How to Read More | Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Reading

How to read more? How to add quality to your reading? (What I agree or don’t)

“Methinks my body is but the lees of my better being. In fact take my body who will take it I say, it is not me.”
(I believe that my body is just a shelter for my best being. In fact, let my body take whoever it wants because it is not me.) Herman Melville, Moby Dick

I was watching a video on YouTube about how to read more books. Great tips, but I couldn’t take it all.

Let’s talk about what I added to my life and I like:

One that I love and I started to use was the audiobooks. I had a preconception about audiobooks and e-readers, believe me. I was the “I need paper” person. And, of course, as I learn about my ego and sustainability I try to improve myself I search for ways to help the world and e-readers were no longer that bad, so I try to use less paper in my life. Audiobook was the next step because I could understand that knowledge is knowledge no matter how it comes. If you can learn listening it is not less than reading. We need to remember that read has its benefits for the brain, but if you read and want to grow the information coming to your life, read and listen it is a great way to do it. So I adapt myself to listen to books while I cook or before sleep and I love it. Try it!
I couldn’t agree that much.
I am reading Moby Dick and it took me a while, in the video, the idea of don’t bother to read those classics there is big made me uncomfortable because I learned so much with many of them. Sure, some I hated too. I am human, I have opinions and tastes and I can go against the majority of people sometimes. Or the critics at least. Think with me, if those books are considered classics, it must have a reason. And it is not the age of them because my grandmother had many old books there that weren’t considered classics and were forgotten with time. You can think of them as music, some music has decades, hundreds of years, and people still listen and remix them. So books, are like that music and it may take you longer to read but here we stay with the quality and not quantity. If I don’t read four books in a month because I took my time reading Tolstoy, I don’t care if at the end of the year I will read 10 books stead of 100. And here I want you to be open. Give yourself as much knowledge as you want, but remember to keep your ego away or you will be consumed by the comparison with others that read 360 books in a year. You don’t need to read more, you need to read enough. Enough for you to learn, to improve, to have a better life, to know more about what you want. You should not have the goal to know it all. It is not real or healthy.

Let’s talk about what I added to my life and I like:

After I said that, I agree with “don’t finish the book if you don’t like it”. I would recommend it better. Say to yourself, “it is not time to read it” and go back to it in few years. The guy in the video mentioned Moby Dick and Sapiens and I understand it is not easy book, the second one can be a book many people won’t like, will try again, and still don’t like it. But I would say, try more than one time in a different time of your life because there is so much on them.

Well, why all that explanation about books?

I will try to review some books that I read here with the concept of self-improvement, spiritual growth, and human knowledge, (or a vision of us). And many of the books I read are not in the self-help area, but directly and indirectly, talks about these cute little beings we are.


I read all kinds of books and as an “ego breaker” I read books about different religions and cultures too. Would you like me to bring so of those books to this review too?
I just read a book about an African-Brazilian religion there isn’t in English and I don’t know if I would share it here since you won’t be able to read it unless you translate the book to English. But let me know, maybe can be curious, at least.

Much love to all,
E.M. Lopes

6 Steps to Improve Your Meditation | Deepak Chopra Experience

I never asked what meditation can improve in my life, the goal was the feeling while meditating for hours. Do this 21 days

Hello again.

I started to do a meditation program. The 21-day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra and the musician J Balvin. I am on day 5 and I am loving it. It a small talk with a few minutes of mantra work. After that, you are good to go, or you can stay longer if you used to meditate. 

And am I here just to say what I am doing? of course not. (Maybe)

Let’s talk about meditation. If you read a little bit about it you already know that meditating is not so much action, it is more a state of mind. It can be made in a nonaction state, but it also comes from a nonreaction state where you living your normal routine, but in a meditative state.


You live in connection, aware, conscious, observant, without reacting to outside actions. It means two things. 

One, meditation is NOT an assignment to put in your daily list. It is how you will live from the moment you decide to give it a chance. If you start to add the “traditional” (feel, don’t move and avoid thinking – or any other similar technique you like), you will start to see your life change. Memory improves, day look bigger, patience is natural, right choices, less negative thoughts, or less reaction and attachment to them. From now on, your life will change. 

Two, meditation has a starting point, not an end one. Of course, we need to train to be in this state. Surrender to a knowledge that it is not rational it is hard. First, it is hard to believe in it. Maybe you will need to put to the test, so you can experience the best answer coming in a moment of no thoughts. You can read about many scientists that had some practice to use those tools. 

Many successful people use it. J Balvin, it is just one example, you can think about Steve Jobs, and if you want the practices but not a spiritual/religious talk you can read about Ford, DaVinci, Tesla… 

I recommend Deepak Chopra for both cases, his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams it is quite straight forward and you can apply it in your daily life with not much effort. 

