How Did I attracted this? | Law of Attraction works?

Sometimes things we don’t want happens, what is this? Am I responsible?

Hello again. 

It is quite hard to say everything happens in your life because of you, because of your belives. When you think about people suffering since a child it may be a statement that generates just bad feelings and helps no one. I know people question themselves and wonder about their situation. We already talked about how to pass it. Acceptance, because you must let go of resistance and acceptance, be present, understand that there is no problem, but situations we must change or live with it. Don’t look. Is it possible? Yes. But imagine that your mind work must be huge. 

I will talk about the small things here because past trauma may be needed a professional. If you think your problem is big, well, look for a professional but this belief already put you steps back. Try to work with this. “I can overcome this easily, I will look for professional help because I want the company in the process, just it!” Never make the walls to big. Let’s move to the point… 

I started to justify many of my physical pain with thoughts like “Maybe it is coffee that it is not making me good”. Or “I can stand too much, or my back hurts”. For a person, that exercise and eats well some of those statements completely out of normality. Of course, many of them came from moments of stress with some scary suggestions. For example, I was in a moment of ending a period of my story but I didn’t know, I just felt all stuck, and at the same time everything kind of crumbling. The year’s younger was so far away, past started to be present in many weirds ways. 

My body responded to the stress and when something started to happen and someone says, “I had that because of this external thing…” I used to absorb it. I put myself with a fight with my mind, when you are working with your ego it may happen, however, it is important to remember that as part of a trinity it is better to balance Mind, Body, and Soul instead of fight with one of them. Be it in your spiritual beliefs, your ego work, or trying to lose weight and be healthy. Any fight you put against some of those parts of yourself will make things harder. Bring you entirely to the game.

Work with affirmations, meditation, and break believes will help you a lot.

I will live some affirmations to inspire you to create yours:

“My mind translate beautiful ideas from the Universe”

“My mind is an intimate friend and helps me heal” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I feel joyful and energetic because I am connected with my body” (Inspired from Chopra)

“I am attentive to my body needs”

“I am in balance and my soul feels fulfilled” 

“My soul flows through life”

Any quote that makes you feel at ease will help you give a step to a better life. 

Look for those signs:

  1. What do I say to myself that it is someone else or something else fault? (Give love to your mind, you are telling yourself bad stories).
  2. What subject makes me overthink my actions? Or overthink at all. (Give love to the area you overthink and understand your fears)
  3. Do I have many nightmares? (Give love to your mind)
  4. Do I keep asking and trying to make practices of manifestation? (Maybe your faith need a boost) 

Remember, your mind, soul, and body will react accordingly. When you listen about Yin and Yang energy like “Of course, I know what it is… what is it anyway” Well, you not alone, but try to think this way to make it easier to remember and balance it. They are two things that create a balanced thing, I like to think mind + body = happy soul. It is a pour way to think but can help us, mortals. Dark + light = happy soul … All dualistic concepts balanced to make things better. And for us, the important part is Action+Acceptance = Happy Soul (A better life). It is simple as make a coffee (action) + no sugar at home and a new flavor to drinking (acceptance as a reaction) = Lovely life 

Acceptance is not to be unhappy, it is live well with no judgment. Open yourself for the present moment, receive it, observe it. Your mind should work as a receptor, not a judge. It will receive and put in your language beautiful ideas, but it shouldn’t learn judge as good or bad, a problem and a solution, or any other box. 

Balanced trinity = The body makes coffee without sugar at home + Mind has the idea of adding cinnamon that incredibly makes coffee less bitter and different + The soul appreciates after receiving sensations and ease.

Well, lovely people, I hope this post helps you that is a more brainy person to understand the balance needed and how it may work. If you have a doubt or a question about a situation I and readers may help you so let a comment. 

See you soon, 

EmMa Lopes

Create Affirmations to change your life | Émile Coué teachings

How positive words can help you? How to create and use them? Psychologist Émile Coué teached how

Hello again.
For me, this is a fun part of the manifestation, Law of Attraction and The Secret, or any other name you want to give to the easiness to live your dream life.
During the 21 Day Law of Attraction, this is step 9. It can be easier to get the affirmation that will work for you f you already make clear of what you really want.
Just to remember, it can be confusing sometimes to be clear of it, for example, if you want money, don’t ask for a job, if you want a specific job, don’t ask for money. Work on visualization, write what you want a few times, look for the old beliefs that can make you stuck are activities that will make this part easier.

