Mystic Places Stockholm, Sweden | Travel Cheap See More than Usual in Sweden

From where to stay to where to pray: Stockholm, Sweden and some more mystical, spiritual and religious destinations in the country.


Today we will talk about traveling. As I said before, traveling is something very related to spirituality and personal evolution for many reasons. You become more aware, more present and you can purposely travel for religious reasons. Maybe visit a sanctuary, a place of nature to relax and meditate, pilgrimage in a spiritual area, and many others. 

You may be wondering now, but Sweden? 

Well, when I was traveling through Europe, besides some churches I didn’t look for religious sites, sadly. But nowadays my curiosity made me go back to search what could I visit in some of those places, mainly those I want to go back. 


First I will share practical tips lie where to stay, eat, all that. Then, we talk about what I know in those places we talk about!

I stayed in Stockholm. If you dream of ‘backpacking’ in Europe uses the Ryanair website to discover where will be the next cheap flight. For example, I had east Europe in mind to travel so I looked for a place near that I could fly from London. 9 euros would pay to go to Basel, Switzerland, so there I went. When I finish my travel itinerary I would be in Malta, so I search for a flight back to London and some next to it. It would be half of the price go to Stockholm and from there go back to London, so I could add a place and stay a day there. So check Ryanair.

In another post, I talk more about how I plan all the travel for 20 days in Europe cheap. 

Eat, honestly I let myself go in the area. Chinese (China Wang) and any bakery (Cafe Krans) were good enough for me. Good price, good food. But I need to say, the city is quite cheap compared with neighbors’ capitals like Oslo or London. 

Sleep: I loved the area of Gamla stan, you will be around the old builds you see on pictures. The hostel I stayed at was the Castle House Inn.

I used transport just for the airport, you can use this website. But I recommend you visit some of the stations because it is a city with some good looking ones.

Now. Let’s go to the curious part. I imagined the Nordic culture and rituals would be a big thing, but there are more than that. 

  1. Sweden church: The development of religion in one of the countries that are not very religious is quite interesting. I will leave you this link to check more about the current religious understand in Sweden. 
  2. Witches: The island Gotland is full of myths, not so close to Stockholm, but ancient history sound very interesting to miss on the next trip. You can learn more here.
  3. The Catholic church still up: Sigtuna seams to be a great place to visit, from Nordic culture ruins to Christianity. You can find tours to drive you since it is close to Stockholm. 
  4. 1145 Church: Lund Cathedral. A romanesque architecture once owned by Denmark. For me, it is already interesting.
  5. St. Olavsleden, a rout of pilgrimage for St Olaf old King of Norway. Between Selanger and the Cathedral Nidaros in Norway. Search more for it, it is quite an interesting history and point of faith. 
  6. Uppsala Cathedral. Not just as a spiritual site, Uppsala Cathedral is very important in the history of the country and the Lutheran tradition. 
  7. Runic Inscription: One of those things that people don’t figure out much, I added because it is in the center of Stockholm, visit it. (In Gamla stan)
  8. Stone to honor elves, fairies, and woodland spirits. The Kymlinge stone is an example quite rare of an elf mill. (11km from city centre)
  9. Alchemists: Western Esotericism in Scandinavia book talks about some important people in the country that learned and practice alchemy and some other mystics practices. As Gustav Eriksson of the Vasa, or Gustav I and Johannes Bureus.
  10. Probably my favorite: Emanuel Swedenborg. The scientist becomes a medium and writer of what the bible wants really to say. Sadly in Stockholm, I didn’t find much to visit but a statue. But look for his books, they are quite interesting. (Statue next to Gamla stan in Mariatorget)

I would like to say that I tried to put anything that would have a spiritual effect even if I personally don’t “work with”. As I always say, it is good to be open to the magic that exists, whatever you believe. Maybe you are not a Lutheran but know more about it would bring you more knowledge and maybe affect your practices, but if you never be open to read and receive without judgment, you won’t be able to, at least, lose some prejudice about others beliefs. 

I hope you enjoy this post. If you know someone from Sweden, ask if they have some more recommendations. 

See you soon,

EmMa Lopes