and work with this energy to ask what I want. Go for it, you may imagine a crazy scene. You do your magic at the right time, with the right amount of energy. You felt assertive and happy, you enjoy the practice because you feel focused and complete. You used water or a plant, or fire or wind or all elements. Or maybe, you don’t think about all those symbols, you just set and put intention. You felt good!
  2. You wait for a sign in that same day, you look everywhere. Maybe the time will be with repeated numbers. But you looked so many times that even if it happened you doubt if the sign was real. It is night and nothing, you sleep and the dream is crazy, no clue. Maybe I should do it again. Maybe I need to ask harder. 
  3. I did, I asked harder. But I feel weird. But it will work. Nothing happens and without you realize, the expectation threw the bait on step 2 and you are still obeying it. 
  4. It doesn’t work. 

No see the scenario without expectation: 

  1. You will wake up on the new moon day and work with this energy to ask what I want. Go for it, you may imagine a crazy scene. You do your magic at the right time, with the right amount of energy. You felt assertive and happy, you enjoy the practice because you feel focused and complete. You used water or a plant, or fire or wind or all elements. Or maybe, you don’t think about all those symbols, you just set and put intention. You felt good!
  2. You feel good!
  3. You feel good!
  4. You got it!

It is the simplicity of living life that makes life worth living. I listened on the movie The Way the quote “you don’t choose a life, you live it”. When you try to be something is when you lose your life, the power of being lays in the present and can not be ignored if you want to become a master in manifestation. And, when I talk about the hermetic laws you will understand more about it. 

The anchor you find to the present moment will help you get deep in the power of being a master and not a follower, don’t get me wrong, you will still be an apprentice and this is different to be a follower. Even if you find a master out of yourself, a guru, it will keep you as a follower until you discover your power. It will keep putting you on tests until you understand recognize the master inside you, then it will be able to treat you as an apprentice.

How to be present, you asked?

  1. Music
  2. Write
  3. Breath
  4. Meditate
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Read

All those actions must be followed by attention, if you watch a movie without attention on you and in the movie change the action. You can be present brushing teeth because it has so many different sensations in this action. The freshness of the toothpaste, the temperature of the water, the brush bristles in your teeth, your tongue, and your gum, the sound of the water or in the brushing. When a simple moment like this is a moment of anchor, man, you went far! I am happy for you! 

Well, I hope this post helps you understand more what you should study and that we will only use expectations to laugh at memes online. I will recommend this book so you can learn more about this philosophy: hermeticism

Much love, 

Emanuelle Lopes

3 Things You must Know to Law of Attractio “Release to Receive it” Work

Sometimes it is hard to know how to release our dreams. I share 3 thoughts I feel it is important to help you with it.

Hello again.

Today we will talk about the last day of the 21-day Challenge of Law of Attraction. The moment to release your desire, the moment to let go, the moment to sit and relax with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. That is the feeling to release. 

I used to think that it was the moment to feel excited, grateful, celebrating. (I will talk for me here) Oh No! Here is the time you already receive, you are comfortable in your house eating popcorn and thing, “Wow, One more dream is manifested”. 

That is it. See you tomorrow! 

Ok, I a kidding. 

It will be different for many people, that is the reason or the main reason that some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction or power of the mind or creation power or… When we are not able to let the thing happen it is quite hard for this to happen. 

We need to remember some stuff to do this. (Well, I hope this list start to help you and if you think about something more, please share with us).

  1. It is all about energy. ALL A BOUT E NER GY!! Sometimes you will think “But just for a second, I need to think about this… EmMa wait for me, it is just that I don’t get it, I won’t think too much wait waiiit” You can think about it your whole life, is it making you feel good? Great. Energy! Is it making you feel a step back? Forget it. For me a thought oriented mind and an ex controller frick it was the hardest part. I learned by applying this to small things. Once, after I move the energy company turn off my energy because of old debt from previous tenants. I paid the next day and they gave me 48 hours to turn it on. I arrived at home, I put intention seeing myself with energy at home and I let go. I just was there, listen to music, eat with candles. It was past work hour time, I didn’t think about it. Suddenly a car from the company appeared there, they were late for a job in a house next to mine. I told them what happened and I showed them the payment. They fixed that for me and that night I was with energy already. It was a small thing with great and fast results. I try to not think at all that night so the result could come as I wished and the Universe worked the “coincidences” for me.
  2. Size is not important. If you did the 21-day challenge of Law of Attraction you are good to go. You could do it in a day, but this process helps you believe, helps you open the road of energy because you worked for 21 days to deliver the desire to the Universe. So, if you don’t believe yet the step back you need to do is: “Why I don’t believe it is possible?” Do ego work, listen to other people’s history full of “coincidences”, go back to your Faith. Meditate, work your power, make some small things happen. 
  3. Never think it is or was a waste of time. If you are a skeptical person like me, do this thinking “Ok, I will challenge myself with this, let’s do it”. But if you go there thinking “I will do it just to prove it won’t work” Probably this will work, your fake dream to test your own mind power won’t be materialized. (The good news is that you can always change your mind and work on your ego-mind). 