I already talked about I had this period in my life that all my dream came true and I didn’t know the next step, the next dream. Then I asked for this “to know what my dreams are and feel clear about them”. In the middle of this time, I used a quote I love and I highly recommend you use it every day with the other affirmations you create. This phrase is from a psychologist of XIX century Émile Coué. He supported the idea of self-improvement using optimistic autosuggestion.

“Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

Why affirmations are important?
I will keep using Émile Coué studies to explain that, even though I think it is pretty obvious if you already studied a little about improving yourself or your life. (Book of Emile Coue)
Or, if you had a grandmother that used to say “Words have power”.
You will able to find all explanations about positive words to be used to self-development. As “words have power”, elevate energy through good words, trick your mind to change perspectives, auto-suggestion… For me all this is true.

Words do have power since you give power to it. But as people don’t normally speak with consciousness, it is pretty easy someone says something putting energy in the words and don’t realize it. A simple example, “I am starving”. And you put all pain in your face to say it. Well, if you take a long time to find a place to eat or the food fall on the floor, or you find a person you need to give attention and it keeps you from eating. I think you know where I am going. Maybe you won’t starve to death, but man you put that in your life for sure. I prefer to avoid all emotionalized quotes and consistently used positive ones when I can. If I am hungry, I think about eating a nice meal as an intention, I get the food and I consciously use affirmation to bless the food, to say I am grateful, to say how to taste it is, and so on. And I don’t remember the last time I ate something I didn’t enjoy it.

And think with me here. This example is simple, but add all the simple moments of a day, if one goes wrong it can poison your whole day. But if the whole day you add great experiences, even simple, you had a great day. When was the last time you had a day like that? Try to use those affirmations to manifest a great day.

Going back to Coué. Many people talk about autosuggestion nowadays, I already talked about Marisa Peer. She says that the most important words you listen are those that you say to yourself. Many times, she works with the idea of autosuggestion to find out what are the beliefs that make you stuck in a goal or in an area of your life and through healthy practices with your mind like autosuggestion you fix the idea and change what you say to yourself. Change what is your true, change your affirmations toward a belief, or an area of your life.

Coué used to say he never healed anybody because he actually teaches how people can heal themselves. He believed and worked with the idea of use word and image repeatedly to make one of your minds believe in it. (He also believed in the theory of human have two minds that could work separately).
Use this affirmation in the morning and before sleep numerous times, and during the day bring that affirmation a few times can be helpful too.

He was aware that the opposite result could happen if the person questioned the affirmation or used to contradict it. And that, autosuggestion could happen intentionally through the perception and emotion the person received and feel during his life.

Well, let’s keep simple.
I recommend take your analyses about your life and your dream and create an affirmation to two tops. So, if my goal is to be rich, I would affirm that:
I love to be rich. (Affirm what you can believe, if you feel bad about the affirmation it won’t help you).
Let’s say the second thing is to get a specific promotion:
Thank you for my career growth.

Create a picture that relates to each affirmation. Feels like it was 10 minutes ago you got what you want, it is easier to believe than you try to change your whole history.

Let’s say you want to change your path, something bad that happened. I used to change my history to feel better about it. For example, when I was about 11 years old me and my family were kept hostage in my grandfather’s house (Actually this happened twice, but the first time I was a baby). I didn’t change what happened, but I create a vision of energy protecting me and that something happened with the men that did it and they could find love and dedicate their lives to good things. I also asked God to protected the place, so when I am there, even 20 years after that, I feel good, I don’t fear anymore.

Maybe you can’t change the whole scene, but make it lighter can help you. And create an affirmation that makes you feel the opposite of what you felt, can save you. I felt unsafe, now I am always protected by the Energy I believe. Create this image of me protected and say I am blessed and protected helped me, curred my past. So, I am sure it will help you. Maybe you can imagine that there are more than you putting good energy for your dream come true because every time I write I expect it. (I know, cliche, who am I to do it, humans are not that good… bla bla. Well, don’t believe it if you don’t want to or if it makes you doubt your dreams. But honestly, live on this earth, or in other reality, there is more good energy praying for you than you expected.

Do you felt good or bad with what I said? This is a suggestion, an affirmation that can help you believe in something or disbelieve in something. Even though it was a practical example, it is true. And with this vulnerable and cute paragraph, I end the post and I put intention you get the good things you want.

For more, check Emile Coue books (those liks are associated, a way to help me keep going).

EMILE COUE: Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion & The Practice of Autosuggestion (Including the Study of the Emile Coue’s Method & Biography)

Simple Self-Healing: The Magic of Autosuggestion

I am Getting Better and Better: My Method By Emiel Coue’

See you next time,
EmMa Lopes