If you are at the starting point of this process.:

  1. Plan to live a moment in the morning for meditation and keep yourself in this awareness during your day. 
  2. If you feel like your mind can stop thinking about a list of things to do in your mind, observe what it make you feel and where this feeling is concentrated. You don’t need to do much, just observe. 
  3. Make it fun, maybe you can find a challenge where you have guided meditation for a few days. (I am thinking about creating it on Youtube to help). Tell me what you think.
  4. Sometimes I wake up excited to do something and meditate it is quite hard. I repeat to myself “Nobody is asking anything, nobody wants anything from me now. I am free to be here. I feel comfortable.” Convince yourself that this is good. Sometimes I used to say, each minute here I gain a minute in my day. Because after meditate I was more productive, it was like I had more time. 
  5. Write about your experience. You can talk to your phone in some “note” app and record it if you lack time. But register what helps you, how you feel, when you meditate and felt better, calmer… And you will learn what makes you have a better moment. 
  6. At the end of the day, write about your day. What can you do to meditate, be present, during your day? What have you learn about this practice, how is it helping… 

Meditate is a simple practice and has many names and techniques, but it is not easy. Simplicity and easiness not always walk hand by hand. But since it is easy, everybody can do it.

I hope this helps you, if you know someone at the beginning of this path share this post and help us to connect. 

See you soon,

EmMa Lopes

Stub the toe morning. How to restart your day no matter what? | EmMa Lopes

Have you ever had those bad morning starts? I give you a example and what can hppen if you keep yourself in this bad energy.


You wake up easily, it is early, you feel good because you wake up with time to enjoy you morning before work. Then, your beautiful toe makes a turn and jump on with all its strength on a wood or metal object. You are practicing mindfulness; you know that can’t disturb your energy if you don’t want to. But you want to feel mad just for a minute, you are human, you are allowed to it.

I don’t know you, but I decided that I would take what would come. “I will feel a bit angry with the situation because I want to”. I wasn’t asking “God Why?” or cursing something. I knew it was just a feeling. So, I went to cook my lunch, “No salt baby” laugh the universe. I did anyway, when I put in my backpack, “Ops, not in here” and half of my food was on the floor. But this is not a text of hate.

When I was going to my job I decided: Ok, I am done with the negative vibe. So, I started meditating, I was feeling bad… not so bad… ok, good, back to my joyful normal. I felt the love that you can find in the real present moment. I am still in this energy. It feels very good by the way.

Out of the situation and looking back to it as an observer I notice and learn a few things.

First, maybe most importantly. When you are in a continuum attention on what you think you can stop and decided in a freckle of second how to feel about it and potentially impact the next moment. I took this decision on a small thing, this provoke me to understand that in a big scenario it could not change a moment next, but my life. Imagine if I suffer a big accident, the emotion I put on as reflexion of how I decided to act on it could change my life for better and for worse, (in a bilateral human condition of good and bad). We have a lot of example of it in a point that I am writing here make me think how this text is relevant. But feel and pass through a small example make me understand in a deeper way. (Not that this was my first suicide toe, but maybe the first one I am more conscious).

Secondly, I noticed that my ego was as a beast crazy to take the control of the situation. It was an animal without being feed for a long time trying to take a bite of the moment. I try my best to feel free to feel this energy and don’t give it the control. It was a weird sensation. It was like have something with equipment where the energy couldn’t be stabilized, had strong ups and downs. When I gave a bit to ego, in a second I was questioning myself and affirming that I was sad, “Why am I sad?” “Why this is happening” … But I observe it. After the meditation I was 100% in control and I could understand the power of unconsciousness and ego. If you are learning and beginning be attentive to your thoughts, relax. This is a grow moment, a moment of experience, a moment of science where I put myself in test to understand and observe more of myself. You probably will go through it differently. Relax.

And I observe that this energy impact my lovely husband. He felt agitated and forgot if he closed the doors and taps before leave in the morning. I talk about the practices with him, he tries but he still in his step of “I can’t do it”. I’m practicing since I am 14 years old, I am very aware of this be a process that each person will pass in a different way and time. I could see how my energy impact him. In other words, be aware of your thoughts, feelings, then energy is important for everything around you, not just you.

Maybe you can think about and write down a day or moment where you feel good and some unexpected good thing happened. And a “suicide toe” day, that bad thing happened. It will help you be more rational and analytical about you on life. As a 2% (or less) material life and 98% of energy life.

This text can be completed with a text I wrote a few days ago about living with easiness without be a control freak of your thoughts. Even if you try to imagine a life where you need to know everything you’re thinking is tiring. Practicing what the real secret is you can make easier to live the best life as I explained here

Learning to restart you day is the first thing I think you should learn in this consciousness/mindfulness process. I learned most of this with the Russian Vasin Zeland in his book Reality Transurfing. You can find it as a audiobook too. I recommend you take some notes of this and observe the theory, don’t discard or accept as the only truth. (As everything in life). In this book you will learn this jumping out a bad energy, moment, or pendulum (as he calls). And conscious you can drive you through your thoughts and energy to the point you want in life.

I can talk a bit more in other moment, but I recommend this book or search to ways of get out a bad energy.

I hope this helps you.

EmMa Lopes