I recommend you this channel and this video. (And my channel and my videos, cof cof). If you have a video like that share with me because I will share it with other people. Or tell me your story and let me know if I can share it. 

Ohh My Annie Friend’ story

Our channel anoteforabetterlife

This weekend is No Social Media Weekend, I let you know what happened if you want. (High bets to die of boredom, I’m kidding.)

See you soon, have a nice weeked.
EmMa Lopes

7 Signs You are Manifesting Your Dream | Live your best life

How can you know if this Law o Attraction and Manifestations are working?

Hello again.

I don’t know if someone noticed, but some of the posts I did lately were about the 21 Days of Law of Attraction Challenge. And today’s topic I recommend you read a post of the blog but we will talk about some of the topics here. Law of Attraction

When I asked to learn more so my life would be focused on the spiritual life I was at the end of the engineering graduation. I was in a relationship of four years. I had a good curriculum, but I couldn’t find a job. My life was completely out of me. It was in the middle of the year, in a day I was full of things to do that everything came to an end for me. I finished the relationship, I knew each day that engineering wasn’t my thing, I loved the city I was and my little corky house, however, I knew it wasn’t my city. 

In a year from that day, everything changed. I finished college, I met a person that I didn’t believe how perfectly it is and how amazing our story started, I found a job with nice people that paid me very well in the city I love and I live today and I found an apartment that I love. (I consciously manifested each thing, but I will talk more in other posts).

The first sign you will look for is inside of you. How you feel and how things developed for you are very important. Things happen with easy when you are on the right path. The hardness you find can be a sign of the wrong path but be aware here that it is not every obstacle that shows you are in the wrong physical path, you maybe be with the wrong mindset and you will have some setbacks, but those are very easy to change or move from your way. 

The second sign is the feeling about yourself in your life. It is pretty normal don’t see yourself in your life if you’re not living it. Maybe your job was forced in you by your parents or circumstances. Even if it can’t be changed at the moment, be aware of it is a great step to manifest a better life. I and my brother are in a point of life where we wake up early because we love what we do. But…

This is the third thing. Your sleep pattern change. Maybe because you are excited to wake up and do what you love before going to the job you need to. In the beginning, I needed to, it will be normal when you find what you love. Search for it can be your current desire and that it’s great, don’t worry you will find it. Connect with your beliefs and trust you will be helped. 

Four, meditate and practice meditation focusing on your intuition. Use guided meditations, read and learn more about it and mainly relax about it. Signs come when they come if your force it, you won’t see them. 

Fifth, your dreams can help you. If you have many nightmares you probably are in a spiritual cleaning process, here it won’t be good to take them as a sign. But if you don’t remember them or don’t pay attention to them do this. Take a notebook and let on the side of your bed, before sleep you will repeat that you will remember your dreams in the morning. Some days you will, some you won’t but keep doing it. I recommend you do it for life. At some point, you will be able to ask Universe to answer you something and you will dream with the answer and be able to understand it. Other times, you will dream of things that may happen. I say “may” because you can change the result changing your energy. It is just the Universe saying, “Hey, since you are conscious about me now, I would like to ask you if you want this”. 

Sixth, don’t stop small signs thinking the Universe is lazy enough to coincidences exist in the traditional meaning of it. Repeated numbers, animals coming to you, objects, people, phrases repeatedly appearing in your life. Let me say it, some sign will be signs you realise the existence of them but you won’t understand. I have two things to say about it. Some of them are happening for a higher you, some dreams will be for your soul, if you meditate and be connected with yourself you will find the calm to let it go. Secondly, sometimes you will be able to say, “something is changing” but the change can’t be revealed now or you could affect in ways you don’t want to be anxious, with expectations, talking, and thinking too much. My experience with it is, as more I grow spiritually more I know because I know how to deal with this. So, relax and take them seriously. 

Seventh, end of many things. As I said at the beginning of this post you will realize what doesn’t serve you anymore. Be grateful for the time you had it and let it go. The person, the job, the city… When you can, obviously. 

Well, nice people that read this blog and I hope you to have a better life yet. You will be a different person, more whole. The material and energetic you will be one and things you didn’t believe start to make sense, if you are skeptical like me, you will start to love and look for the knowledge you didn’t care much before. The culture you didn’t pay attention to, the people you didn’t give much time. Everything will change. Movie taste, food, exercise routine, people around you (they will change or will be different people), city, house, experiences… Just remember, your experience will be parts different from mine and others, it is good to learn with other people but have your experience. 

I hope this helps you, 

see you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Put Your Dreams in the Right Words | Manifest Your Dreams

Know where you want to go, so the wind can blow in the right direction. Write your dreams correctly.

About my 27 years old I lived all the dreams I had, I hardly believed it. I thought, well, I always can develop new dreams and desires. For a year I didn’t think about it. I felt like I could live a free time of desires and dreams, and I did it. After that, I was all about the university, my goal was to pass, find an internship and I was done with college. I think I didn’t have the gut to let it go since I knew it wasn’t for me.
Give up was harder than keep there suffering and destroying me. Well, put my new dreams in straight words took me more than I would like to say.

Sometimes it is hard to know what we want. We know what people want for us, but write a small phrase about what we want can be a hard job.

I would like to share what I did and do, so we can be more assertive about what we want to. In the first book I read about the power of the mind, it was clear about knowing what you want, know where you want to go, so The Universe can blow the wind to the right direction, and be aware that you might get what you want, so be careful.

If you can put in words what you want the first step is to ask: “I want to feel clear about my desires and my purpose” Those thoughts will help you clear the situation. There is manual and spiritual work here. I would like to start with the manual so you can put out everything that would become a thought. All I want it, but… I like that, but… And here ask Why you want this? And Is this your priority?
For example, in my 24 I wanted to live abroad for a year or more, but I wasn’t sure if I want it. I fear some situations, I fear where I would go, who I would meet. Of course, my dream everything was normal, normal people, beautiful places, security, but in my head sometimes I had some weirds thoughts with movie scenes. After a while, I was sure, I want to live in Europe for a year or more. That was it, then I could finish college, meet someone to date, find a good job, make money… That time just move and travel were my goals, so instead of wait to be retired, (even though it was the first idea because it was what people expected for me), I put energy into it.

After you ask to feel clear about what do you want, ask what you want. Pretty obvious, but when I was looking for my next step I didn’t know what I wanted and nobody said I could ask help to know what I want. You can ask your angels, guides, God, Universe. What you believe most.

When I know what I want, I try to put in words that are real and honest, but that make me feel I have it already. I have faith that when I ask, just for asking I rececive. That is the law I’ve learned. Going deepear I can say that any desire are smalls signs what are about to come, but things that I can change if I want to. So, I write in a notebook what I want and I let go. Once I wrote in a piece of paper and I let go of it, it worked too. You don’t need to have a notebook for it, or a vision board, but if it helps you, do it.

If you feel you are in a crazy moment in life while you search for the right words, that is ok. It happens. Maybe you will work where you never imagined, maybe you will meet people you will never see again. Life can be wild for a while.

This post is pretty quick just to show you can be lost a bit about dreams, not everyone knows their desires. Sometimes, in the middle of the crowd noise, we struggle to hear ourselves.

Try to be clear in your contact with the higher Universe, that is the important thing. After that, write it and let the paper go. Work on being better each day, and you will be doing your part.

I will share some books that helped me, I hope you like it.

[My Books]:
*The High Priestess: https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B086RTHVF9/ref=
*A Papisa (The High Priestess): https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B07Z5LYX51/ref=
*Um Chá e Um Café: https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B07JYJZJV6/ref=

[Spiritual books and Romances]:

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham: https://amzn.to/33f5kGc

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires: https://amzn.to/39N7jDT

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: https://amzn.to/38MF8Uq

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61): https://amzn.to/2Q8Xit2

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback): https://amzn.to/2W5RPqE

Many Lives, Many Masters: https://amzn.to/2vPVsGB

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship): https://amzn.to/38O1ZPg

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations: https://amzn.to/3bc37xE

Paulo Coelho Book Collection: https://amzn.to/2veRPth

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho: https://amzn.to/2TMJqHc

EmMa Lopes

How to Live and Find Your Purpose

How I learned about find and live my purpose. Because is simple is harder to accept it

I was thinking about my role on this earth in this life. I already lost days of the night asking myself my purpose and the purpose of all that. Each question made me find a book, a video, a speech or an insight.

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about our role here. I already said that I am sure that “hard work” is bullshit hen we are talking about achieving a goal. It s beautiful when it is about put food in a table, but not our role here on earth. Nobody roles actually. And just to remember, hard work is to do what you don’t want to do. I can write all day long and I don’t think that it is hard work, but make me study a subject I don’t have an interest in a whole during a day and I will feel like dying inside.

What is our part become clear after an insight that was clearer when I studied alchemy. Alchemy defined for me in a clearer way what I’ve learned in some religions but wasn’t so clear.
First, life is not made of duality, but trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva and others. We are used to the beginning and the end, god or bad, beautiful or ugly. When we open our eyes a bit we can learn that quite rarely those extremes are the reality. So, what is in the middle? Well, life!

But I won’t go deep in it right now, let’s talk about the second thing I learned. We are made of three parts, I will use simple words here but you can go deeper on some books I will live the link below.

Body, the material part. The Salt for alchemy. I would say the anchor. It is the beginning that will see an end. From what we come we will go back and at some point be transformed into another material thing.

Soul, the wavy. Connected with your mind and mainly your subconscious mind. It needs a material form to emanate it. In alchemy is the Mercury. The gas or the oil. What you extract. It connects the materiality because it is part material and the non-material because it is volatile too. Goes from solid to light. (I need to say, that these connections with words can be different because where I am from we see the soul as something particular from the person, where it has some connection with the body, but in some languages, this is the Spirit that can be seen as a ghost, the energy from that person. So you can change the word to be fit your language and understanding)

Spirit, pure energy. It is what it is. For alchemy the refined liquor. It is the non-material, the higher mind.

So, if you understand that as The Holy Spirit you choose a path on Earth, then you are born body and your essence keep connected with the One Eternal Memory and the material body, as we said. Your Soul, your consciousness.

A trinity you are! As trinity, your smaller part has the smaller part on your path, on your purpose, on the reason you are here. Your body, your physical self must do the least because it is just a small grain of material substances. So here you just play the game that must be know from your Soul. I will give a simple example.

You want to win the lottery, your Soul knows you must buy a ticket if it is your path to do it. So your body executes the action. You need to breathe to keep alive, your unconscious mind makes your body do it. Your Soul is the orchestra conductor working with so many minds and functions. And my Spirit? You may ask. It is music. It is the joy in the right number – If you find your path on a lottery game, of course. And please, don’t confuse path with destiny, the path is the choice you made in wholeness with your trinity. The one truth. If in some part of your trinity you don’t find truth in this path, you won’t win it.

If you know, because you can do on purpose and with love something, your path. You will know what to do because your soul will say, show, make your dream with… And won’t be much. We will want to do more, but it is not your limited body duty. I believe that some people, highly connected, can see and know more about this part we can see. But, all of us, at some level need to work with faith. Act, know, and faith are the trinity of your part of the deal here on earth. And if what you know changes after a while, it is normal. We won’t be born in such a concrete way to do only one thing the whole life. Actually, you can do whatever you want as much as you want. We are here, in a broad way to see and say to be this trinity. So it will be a completely normal change dream, path, purpose during this small part of our life.

I hope this helps you be more aware of the size you are as spirit and that most of the time life is a dark night we must walk with faith knowing we are being guided, you just need to practice listening to your guide, your intuition, God!

Some books I indicate:

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy or Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy

Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy or Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy (English Edition)

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

How to manifest fast – One tip | Serie Spiritual Path

My first path in my spiritual jorney helped me manifest my dreams.

Hi. How are you?
When I sat to write this morning my head was empty. Flouting just an image of myself on a rainy day, I was about twenty years old, maybe nineteen. I was in an old house that my family and I lived years ago. There was nobody in the townhouse, there was just me there. I sat in front of my house and I let the rain fall on me. That day I promised me to keep my inner child, see, analogy and enjoy the simple and natural things on earth. I would laugh at simple things and be myself, no matter what would happen or what people would think.

This was the first time I had a bit of conscious of being present. By the time there was no book I knew talking about it. I just knew that this was important.

A while later, when I listen to people talking about the power of gratitude. How important and magical it could be in manifesting I felt a bit off. I always had a close relationship with God, that I call Father since I was a child. During the day I usually speak with It, normally I give thanks to how life unfold that day. Gratitude was the coin to give, it was the simple act of conscious that it was gratefully received.

Today I saw my life and my manifestations once again. It didn’t feel grateful for what I had or didn’t have but I wanted that to make my life better and make me manifest what I want. Be present, Be simple, Accept in your heart your own path. This is how the magick happens, or the miracle happens.

A few days ago I started to practice Yoga meditation with my eyes open. Each day I try to stay there longer. It is hard and amazing, but I know that some people are worried to stay longer but didn’t enjoy the moment. It took me many years of going forward and back on those teachings to really accept that the path is the magick, not the result. The result, if you may, already exist in a different universe inside of this multi-universe science and probability theorize we live. So the ocult is the path, the mystery is the path. The manifested is the result, the manifestation is the path.

Be present, connect with the simple, be simple.
Let’s play pretend:
Pretend you are late for an important meeting. You are stuck in traffic. You forgot to put intention for your day, started it nervous about this meeting so you put yourself in a traffic situation. How to get out of it? What your child would do? What you as a child would do? Sing? Play a mental game with the cards around? Read a book?
So, why not do something that makes you present in a moment you have for yourself?
You have two choices:
a) Feel nervous and worried about being late? Maybe say bad things for other drivers. And arrive 30 minutes late.
b) Have fun with yourself. Enjoy a moment alone. And arrive 30 minutes late. Or probably less because your mind would be calm to find, or receive an idea that could take you out over there.

People normally think that be realistic and rational is to think about the problem all the time. Be rational is to be able to choose the best option no matter the situation. You discard the actions that would bring you no or few results and stick just with the action that would bring the best result. I always loved the quote: What has no solution, is already solved.

Be present, work in practices and techniques that bring you for the present moment will make your dreams and goals happen faster. You will be able to discover more and more about you, your own power and God.

I recommend those books below and I hope they help you. In this topic I righly recomend The Power of Now.

Dali Lama Meditations: https://Dali Lama Meditationsamzn.to/3bc37xE

Paulo Coelho Book Collection: https://amzn.to/2veRPth

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho: https://amzn.to/2TMJqHc

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham: https://amzn.to/33f5kGc

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires: https://amzn.to/39N7jDT

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: https://amzn.to/38MF8Uq

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61): https://amzn.to/2Q8Xit2

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback): https://amzn.to/2W5RPqE

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship): https://amzn.to/38O1ZPg

Many Lives, Many Masters: https://amzn.to/2vPVsGB

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone): https://amzn.to/2xvILB3

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes): https://amzn.to/2wT6TNC

Bible (More classic): https://amzn.to/38O0Ln8

See you next time,
EmMa Lopes

5 practices to make money flow to you

I never had problem with money. I was a child of two teenagers, I had difficult time, but the person I am never saw money as a problem or something hard to achieve. I didn’t have enough until I want something, them mysteriously I receive what I asked for, if it needs money to be manifested, I received it. So, I grew up. In the middle of this natural process I worked hard, but money came. When I decided that I wanted to relax, travel, backpack through the world, money came stronger and I could do everything I wanted.

This flow is growing it day. (Thanks God!)

But as I was learning about manifestation, I learned new techniques, I improved myself on how to let money flow on my life.

I can give 5 tips that you can introduce in you day.

Try to add each one during a week, then you go to the next one. (They are pretty easy and most may sound obvious, but this post can remember you this and help you organize a way to practice it)

  1.  Be grateful for what you receive

Be grateful for what come in. Every time you receive your salary or find a coin in the street, have some discount, say “Thank you for this money coming into my life”. You can fin the best quote for you. Maybe “Thank you because money always flow to me”. If you are not able to feel grateful for each spend it, as soon as you can. My father once sells a car, an old car. The person took about four years to pay him, he was so furious that he would prefer to forget it than ask for the money once more. Four years later he received the money. He still didn’t feel good about it, so he has a vacation with it and spend it in a week. At list he felt good after all, better them if he kept the money that would remind him so many bad moments.  (Do it for a week)

  • Be grateful for the money out
    This is a bit hard for me to remember. I remember frequently to complain about the price of things, even though I can afford, but I am writing this post because I remember once more how it is important, and that I had great results in the past. The flow must continuo, be grateful when you can afford something helps this go and come movement. So, when you get next to the pay moment in a store or supermarket, even online. Think how thankful you are for your new objects or food. Then, say something in your mind, or outload if you like: “Where this go, more come back in flow”. As I give, more shall I receive”. You can say (in both cases) “Thank you money”. (Do this for a week, try not think about what to buy and the prices. Be objective, I want it, I accept the price, or I don’t accept this price so I will have this other thing… And when you pay, be thankful. You can say thank you for the cashier, she is helping you and your money probably are helping it too).
  • Ask why you want it?
    Most of time we want money for the money, but it flows easier when you know what you really want, and why. For example, few years ago I manifest the year abroad and the travels. (As I always talk about because it was one of my biggest manifestations). I was being very honest about my desires. So, when I asked What I want? – The answer was easy. To travel! Then, I asked: Why am I not doing it? Because I need money to do it. As I stumble in this object to make my desire come true, I put my manifestation in my faith object. God! I asked It, I visualized the travel part. I didn’t care about the money; I am sure It is bigger than any amount of money. Few months later I received the opportunity with more money that I expected. (Every time you think about money, or wanting it ask yourself and write it down: “Why are you need it?” “What for?” “How would be life with this amount of money?” If there is fear, “Why do you fear this?” “Are this fear real, or social conditioning?”

  • Practice the Boyfriend/Girlfriend technique
    My biggest desire as teenager was to have a boyfriend. One day I read a chip book about how to attract man. It was a good book, not because the content I must confess, but it makes me think. Well, it is too much work. Guess what, I will love myself for two years, I think I deserve more. I didn’t touch a person for two years, after that I was so in love with myself that anybody seams to good to me. So, I enjoyed me, my friends and my family most of time. Man started to be attracted to me as I never imagined. After a few learnings, I found a person that write me poetry, and yes, I love it. Make money want you. Feel complete, feel perfect, feel as you have it all because you understand that it is different need something than want something. You can desire a person but live without it just good. You can desire a new house, but live without it where you are with joy, appreciating every corner of your rented house. I lived in a small apartment for bit more than a year, I received everything I needed, but it was a simple time of a college student. Beside my spiritual path, it was a great way to look for life in a simpler way. (Do this for a week, with the two practices before too. Try to feel free of worry and need. Feel free!)

  • Feel rich
    I love to put fancy names in things to feel in the lightest way rich. For example, when I movie to my new apartment I started to call it my Luxury Apartment. My normal bed I call King, King is so comfortable. In Brazil we have a Meme with a woman screaming “I am rich” I use it for jokes constantly. Have an easier approach on money make all the difference for me. If it was a serious boring thing, nobody would want it. But if you can be friends with it, it can love you and come to you easily. (Enjoy the feeling buying something for you this week, in the other days, appreciate everything you have. I had this old refrigerator with Mary adhesive on it. It cost me about 20 dollars, give more trouble and work than I could imagine a refrigerator could. But I loved it, I give it a name and I even said I love it to it sometimes. Than I received a huge new one as a gift.)

I hope it inspires you to look differently for money.
EmMa Lopes

Can we chose not overcome a fear? Hot to overcome fear? | EmMa Lopes

Overcome fear is the current subject of enlightenment. How face it and grow after a fear moment are very important, but how to do it?

Hi. I want to ask you for help!

Today I was questioning my fears. I love to jump in whatever crazy idea people gives. From radical sports I think I wouldn’t practice Rafting because it would take me while to learn and I don’t think it is that fun for doing for a long period. (Maybe I will do it if I have a proper teaching of it with a good explanation of why it is fun).

I am a take risker person with life situation in the same proportion I am not in the financial area, I must confess.

Every time someone give me a challenge I do it, no matter what I do it. Ans I try to do it as fast as I can so I won’t let my mind put ideas on my head that can cause fear.

But, a year ago I needed to practice driving, for a long time I didn’t do it, but I took the challenge. The last year I drove for any place people ask me for. After a year doing it I thought I would feel better to drive, but I don’t. I shake I soul of every time someone says I need to drive. My day goes grey, I can think properly, all the fear and stress signs you can think. So I asked myself why was that?

After a while thinking, searching for a reason I asked myself: Why should you do something you don’t want to?

You face the fear, you still don’t like it. You don’t want to do it. After jump, go up mountain, go down a mountain, travel alone, accept challenges and presence so many bad moments and get over them. Why should I keep doing something I don’t enjoy? Well, I don’t think I should.

Fear is a mind situation, but can be so inside of a past situation, even past life thing, that maybe you won’t have those bad thoughts and the tension still will be on your body. When the stress action is beyond analyses you can work with it to understand and maybe get over it. But, in the meantime, don’t force yourself. You don’t need to create resistance in your life.

This part of life is a constant learning since it can change believes and certainties. It can change you. But one thing I know, with meditation and positive energy we can find a way to work through the fear until dissolve it.

I pray for all with similar challenge in life.

Se you soon.

EmMa Lopes

From Control freak to Control free. How to Let Go and manifest

Let’s talk about control ‘freakers’.

On the subject of the title I am the one searching “what is Letting go?” “How to do it?” “Can I eat it?” (I am kidding about the eating part, you know…)

I have no idea what I thought about it before try to do it or learn this part of the process. Yes I lived abroad twice, I travelled 20 countries, I wrote books (The Higher Priestess – soon on Amazon and Um Chá e Um Café, still no translation). I did a lot with partial conscious of what I was doing. When I asked for something and took a bit more and I was in a hard situation to bare, I got crazy and I listen about this.

So, to free myself of everything I studied and try to hold on every information, like I could control the no control part of manifesting. (Anyone can relate?).

After what I would count a year, I understood it. I am not saying a year past and “Oh! Was it?”. It was day after day of: I will be present, how am I going? Why still not here? Anxiety attack! And I stay here a month more, o God, please no! Ok, once more, I am feeling good. Fuck, this again, I can’t deal with this, where are my dreams? Please, help me manifest them. …a year of these and… Ok, that feeling of:
I was out of the exam building for university, everyone looks stressed. I was in a coffee store until the last minute, in the exam I took an hour of sleep, then I started as I was studying at home. I went home. I had a dream few days later where I pass the test, I wake up and thought “Nice”. During this time, I was tranquil, having fun with friends and family, learning languages and reading because I love to do those things.

This is Letting Go!

Let’s be practical:

  1. Think about 3 times you manifested something. Write them down.
  2. Write how did you manifest each thing, the whole process. (I meditate, I ask, I went to church, and I ask again. Then I was to busy working with… or studying… and it happened)
  3. Realize that in some part next to the manifestation occur you had a empty space where you where detached of the process and the thinking about the dream.(learning with your experience is the best way)

It is weird for me to say it because I do like the process of visualization and asking, but you are ALL THE TIME with your Higher Self, God, Angels. They know what you want. You can address it to be more right about it. When I put in words and I write it down I feel surer of the exact thing I want to. But they already know it. They are working with you, you can live, act where they ask you to act, like “do the exam, buy the ticket…” and have fun.

Don’t give attention to your dream is not give up of them. It is give space to them grow and manifest. It is hard, I know. I was like a robot doing wherever to don’t think about, or think but be positive, or try don’t resist … Just forget all the rules.

I know, if you are like me, a control freak (Scorpio) you will try control what is free, you will try find rules where there are no rules. I think it is amazing how I can be so disciplined and so rule breaker at the same time.
I am the organization Queen the love laughs in the danger face. (I may or may not confess).
(I am not talking about civil rules, but you know, the social ones)

I never did it to hurt somebody else, but enough to feel free. Like scape at night to go out with friends and them come back in the morning. (And that’s why I don’t have kids)

With all this confession I say: Feel free being free and let things happen. Don’t try “make It happen”! And be a bit wild, but in a control safe way!

I hope this post helps you

EmMa Lopes